Supa Strikas – Season 1 – Ep 8 – Big Bo Lockdown – Soccer Adventure Series | Kids Cartoon
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Supa Strikas – Season 1 – Ep 8 – