Super Clean Gaming Setup!!
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Super Clean Gaming Setup!!

September 11, 2019

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2D here? And in front of me are some gaming accessories from razer. Now these ones are in their new colorway it’s called Mercury and of kind of like a silver and white theme that’s going on and traditionally gaming accessories are like black or red or black and red or black and some other color that just I don’t know for whatever reason I’ve never liked the majority of gaming accessories when this came out I was pretty excited so in front of me are the Black widow x chroma The razer Invicta the Lancehead as well as the kraken so I won’t be doing like full reviews on these I will be just kind of giving you my first impressions on them in case it inspires you to pick up a white gaming setup of your own okay. Let’s do this let’s start with the keyboard Why is this so hard to open? I think I’m doing it wrong? I did it right. Okay, so these accessories are going into this setup. It’s a mini itx case called the NCase M1 It’s one of the smallest PC cases out there, and the display is the LG 38UC99 This is my favorite display right now. It’s just awesome for content creation because of the ultra wide. Alright I’ve used them for a little bit and by a little bit I mean like 20 minutes, and I’m ready to give you my extensive long-term review No, this is just like some very cursory thoughts on these devices. I’ve always liked the black widow keyboard It’s got a great feel I prefer the white color over the black for sure I don’t know about the longevity of the keycaps. I tried scratching the white off. It didn’t come off even though I’m scratching pretty hard It seems really durable for what it is But there is a difference in texture between the white key caps and the black key caps from the original Black widow x chroma now It could just be a difference in like manufacturing or something it may not be important But it’s just something I noticed. The lancehead mouse feels really nice I’m not super picky about gaming mice, but I really like this one, the design is cool the texture is cool The material finish is really unique on this mouse and it has a good weight the lighting control is pretty extensive for a mouse but I would say that the grip on this thing is more suited for people that have a claw or a Finger grip because it’s kind of narrow from left to right. I mean if you have really big hands and you’re a palm gripper I don’t think this will be a good fit But everyone else, good mouse. The kraken headphones are good the new thing for me are these oval ear cuffs I never had issues with the original more circular ear cuffs, but these ones I think are supposed to fit more ears The sound quality is good. The mic quality is good and of course it’s got razer RGB So you can make it light up if you want now in terms of the fit I have a relatively large head I think and I’m ready at the limit of how much this thing can adjust so if you have like a really large head these May not be a good fit, but in general Good headphones, okay the last thing is the mousepad the razer Invicta, and I’m a little more opinionated about this thing I love the way it looks. I think this is literally the nicest looking outside I’ve ever used, it’s got an aluminum
build with an interchangeable mousing surface, so it’s got two sides to this thing But the issue I have with this thing is that both surfaces are hard surfaces now some people that love hard surfaces This is great you can use both sides, but if you looked at an opportunity here to give both hard surfaces and Like maybe another insert that was a cloth surface which would have been awesome because people that prefer something like a cloth mouse surface will Have to adapt to this and that’s someone like me, so I’m sure over time I’ll get used to this but in the few minutes I’d tried playing with this it was a little bit different from what I was used to but that’s basically it For accessories that allow you to make a super clean super minimal looking gaming setup for your PC or Mac Whatever you want, but these are really high performing devices that look super clean. Okay Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it. See you guys next time

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  1. sir,please name the wall paint you used for the wall I liked color and clean of the wall please name it sir give me link below

  2. Is anyone please able too help me pick a monitor out? I really want a 27 inch 144hz 1080p monitor that’s white. Because I am doing a all white everything and pink LEDs on everything else except for the desk because the desk LEDs are gonna be white. And the monitor I found is prefect but it doesn’t have 144hz and only 5ms response time. Would that be okie for gaming? I am just a average gamer and I am about too build a gaming desktop worth $2400 ( CAD ) But yea if anyone is able to help me out that would be insanely helpful! : D please remember I am in Canada and the monitor I was looking at was the

    LG 27MP89HM-S 27"

    And here is the link to the exact one I am looking at for gaming on.

  3. i have a metal mouse pad, and i think better than my gaming mouse pad.
    so i have a two mode for my pc, one is relax mode (for streaming or editing/ design), two is beast mode for gaming (use different mouse, keyboard, and headset) and also lighting.
    i think my favorite mode is relax, because clean (wireless).

  4. Can you do a review of the cheap-mid tier headphones? I bought Helios 300 recently and now looking for the positional audio.

  5. Why dont you go with wireless? Wireless so you dont have to move anything because of the wired

  6. Nice video 👍 helped me loads. I'm ten, going in to SATs and its nearly my Birthday. So this has given me loads of present ideas

  7. How does this keyboard look now after a year? I'm thinking about getting this but I don't know how dirty it'll become overtime.

  8. Sorry, but how can i buy all this thing. I’m in japan now, and it’s much expensive than usa, so can u guys tell me where to buy and ship to japan, tks

  9. After half a year of owning this setup, its still great. Also, I use this mouse at 3500dpi playing with palm grip using the traction side of the invicta, it feels amazing. Best mouse & mouse pad combo ive ever used

  10. Ребята лайкайте этот комментарий,чтобы они подумали что тут что-то умное😂

  11. Damn the setup looks sick. Unfortunately I hate when my game accessories are white because you cane asily see any smudges or scratches

  12. if all this setup 9 million dollars but theres sale for 8million 999 thousand 999 i decide you will buy it AND SPENT

  13. It all looks nice but after all you said about big heads and big hands there's no way I could use this

  14. I’m going a white setup and stumbled across this video. Finally someone who is not always using an overused black theme for there setup thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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