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Supa Strikas – Season 2 Episode 20 – Bad Altitude | Kids Cartoon

October 7, 2019

(upbeat music) (laughing) (grunting)
(upbeat music) – This is incredible. – I told ya you’d pick it up fast brother. – Cool Joe check, El Matador check. Rasta check. North, oh.
(beeping) Altitude adaptability warning. Shakes and North Shaw. Hmm. – What’ve you got Professor? (humming) – It’s much worse than
I first thought Coach. Take a look at this. – Well, I guess this
means vacation’s over. We’ve got work to do. (upbeat music) – Huh? – Break’s over. See ya all back at Striker
Land tomorrow, Coach. Bring it in dudes, we gotta fly. (yelling) – [Man] I’m finally here. My heart is pounding. 50,000 fans screaming. I can’t get my breath. The whistle’s sounding. ♪ With every ounce of effort ♪ ♪ Every fuel that I’ve got ♪ ♪ I’m bringing Super League’s greatest ♪ ♪ Give them my best shot ♪ ♪ Every minute of the 90 ♪ ♪ Now I’m gonna be a fighter ♪ ♪ Cause one, two, three
I’m a Supa Strika. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Breath by breath I’ll be a fighter ♪ ♪ Hear the crowd cheer Supa Strika ♪ ♪ Super Strikas ♪ ♪ Super Strikas ♪ (upbeat music) – But why are we in these things? – You are in altitude simulation domes. They help us to analyze your ability to adjust to different altitudes. – But why? – Because our next opponent is Iron Tank on their home ground. – They are undefeated at Fortress Stadium. – Undefeated? – They are used to
playing at a higher level. – But I thought the Super
League was the top level. – [Professor] No, look. This graph explains it. – Okay now I get it. – Yeah Fortress Stadium is the
highest stadium in the world. Way higher than Strika Land. – Correct. – I feel like I ate 10 cheeseburgers before I started running. – Dude I always eat 10 cheeseburgers
before I start running, but I’ve never felt this bogus. (grunting) – Everybody reacts
differently to altitude. When you’re at this higher altitude, there is less oxygen in the air and your body needs oxygen to function and if you’re not used to high altitude, your body will not work
as you expect it to. – Why, what happens, do you hurl? – You may feel dizziness,
distorted vision, and a loss of coordination. – I feel that way every time
I look at a pretty lady. – Therefore, you all need to be prepared for playing at that altitude. – No team has ever beaten Iron
Tank on their home ground. The last 15 minutes of the
game will be beyond tough for all of you. – Back in the dome? – [Coach] Back in the dome. (dramatic music) (grunting) – Sir may I have permission
to stand at ease sir. – No, combat readiness is vital. At ease. – We must match Supa
Strikas at their own game. We must develop machines like they have. The ones we saw on the Football 360 Show. – Nonsense, we have the advantage. Remember we live at this altitude. If we stick to our ridiculously
intense training program, they will never be a threat
to Iron Tank in our fortress. – Sir yes sir. – Supa Strikas will crumble
in the last 15 minutes like everyone else. (beeping) – Hmm.
– Hmm. – As I thought Coach, North Shaw and Shakes
just aren’t ready to play at that altitude yet. If these two aren’t conditioned properly, Iron Tank will drill the ball
all the way to the goals. – I think what we have
planned should get them ready. – I don’t like that look in Coach’s eyes. Let me guess, go straight
to another machine? – Very good Shakes. You two get dressed and make
your way to the Strika Jet. (screaming) (dramatic music) – And what do you have
to concentrate on most against Supa Strikas Coach Von Pusher? – Lucky for us, we have
nature on our side. I don’t see how they can
stand up to the Iron Tank all the way up here from
all the way down there. (laughing) – Unbeaten at home, their opponents scoreless
in the last 15 minutes. – Is the GPS tracking device working? – Mhmm like clockwork. (beeping) – I still don’t understand
the point of this. – You will man. – Dude, Coach totally
cut our travel budget. Our hotel is a tent. (beeping) – Here we go. Time to put these on. – (laughing) Parachutes. – Good one Rasta. – You are welcome to jump without it, but I hear that makes for a
rather uncomfortable landing. (wind blowing) – No airport either. Coach’s budget cuts are going way too far. (beeping) (grunting) – If you don’t want to,
you don’t have to jump. – [Both] Really? (screaming) – Pull your chutes on three. One, two, three. – [All] Supa Strikas. (cheering) – [Coach] Status report. – They just landed safe and sound. (wind blowing) – So this was the plan? Drop us in the middle of nowhere? – We’re about a day away
from the rendezvous point. – We have to get all the
way up there by tomorrow? – Dude, that’s not possible. – Of course it is. We even have one of Coach’s
machines to show us the way. Now let’s get started. (panting) – Sir we have that the Strikas
are somewhere in Europe training in the mountains. – [Von Pusher] You think? – Yeah. – Get me Uber immediately. Tell him we have a security issue. (growling) Now. (screaming) (panting) – Wait, just need a little break. – Totally. Where did all the air go? – I can’t find it either. – It’s okay brothers. Some people take longer to adapt. – So there’s nothing I can do. – Relax man, why don’t we
set up camp for the night? – Best idea I’ve heard all day. – First thing in the morning, we’ll make that summit
and meet the Supa Strikas on the landing strip below. – That’s the problem with going up, you gotta go down afterwards. – Not if you want to win
the Super League, man. The only way is up. – Sleep tight Supa Strikas. (wind blowing) – Okay I can have five pieces. Pepperoni and sausage
with marshmallows please. One bacon shake, that would
hit the spot, totally. (gentle music) – See you later or maybe I won’t. (laughing) – Coach. I lost them. – What? – It was here last night. How did it just disappear? – Guys, footprints and ski tracks. – Huh? This was sabotage. Someone doesn’t want
us to get to the match. (thundering) Onwards and upwards. – Sure, upwards and upwards capitan. (dramatic music)
(grunting) – Where could they be? There’s not a lot of time until the match. – I’m sure it’s just a matter
of time before they arrive. – And if they don’t? – That’s why we have this. (panting) – [Rasta] Almost there guys. – I don’t know if I can do it. – If you want a good reason why you should finish Shakes man, it’s because turning back
now would be way harder. (dramatic music) – Woo. I’m on top of the world. – Now to find the Strika jet. – Before it has to leave. – We need a sign dude. – How did you do that? – You think it’s Coach? – I’d say that was a good guess man. Now we’ve gotta get there fast. – Any ideas? (upbeat music) – Woo hoo.
– Tree stomping man. – These old tree trunks make
awesome snowboards dudes. – Alright.
– Hang 10 bro. – Come on, we got a plane to catch. (cheering) – If they don’t here soon, we’ll
have to leave without them. – I cannot wait any longer. I will brave the elements and
rescue our friends myself. (wind blowing) Good luck my friends, I tried. I will never give up
looking for you my friends. (cheering) – What is that? (cheering) – I never gave up and now I find them. Stop this plane. (snoring) – Should we be worried? – The last 15 minutes are always tough on any visiting team up here. – Big mistake. Huge. – [Mac] Match day today and
the Fortress is on fire. – [Announcer] You mean ice. – [Mac] Can Supa Strikas break Iron Tank’s home winning streak? – [Announcer] If they can make it to and through the last 15 minutes. (upbeat music) – Got to admit it, this place
is even too cool for me. – This is nothing. – Compared to being up those mountains, this is like a day at the beach. – Shakes, North, and
Rasta, but I, the GPS. (screaming) (whistle blowing) (upbeat music) – [Mac] Supa Strikas look good. – [Announcer] Oh close
shave for Iron Tank. – Clever Supa Strikas. You are well prepared. Uber. (upbeat music) – Huh? – [Mac] What kind of tactic is this? (upbeat music) – Hey you want to play some soccer now? (whistle blowing) – [Mac] And that’s the half. The scoreboard is still asleep. – [Announcer] I don’t know Mac. Can’t see the home team winning with this hands off strategy. – You have all done an excellent job of tiring Supa Strikas out. – [Team] Sir, yes sir. (laughing) – They will never stand a
chance in the last half. – Shakes, North, and Rasta were foolish to stay in the starting lineup. They will obviously fail
in the last 15 minutes. (laughing) – [Team] Sir, yes sir. (upbeat music) – Huh? – [Mac] Okay now here we go. Iron Tank hammers up the pressure. – [Announcer] That’s right Mac, things are finally getting interesting. (panting) (grunting) Can North Shaw stop them? Not this time. Goal. – [Mac] Iron Tank wakes up the scoreboard. – [Announcer] They go up one, nil. (screaming) (cheering) How can Supa Strikas score
if their lead striker looks like he’s already run a marathon. (panting) – I don’t know if I can do it Captain. – You’ve come this far Shakes man. You really want to turn back now? (cheering) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Supa Strikas
are getting their second wind. (upbeat music) – [Mac] They’re moving the ball well. Well enough to score. (cheering) Goal, somehow Supa Strikas have shattered the 15 minute curse. – [Announcer] But can they
push through to the end to a winning goal or it
will go Iron Tank’s way. – There are ways to overcome the altitude. – Yeah I think we figured
it out on the mountain. It’s about conserving your energy. – You use what you got
like totally efficiently. – Come on, we can beat
these suckers here and now, but only if you two can stay standing. (upbeat music) – Yes breathe. – [Mac] They boy is running on air. (heart beating) (panting) – [Announcer] Ooo we spoke too soon. – Too tired. – [Rasta] Just find your reason Shakes. – Footprints. Huh? It was you. – Huh? – You stole our navigation device. (growling) – Clearly it was not enough. – It’s enough for me bro. (upbeat music) (cheering) – [Group] Huh? – [Mac] Nice move. (grunting) (cheering) – Did I score? – Shakes you did it. Look at the replay. – [Announcer] Wow, what an ending. Iron Tank has been defeated
here at home for the first time. This is one for the record books. – I guess you didn’t make
a mistake after all, Coach. – Shakes bro, we did it dude. – You will give me 100 pushups. – Shakes, you cannot beat the
Tank at their home ground. – Just did dude. – It is not fair. – You are so immature. – Just chill. (laughing) Now that is chill brother. (laughing) (upbeat music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪

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  1. I’m using my mom’s account this is so stupid that super strikers never lose it is impossible.

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  3. These are Supa strikas players in reality

    Coach. :Maradona
    North Shaw :trippier
    Shakes : Ronaldo
    Rosta. :Ronaldhino
    Tiger : Heung min son
    Cool joe:Sane

    Like if u agree

  4. Why aren't they wearing their gloves just like they do in real life when playing in extreme conditions

  5. I already watched the whole supa strikars and I’m watching it again I watch it all the time and never stop

  6. هذا اجمل كرتون عندى

  7. Can you teach me how to do soccer better today and I live in Lompoc and my Number to my house is 316

  8. the word YA MAN just chiling in the dictionary

    Dancing Rasta: YA MAN i’m about to end this man’s career

  9. They were willing to let their friends die over a football match. Great friends I am sure.

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  11. everyone else training for their altitude: breathing heavily and sweating

    Twisting Tiger who's used to running too fast and twisting like a tornado: W E A K L I N G S

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