SUPER METROID (30th Anniversary Metroid) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)
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SUPER METROID (30th Anniversary Metroid) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

August 26, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ ♪ (grim music) ♪ – “Super Metroid?” – “Super Metroid?”
This sounds really familiar. – I did have this game on the GameCube, but it was more of a 3D kind of version,
not a 2D pixelated version. – I’ve actually never played it,
but everyone’s like, “Oh, this is, like, one
of the greatest games of all time.” You play as this space warrior called Samus. – (Finebros) The Metroid series
is now celebrating its 30 year anniversary, so as a tribute, we have
one of the more popular games from the franchise for you to play.
– Woo-hoo! Exciting. I actually like retro games
’cause, normally, they’re pretty simple and I can do simple. – It’s older than me, so I don’t have
to feel bad about not knowing it. – (Finebros) We’re gonna have
you play up until the second boss, but we’re only going to give
you one attempt to try and beat him. – (chuckles) Okay. – (Finebros) Think you can do it?
– (laughing) Sure, let’s try. – I’m ready to win. – (robotic voice-over)
The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.
– Why do I feel like that’s a lie? – “I first battled the Metroids
on Planet Zebes.” Oh, this is so spacey and nerdy. – “It was there that I foiled the plans of the space pirate leader, Mother Brain–” Basically, they’re just saying
that– going back– maybe from the last game,
how they beat the Mother Brain. – This is so ’90s. I love it. – Oh, that’s the Brain! Okay. And then boom. – “I next fought the Metroids
on their homeworld, SR388.” – “I completely eradicated them
except for a larva, which after hatching followed me like a confused child.” – “I personally delivered it
to the Galactic Research Station at Ceres.” – I feel like you should just kill it
if there’s only one left. – Is that the baby larva? – “They discovered that the powers
of Metroid might harnessed for the good of civilization.” – I highly doubt that it’s good
in any way, shape, or form. – “Satisfied that all was well,
I left the station–” Oh, see? He left it alone!
That’s the bad thing. – “But I had hardly gone
beyond the asteroid belt when I picked up a distress signal.” – “Ceres Station was under attack!” – Finally, we get some action. (spacecraft zooms)
– Oh, dang. Whoa, this looks so cool. I’m actually kind of impressed
with how good this looks. (lift hums) – All right, that’s me.
Oh, okay, I’m moving now. – Oh, A’s jump. Okay. I’m kinda getting a feel for my controls. – So that’s to aim up, I guess,
and that’s to aim down. Cool. – Okay, and this one’s up,
and this one’s down. Okay. (spinning) – It’s gonna fall off.
(warbling) – Okay, now this is for realsies.
(warbling) – This is so pretty!
I like it. I like the colors. It’s very retro and very neon. – All right, all right,
all right, all right, all right. (shooting blaster) – Oh, I hope I don’t die.
I probably will though. – Ohp, there’s something there. Is it dead? – Oop, oop, and there’s a dead person,
and there’s another dead person. – (sharp gasp)
This is where the larva was. Everyone’s dead! – Gotta go kill that thing
that I saved, that baby Metroid. – What’s that? – Okay. Am I supposed
to shoot it or something? – What, no one’s around here?
No one’s taking care of this guy? – Or should I grab it?
What do I do– ah, god! Ah! (shooting blaster)
– I don’t know why it won’t– Oh! Oh! It’s Ridley.
♪ (battle music) ♪ (shooting blaster)
I know this character ’cause it’s in Smash. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
How do I know what my health is? Um, I’m assuming it’s the energy thing. – Duck– oh, shoot.
Ducking did not help in that situation. – How do you guys play this?
What the heck? I’m about to die already. – (tittering) I don’t know what I’m doing. Yep, this is– yep. This feels like a lot harder
than our video games we have at the moment. – Aw, I’m gonna die soon, aren’t I? (frantically) No, no, no, no, no! – Just die!
(shooting blaster) – Come on– oh my god!
This guy is relentless! – Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot– ah!
(emergency alarm wails) “Emergency?” – Can I get out of here
’cause I’m kind of getting my butt kicked. “Self destruct sequence activated!” – Oh, shoot! We need
to get out right now. – Just gotta run back, right?
