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Super Ghouls N Ghosts (Part 1) – Jon’s Gaming Challenge – Episode 1 – [email protected]

August 29, 2019

You God damn Mother fuckers, I will have my
vengeance. Ya ya ya, this will do. I’m also going to be needing a dozen 2 foot lengths
of this rubber tubing. And a spool of razor wire, and a pair of those special gloves that
will let me handle the wire. Beefing up the old home security I see. You bet your ass.
My dick was rock hard and I needed to stick it in something squishy, Its almost killing
time and I need to get my mind right. I go over the list. Rubber tubing, Razor wire,
gloves, knife, spear, shield and my mitts. ASSHOLES!!! Jesus christ this is the 2nd time
yall have done this to me. Cant you find your own woman. I mean shit, all youve got to do
is post an ad on craigs list. keep doing it over and over, just be nice about it and shit.
Thats how I found this bitch. Yall just wanna cut all the hard work out and steal my woman.
here to. Take that asshole. Whats with all this fucking slow shit man. Ithink theres
to many of you guys on screen at once some of yall need to get off. There we go. Fucking
cheezit flying right by me. What the fuck is this, a big fucking stick spitting out
skulls? Thats highly innifucient Yall could have thought of a better trap then that. What
the fuck is this JESUS christ who comes up with this shit? Long ass fucking jump, oh
where we go again. Fuck you clam. Damn barely made it, jeez. and then they give me this
tiny little thing to jump on. God dammit. Oh what the hell is this, fucking, Balls.
Wrapped in pubic hair, jump over you to. and explode the ballsacks. Jump over you. I figured
yall learned your lesson the first time. I wont lie to you, yall damn sure didnt make
it easy that first time. Assholes. Oh what the fuck am I about to run into. Oh shit!!!
bIG ASS BIRD, bIG FUCKING BIRD. Yeah take that right in your fucking face. Yeah there
you go, spit your fucking head out, give me a target to shoot. Oh god dammit. I wonder
If I eat those eagle eggs if they give me power? In your face! One step closer to ass!
Oh lord what is this. Im on a ship. Oh jesus christ. Oh sweet thats alot better then that
old axe or that fucking fireball damn I dont even want to think about that fucking fireball.
Yeah fuck you ghost. Haha I got your pot ghost. Ah I got my knife WESTSIDE! Man this just
improves my weapons. Oh man I hope this things is built well, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,
oh thank god, ah fuck you. Damn got fucked over by that treasure chest. There trying
to fucking sandwich me. Jump over here see what we got going on. Another one of those
fake fucking chests. Assholes tricking me at every stop. They give me weapons only to
trick me. This is a pretty sweet looking boat man. I hope this ones built well to, oh fuck
no its not!! oh thank god, thank god, oh wait im on the fucking water oh shit. Fucking coral
reef. Got my armor back at least shit…

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