Supa Strikas – Season 2 Episode 25 – Beautiful Gaming | Kids Cartoon

September 27, 2019

(upbeat techno music) – Yowza Yowza, it’s
down to the last seconds of the Super League 3000x Competition here at the International
Gaming Convention. With the scores tied
and only seconds to go, who will be victorious? Lucius The Eye Von
Litzenbergsterovsen or Hack Spin? (grunting)
(game beeping) – Not this time Von Litzenbergsterovsen. (grunting) Goal! – Amateurs and Amateuresses,
we have a winner! – Oh, yeah! – Hacks Man!
– Woo hoo! – Matt, we all know what
you’ve been playing for, the grand prize, traveling
with your favorite real super league team
to their next fixture rubbing shoulders with the stars, So, Hack, who’s it gonna be, huh? (crowd cheering) – I’m gonna have to go with Super striker. – I’m finally here.
(upbeat rock music) My heart is pounding, 50,000 fans screaming, I can’t get my breath, the whistle’s sounding! ♪ With every ounce of effort ♪ ♪ Every fuel that I’ve got ♪ ♪ I’ll play the Super League’s greatest ♪ ♪ Give them my best shot! ♪ ♪ Every minute of the night,
now I’m gonna be a fighter ♪ ♪ ‘Cause one, two, three,
I’m a Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa ♪ ♪ Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa ♪ ♪ Strikas ♪ ♪ Red by red, I’ll be a fighter ♪ ♪ Near the ground Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ (engine humming) (yawning) – Where’s the coach mister? Dude’s never late. – Especially when he
tells us over and over and over and over again
how important this game is. – [Coach] Let’s go, let’s go! – I’m gonna ask El Matador about that goal he scored in the Super
League final last year and Big Bo about his training program and Shakes about the…
– Don’t loose that. It has your ticket for the big game in it. – Whoa. – Guys, meet the newest
member of the team, Hack. – Hey, good to see you, how you doing? – The gaming champ!
– Welcome onboard, dude. (all gasp) (playful music) (soothing music) (humming) – Ahh! – [Mico] Sensi Ura Giri (coughs) – Our preparation for Supa
Strikas is going well. I know you will not be
disappointed with it… – That’s good to be confident Mico Jen But with Supa Strikas and their coach, nothing is certain. double your efforts! – Hai Sensi Ura Giri – It is good to be confident but it is best to be sure. (chuckles) – wanna playing super
league 3000 egg Shakes, you can have a turn, do
you huh Shakes wanna? – I do play the super league game, the real super league game, like with real people, running
around chasing a ball. – Yeah, well in real life you guys are in so much trouble man, nikarm is seriously major
right now, and they’ll be like “Hi Supa Strikas are
you like moving today?” (laughs) – Why you little! – Nikarma has become a remarkable team, often utilizing unusual tactics, you’re going to keep
your ears and eyes open, inspiration can come from
the most unexpected places. – I have played Nickarma so many times I just couldn’t get past the final level. They had this killer
move and then I was all left left and right, right simultaneous x but actually… – Hack, we have a very big game coming up, so please,
– I know right. – Let me tell you, oh wait,
I wanna just save this game. – So let me tell you
that nickharm are, Huh? (snores) (Sighs) (cheers) (Soothing music) – Woohoo!