It’s pretty easy. – I feel like Mission Impossible right now. ♪ Dun dun duh nah nuh nuh ner ner ♪ – This is intense!
Everything got red all of a sudden. – Okay, so I have to hold A
if I want to get a longer jump. – Am I gonna pick up a mushroom
or can get an energy bar? – Oh no! Those rocks.
Everything’s falling apart. – Oh no!
♪ (frantic music) ♪ Let me out! – Ah, how do you that? How do you do that?
How do you do that? Okay, how do you do that?
No, no, no. How do you do that? – Thank you for giving me
such an ample amount of time. Oh, that’s pretty close, moving sideways. ♪ (frantic music) ♪
(wailing alarms) – Oh. Nooo, god!
I hate the tilting. – (exhales) My heart’s racing right now. – Oh, we’re getting there.
We’re getting there. – Almost there. Ten… nine. – (sucking air through teeth)
Okay, okay, okay. Um, I think I did it. – Oh my god. Oh my god. Did I get out? Am I safe? ♪ (music ends) ♪
Hoo! We did it! WOO! – We’re out. I did it.
11 seconds to spare. We’re good. (blasting off)
– Oh, barely made it. Barely. – All right. I’m good. I lived. – Ooh, Planet Zebes looks a lot like Venus. So this whole thing
is just for a piece of larva and– oh, but it’s to save the good of humanity. Okay, I guess it’s worth it. – Oh yay. I’m back with 99 energy. – I’m in a different terrain, okay. Not quite sure which way to go. – Ooh, I love how bad ass he is
with the armor and stuff. – Oh, is this not a thing? Go over.
(shoots blaster) Ohp, I had to shoot it. (shoots blaster)
– Oh, I shoot it. Okay, that make sense. – I’m kind of getting
an exploration vibe from this. Like Mario or something,
you go left to right and that’s about it, but it looks like over here
you get to explore more. – Go down there!
No? Can’t– okay, that’s fine. – Am I supposed to fall? I’ma fall. (sucks air through teeth)
Okay. (laughs) – Okay, I’m gonna go down here.
(shoots blaster) – Wow, okay, so hopefully we get
something that makes us small because that’s probably what
all those weird crevices are for. – Okay, I can’t go there yet. I think– ’cause Samus,
he can turn into a ball actually. – Let’s just keep going down. (shoots blaster)
(groans) – Okay, there you go. – Uh, down. There we go! (portal warbles)
– Okay, where am I going? – This is foggy, but not really. – Aw, they’re probably gonna make me
go back up all these stupid things. – I feel like I’m gonna get lost. I’ve gone through way
too many portals that, like, I’m not gonna know my way back. – I’m not gonna remember this way at all. – There’s a lot more little obstacles. The last one was
pretty straight to the point. (portal warbles) – Ooh, what’s that?
Can I touch it? – Do I have to shoot this, maybe? (shooting blaster)
– Oh, okay. I pressed Down. ♪ (gentle humming) ♪ – Let’s hope we’re
going the right way. (spinning)
– Oh, is that gonna be a thing? – What’s this orb? – It is so shiny.
♪ (rousing music) ♪ – “Morphing Ball?”
Oh, does this make me small? I think this will help me go
through the weird crevices things, but how am I supposed to use this? – How do I turn into it though? ♪ (faint humming) ♪ – Oh my god, what’s that light? – Is this bad? Do I have
to shoot or something? (shooting blaster) – How do I morph?
– (Finebros) Press Down twice. – Okay, there you go. – I’m a little armadillo now. – Ooh, okay! That’s cool. – Okay, I’m gonna go explore on this side. – Go, go, go, go, go.
(portal warbles) (shooting blaster)
Aah! I don’t know what
I just did, but it worked. (shooting blaster)
– What– okay, why can’t I open the pink ones though? – I think I need an upgrade
or a charge shot or something. – Let me go down here.
(shooting blaster) – And then… jump up.
That’ll work. – All right, we’re somewhere now.
And then we become a ball. I like it ’cause it’s
like a gerbil power almost. – (irritated sigh) More stupid little–
dah, there’s the thing. There’s the thing! – That looks like a thing
straight out of Alien. That looks so cool. – I feel like that thing’s
gonna come to life. (shooting blaster)
(gasping) ♪ (rousing music) ♪
– Ooh, I get a missile. Okay, so I select that
and then press the X button. Interesting. – Ooh, now I have a missile too? Okay. – Could I use it to open
the pink door, maybe? – Do I have to go back up now? – And then we are gonna go up here
and probably shoot up that thing. – And jump. So this one. Probably can use the missiles for it. (shooting missiles) – Is this working?
(portal warbles) Oh, okay, there we go!
But that’s all my missiles. – The only way to break through
red doors is with FIVE missiles? I just got rid of all my missiles! ♪ (grim music) ♪
(shooting blaster) (faint humming) – Oh, is this another missile thing? ♪ (rousing music) ♪
– Yay! More missiles. Okay, we’re good. So we could
probably open more of those pink doors. (faint humming)
– So much exploring to do. – I’m guessing we have
to go all the way back. – Way back there, like up here. Okay.
Hopefully this works. – So I’ma go back up,
I’ma use my ball to get to different places. (soft beeps)
(portal warbles) (series of beeps) – These robot noises sound like R2-D2. (portal warbles)
– Oh, lovely! (whimpers) – Oh my god, there’s things!
Argh, I am a ball. – Ooh, we got aliens now. – Ooh! ’80s games were all shooting stuff. See, this is what I like.
It’s the shooting. (gasps) Yay, I get more missiles. (spinning)
– Oh, more missiles. – Ah! No! Go away.
Go away, little thing. (laughing) I am the ball. I feel safe. I feel like an armadillo. – Okay. Nah, nah, nah! (alien explodes)
– All right, we’re good. They’re nice and easy to kill. (portal warbles)
– Okay, I got this. – Ah, there’s more of these guys! – All right, let’s go back up here.
(shooting blaster) – Go.
(spinning) Goddamn it! Why are the platforms so small? – One at a time.
(spinning) (irritated exhale)
It’s those damn small ones. – I suck at jumping. Oh my god. – Go. (spinning)
There. – Ooh. Yeah, she can actually jump
pretty high if you hold it down. – Okay. Little jump, baby hop. – Okay, I think we’re almost there. (shooting blaster)
– Nope. Not today! – Oh, I’m almost to the top.
This is good. Please don’t fall now. I swear to god!
All right, we’re fine. – Okay, finally. Okay, let’s go. (portal warbles)
(sigh of relief) (portal warbles)
– There we go. Woo! – Oh, wow. See, these things
are interesting. That looks pretty cool. Some of the designs
on the creatures are pretty cool. – These remind me
of the little goomba things. Are these, like, the space goombas
from Mario basically? – Oh, and now I can use
the morph thing to get over here. – (sharp exhale) Whoa, all right.
A space capsule. – Is it a tanning bed? “Would you like to save?” – Oh, this is a save point, huh? – “Would you like to save game?”
Yeah, sure, why not. – I have a feeling it’s
about to get much harder because they had me save the game. – Dang, this is actually a big game. I though it was one of those games
where you just beat it right away. Die!
(shooting blaster) Oh, what? You can’t kill those?
That’s not cool. (shooting blaster)
– Ah, how do I– Oh, do I have to use a missile on that ’cause I don’t want to waste my missiles. I’m not gonna use them.
I’m just gonna try to jump over them. (spinning)
Okay. Aw, I wanted to kill them. All right, just get up here. – Oh, they’re everywhere. – Oh shoot! What are those? Ah! (whimpering) What are those? – What the heck are those?
(space bat squeaks) – Okay, let’s go down here. – Seems like a really lame power. – “What can you do?”
– “(as Samus) I morph into a ball.” – “Then what do I do with you?”
– (as Samus) Oh, whenever we need soccer balls, I’m always there.” – (babbling) Oh my god! Oh my god!
I don’t know what they are. Sh– dah! Leave me alone, you big bullies. – Okay.
(shooting blaster) (space bat squeaks)
(nervous humming) – Okay.
(shooting blaster) (shooting blaster) – There you go. There you go. – (anxiously) ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ Armadillo. Can I become
an armadillo and be okay? – Oh, look at that.
I have five missiles. Perfect. – One, two, three, four, five. I don’t like how it takes five.
It’s too many, man. It’s, like, all my ammo. – Oh, is it there?
Is it there? Nope. Another ball power. (faint beeping)
– Oh, I shoot this thing. (shooting blaster)
– Ah-ha! A new ability. ♪ (rousing music) ♪ – So same thing– Down, Down, X, right? (portal warbles)
– Oh no. (shooting blaster)
Oh no. How do I get out?
(gasps) Oh no. Oh no, no, no. What the heck?! – Uh-oh. Oh gosh! – The alien is alive now. – What do I do? Aah!
No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no!
Not okay. Not okay. ♪ (battle music) ♪
(shooting blaster) – Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill. – Hey, hey, calm down here. This ain’t Mega Man.
You’re not supposed to be that hard. – What the–?
Leave me alone! – Do I missile this thing?
Will that work? I have no idea. – Um… there we go!
(alien growls) – Okay, maybe I’m supposed to use a bomb. Okay, maybe the ball thing
isn’t so bad after all. (alien attacks)
– That is so useful! Morph Ball for the win! – I feel like the Morph Ball
is kind of helping me, but not really. I feel like I still get hurt. (shooting blaster)
– Missiles! Ah-ha! – Ah! Ooh, if I shoot those
I get missiles and health. – I always forget to jump.
(losing energy) This is hard! (anxious humming)
(shooting blaster) I hope I can kill it. – Yeah, I’m trying
to run away from his fire. Aah! Fudger! I’m up. I’m up. I’m up. And I’m down.
And I’m down. And I’m running,
and they’re dropping bombs. – I think it’s right there,
and the heart thing, we have to shoot him, ’cause that’s the part that’s glowing,
so automatically… that’s the part you gotta shoot. (gasps) What?! Where’d
you get this move from? (losing energy)
– Hey! Hey! That’s cheating. I hate when people do that–
when you use the same move over and over again. (shooting blaster)
(explosion) – Did I get him? Oh, dang!
I shot off his head. I have no time! (laughs) No, don’t– aw, no! Dang it, I was so close. (shooting blaster)
– Oh no, I’m almost… ♪ (game over music) ♪
– Oh, did the guy die? – That was extremely difficult for me. (shooting blaster) (remote clatters)
♪ (game over music) ♪ – Does that protect me more?
When I’m an armadillo? (gasps) Shoot!
♪ (game over music) ♪ Oh, did I just turn into a woman? – That hurt me a lot. No, stop! I’m already at nine? How did that even– nooooooo! I was– I was get– am I a girl? I swear I saw a girl.
That’s why she was like, “Ah!” Am I a girl character?
Oh my god, I love this. (shooting blaster)
(explosion) (alien growls)
– Okay, got more health. Oh gosh.
(explosion) I killed him! YES! Die. – (Finebros) All right, that’s
where we’re gonna have you stop. – Okay. (cracks knuckles)
That was hard. – That was really fun. It was really hard,
but it was a lot fun to play. – I liked the little action games.
Those are fun. – In the beginning, they make
you feel like you could do really well at this, and then the boss comes
and just gets rid of your confidence. – (Finebros) Back when
the original Metroid came out, it was a huge surprise
to players that Samus, the character you play as,
actually turns out to be a woman. – I think that’s cool. – It shows girl power, and girls
can be heroes too, and they can fight. – Back in the ’80s, where video games
were first starting to appear, that was kind of big of them to do just because I don’t think very many girls
were playing video games, but they were still gonna acknowledge it. Be like, “Hey, you know what? There’s no reason why
we can’t have a female character.” – The whole time,
it really is gender neutral. It doesn’t show, like,
“Am I a guy? Am I a girl?” In action games,
they’re not gonna suspect a girl, so when it comes out at the end,
it’s like, “Hey! Girls are tough too.” – Thanks for watching us play
Super Metroid on the React channel. – Subscribe. New gaming
episodes every Sunday. – What game should we play next? New or old, let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. Gonna work
on my new morphing ball techniques. Like… ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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  1. You definetely need to let them play "Smash TV" (NES) or "Super Smash TV" (SNES) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. List Of Games I want the teens to play no particular order mostly Nintendo games btw

    Super Smash Bros melee
    Star Fox Zero
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    The Joy Of Creation
    Sonic 06
    The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
    Stardew Valley
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