Super Secret Deaths in Video Games!
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Super Secret Deaths in Video Games!

September 13, 2019

– [James] Warning, the
following video contains some major video game spoilers as we check out some secret
deaths in video games. (video game coins clinking) (orchestra music) To the far south of the Mohave Wasteland in Fallout New Vegas
there stands a small town that was once a wicked and corrupt place known as Nipton. And is home now to
numerous creatures, quests, and many bodies. (fire crackling) Two of which can be found in close proximity to the town hall and all that remains
are the charred corpses belonging to that of Owen and Beru. (orchestra music) Whom are none other than
Luke Skywalker’s auntie and uncle as they also
suffered the same fate in Star Wars: Episode IV. (video game coins clinking) In the very last mission
known as Stone Rain in 3-D Realms Shadow Warrior from 1997. (machine gun) You will eventually
clamber up a deadly volcano to activate numerous switches. One in particular that
will open up a tunnel allowing yourself to jump
down into the unknown depths of the mountain. (electronic pop music) When not long after you can discover a secret panel that leads
on into a special cave. Which is home to two killer white rabbits and references the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. (machine gun) But as you venture in deeper
you will also discover the bodies of the four
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (electronic wave music) – [Character] Cowabunga. (electronic pop music) (video game coins clinking) – [James] Tomb Raider The Last Revelation and fourth installment to the series follows a 16-year-old Laura who is joined by Werner Von Croy as they explore ancient
ruins located in the northwest of Cambodia in
search of the artifact named The Iris. Not long after the initial tutorial and during the very early stages, you can hop across a courtyard and take a series of steps
down into a small chamber where you can feast your eyes on another well-known treasure hunter. (upbeat pop music) As yes, you can find
the great Indiana Jones whom has been impaled on a bed of spikes but still clutching onto his
most famous of possessions. (electronic pop music) (video game coins clinking) As you progress through
mission 12, Wild Territory in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, carefully navigate through
the train platforms and make a heading towards
the helicopter crash site. When nearby you can find a
tunnel, a dead body as you enter, an electrical current
spilling across the floor combined with deadly traps. But by taking the high ground and utilizing the wreckages and containers, you will
eventually find the body of Gordon Freeman, the main
protagonist from Half-Life. Plus a rather powerful handgun
known as the Black Kite. (alarm clock tone) (ominous alarm clock tone) (video game coins clinking) For those of you that have
played Kojima’s digital comic adventure Snatcher on
a variety of console ports, will know that Gibson’s death is a rather gruesome one, upon discovering him in a factory. ♪ Twilight Zone ♪ (ominous piano) (ghost groaning) – Dear god. – [James] Roll forward to
2008 when Fallout 3 arrived and by traveling across
the metro lines from Mall Southwest to this station located at grid reference 16, 15 you
will be able to find the Capitol Post building on a street corner. Where lying on the
sub-level, a chap also named Gibson is slumped up against the wall and has also suffered the exact same fate with his head decapitated and resting between his legs. He was also carrying a note reading, “Search the house”, the same
message from the original game. Which will lead you to
a dwelling in Minefield. (elated trumpets) (video game coins clinking) In the Sega Genesis port of the hack and slash adventure the Sword of Sodan. (piercing of metal) (soldiers groaning) As you gather up four different potions and eyelet them all at once to
create one wacky combination and one helluva cocktail. And then send it down the hatch, to which your characters
chest will rip open. (deadly groans) And blood will seep out onto the floor while the message ‘Winners Don’t Do Drugs’ appears on the screen. Which is also a direct reference
to the FBI’s screenshots that was placed on
imported arcade machines to North America from 1989 to 2000. (haunting scream) (video game coins clinking) Upon the stage known as
the Forsaken Compound in Serious Sam II which
was released in 2005, it is after passing the third main gates that you shouldn’t be so
eager to complete the level. Cause by veering off to the left, there is a small chain of islands that leads to a secret sword, hat, and a coat. Plus a dead tree, where hanging from it, you can find the corpse of Duke Nukem with a rocket shoved through his pelvis. – [Character] Secret Duke’s skeleton has been found. – [Man In Video Game] Dude,
you’ve been hanging here, like, forever. – [James] A reference to
the title Duke Nukem Forever which yeah, wasn’t released for another six years after this game
but believe it or not, Duke Nukem Forever was first
announced back in 1997. (upbeat electronic music) (video game coins clinking) In 2014 Laura Croft
set out on an adventure to recover the fragments
of Osiris to stop Set from enslaving all humanity. – [Laura] She’s seen us, run. (rocks crashing) – [James] Roughly 10 minutes in you again liken The Last Revelation can
discover another adventure. – [Laura] It seems we’re
not the first adventurers to come this way. – [James] But instead of Indiana Jones, you can find the skeleton of Nathan Drake who has succumb to an
awful death with a sword that has been plunged through his chest. (suspenseful music) (congo drums) (video game coins clinking) (suspenseful music) If you happen to walk
the riverbanks of the River Charles just to the south of the Cambridge Polymer Labs in Fallout 4, then you will stumble
upon a motionless boat close to the embankment. And by hopping upon it
will definitely make for some great viewing as
there lays a mutant shark and the body of a man sporting a machete and a bandana. Who is none other than Ben Gardner, portraying that terrifying
scene from Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg. (orchestra music) (video game coins clinking) – [Cyclist] Squirrel. (throat scratching) (bicycle bell) – [Beavis] You sank my
battleship. (bicycle bell) (nasal giggle) (throat scratching) – [Cyclist] What was that? (throat scratching) – [James] Yeah, for our final death scene we are checking out Beavis and Butt-Head in virtual stupidity. And it is every bit as funny, crude, and rude as the regular t-v show. As the pair skip school to join a gang and cause havoc in just about
every corner of the town. (heavy metal guitar) (balls popping) – [Character] Hey. – [James] But when you visit
the coffeehouse for a benefit regarding saving the sperm whales head straight into the toilets and use the foot icon on the three screws holding up the broken mirror. Then, use it upon the skull and prepare yourself
for a very secret death. (leaky faucet) (continuous drips) – [Butt-Head] (horn honking) you Beavis. (nasal giggle) (shotgun blast) (shell casings ringing) Dumbass. (energetic electronic pop) – [James] So I really
hoped you enjoyed the video and don’t forget you can
always follow the channel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and if you haven’t quite
had enough of me today then here are several videos to watch which are all available on mobile devices. (electronic pop music)

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