(laughs) (Cheering) Yeah! – I’m going directly
to the training center, Settle in at the hotel,
then practice time. (yawns) (Clears throat) – Hmm. (yawns) (soothing music) – Wow! – [Man] Wow. (giggles) (yells) – Ha! Take a look Machacho. (grunting) – This kid, he is obsessed! – Totally bruh, next thing you know he won’t be able to tell the difference between the game and well, not the game! (grunts) (floor creaks) – Super League 3000 x is the most advanced console game of its kind. – Yeah – Each players individual
moves have been emulated by a motion capture. – We gotta split. – Whilst strategies can be sourced by various previous games. You know, everything,
it’s an awesome game. You guys should try it out, woohoo! (laughs) Whatever. Humph, this isn’t what I signed up for. (wind blows) – This is very unlike coach. – Yeah we can’t just do drills all day, we need to know coaches
strategy for Nakama. – Didn’t he say that he
was coming straight here? – Dude hasn’t even sent a message? (Beep) – Huh? – It’s from coach – “Hi guys, I’m going fishing
out somewhere for a while. I don’t Know, maybe I come back for game, maybe I don’t, whatever!” Huh? – Doesn’t sound like a coach
kind of message does it? – I think this might be
a job for the police man. (chuckles) – I want to play a game coach not a beautiful game,
another kind of game. – Who are you? – No no no no no, you
don’t ask questions coach, I am in charge here. – Okay, what are you in charge of? – Um, er, stuff! – Hmm – Coaches strategy for the game is a highly debated topic
in the sports world, his expertise and
tactical planning will be the most important weapon Supa
Strikas have against Nakama. – Which would all be groovilicious if the man is question wasn’t awol. – We’ll be playing blind dudes! – As sign of respect,
maybe we must forfeit game? – The police have best men on the case, we play this game for coach, and we win it. – Hack beat Nakama. (gasps) Hack beat Nakama! – Huh? Yeah, and? Where’s Hack? – Shakes man, Hack is gone. – What? How do you know? – This note says, “I’m gone
and I’m not coming back.” – But he left his game behind. – Maybe he left in a hurry, we didn’t make him feel
so welcome Shakes, man. (groans) – Why now all of the sudden
you want Hack Chan back, man? – I think he may know how
we can win the Nakama game. – I want to play a game coach. – What game would you like to play? A game of I spy might be fun! I spy with my little eye,
something beginning with U. – Me? – No, U! (Gasps) Ura Giri! – Wait, I am not Ura Giri,
greatest coach in whole world! – Ura Giri it’s time to let me go! – No! If I was Ura Giri. – This is very trying Ura Giri – Okay now I change my mind. I go now, you have fun here forever. – Hey come back! Ura Giri, let me out! (Growls) Hmm. (rapid beeping) – Aw brother you are
making me look uncool, I’ve got a rep to protect man! – Aw why do you do this
to me, I need that face. – Shakesmister, what is the point of this? Ouch! – I just need some time to get this right! – How is this going to help
us against Nakama Shakes, man? – If I can get through this level, I think I can figure out what Nakama has install for us tomorrow. (grunts) (rabid beeping) (shouts) (heavy rock music) (grunting) – Huh? (grunting) (groans) (thud)
(meow) Left, left, red triangle,
zero, green, right green x! – [Male Announcer] Goal Supa Strikas! – [Female Announcer ] You said it, Max! – Yes! These tactics
and moves are so real. – [Max] Nakama on his double you – [Female Announcer] You said it, Max – [Max] Goal, Supa Strikas! – [Female Announcer] You said it, Max! – I can beat Nakama, I can beat Nakama! (laughs) Yeah! – [Woman] Level one pass. Supa Strikas proceed to
level two of 250 levels. – 250 levels! Ugh! We gotta find Hack, but how? (yawns) – Huh? Dude, Have you been up
all night playing games? I am shocked by your
irresponsible behavior, Broheem. – I figured it out, Hack has been passed all 250 levels against Nakama, he knows all their tactics! If we find him, we’ll have a chance. – This is not the time. I think Coach is in real
trouble, this morning I got this. (upbeat music) – Hmm – We have a press conference this morning to put out an appeal for coach. – Wow, cool city. Maybe other cities are cool as well, maybe there’s a whole world to explore, outside of the game. (gasps) My game! – [Announcer] Match day, Sadly
without Supa Strikas coach, Orgiri is the one missing
his opposites number today. (blows nose) – Come on, come on! Hack must’ve got my message. (cheering) – Watch their every move. We have to try to
anticipate their game, man. (Whistle blows) – [Female Announcer] Today is a sell out. The Nakama stadium
capacity is 70,000 people and yet the official attendance shows only 69,999 spectators here today. – [Male announcer] What
fool would be crazy enough to forfeit watching a game like this? – I can’t believe I
forgot to take my game! They better not have touched it. (groans) They did touch it and they didn’t save my place. Supa Stinkas! – Please contact the
authorities as soon as possible, (gasps) thank you, that is all. – I would just like to
say to my friend Hack, I’m really sorry about
what happened with the, you know, the whole thing. And please come back quick, I played the game and I think you could. – You heard it, desperate
times for Supa Strikas – They need my help. – [TV Announcer] What hope
do the men in red have, without their beloved coach? – It’s time to play the game, for real. (heavy rock music) (groaning) – Nakama have had an
impressive spell of late, lets see if Supa Strikas
have the antidote. – Without coach, they will
have no idea what to expect. (chuckles) (heavy rock music) – Ahh! – [Female Announcer] Goal! – Woah, without coach we
are flying blind, Cptain. (heavy rock music) – [Male Announcer] Ha, like
taking candy from a baby. Goal! – Two, Nil, Two, Nil! (laughs) (grunts) (thuds) – Oh!
(groans) (humming) (screams) – Sorry, I leave you. – No, wait! (grunts) – Huh, still got it after all these years. (chuckles) (Door slams) – Ugh, dude, we need coach! (Squeaks) (grunting)
(Sighs) (sighs) (door creaks)
(clears throat) – Hack, you’re back! – Hi guys. – Hello crazy gaming person. – Hack! You can be our coach, you can tell us what Nakama are gonna do. – You see Hack, you
have a new crazy friend. He stay up all night playing game. – Shakes, Hack is just a kid bruh. – Yeah man, I know he’s a
champion but only of a game. – I’ve played super
league 3000 x, believe me, hack knows everything there is to know about Nakamas
tactics, just like coach. – Remember what coach said, “inspiration comes from the
most unexpected places.” – Well you better be
right about this Shakes. – Now, what you really need to know is that Nakama reserves its
most crazy complex tactic for when the going gets rough. The harder you play, the
harder they play back. – Kid, how do you know this stuff? – Well its just like the
levels in Super league 3000 x, now remember, you equalize
in the second half and they’re gonna do it, man. You know they’re going to
use the Bushido Standard. (intense orc astra music) – On three. One, two, three, Supa Strikas! (whistle) (heavy rock music) – Eleven, hitch commission,
Eddy Nakamira, run 24 paces, 17 percent, wind speed.
Hensil Honda, 22 speed. 50 percent success percentage. Ah Ha! Goji out. Left with a mid-fielder. Gotcha! – [Female Announcer] What a goal! – [Male Announcer] Great
response after half time! – This kid huh? Blessing in disguise. – Blessing in this guys, what? (laughs) (heavy rock music) (grunts)
(crowd cheering) – [Male Announcer] Beautiful
work from the man in red. – Yeah! – Who is this brainy coach? Supa Strikas want a fight? I will give them recito standard! (yells) (claps) – Don’t think that now is
the time to stop worrying. Nakama are about to start
playing a whole lot harder and with the tactic you
should’ve been training for since you were rivals in Japan. – So, then what do we do? (grumblings) – Well, basically it’s
left, left, right, green, simultaneous x, zero. – Uh, okay, can you like
explain that in english bruh? (Whistle blows) – Left, left, right, green,
simultaneous x, zero. – Left, left, right, green,
simultaneous x, zero. – [Male Announcer] Justin
Tiger out sprinted momentarily. The ball hits towards strikas goal Nakama have good presence in the box. – [Female Announcer] Could this be the decisive moment for Nakama. – [Male Announcer] He
certainly have surprised Supa Strikas with this move. – Left, left, right, green,
simultaneous x, zero. – [Female Announcer] Shakes
takes control at the back with a great counter plan.
– Yes! – [Male Announcer] Nakama
scramble back in a hurry! – [Female Announcer] Even
with the odds against them, Supa Strikas have put on a
fine second half performance. (grunts)
(whooshing) – [Male Announcer] Goal! Supa Strikas have won! – We won, we won! – How is this possible? (whoops)
– Awesome work little dude – (laughs) Well done little brother man. – Thank you, hack man. You’ve got the makings of a great coach – Coach! Where could coach be? Huh? (laughing) – Coach, where in blue
blazers have you been? – The Bushido Standard, how
did you guys know the counter? – Inspiration can come from
the most unexpected places. (laughs) (grunting) – Hello! – Coach, you, you survived extremely
traumatic kidnapping ordeal? – May I have my phone back? – Phone? Why I have your phone coach? – [Coach] I’m finally here.
(rock music plays from phone) – Supa Strikas theme as your ringtone? Supa Strikas theme, top of pops in Japan. I let go to reliable voicemail service. – This is coach, you know the drill. – Uh, coaches voice also very popular for voicemail greeting. (heavy rock music)
(laughing) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪

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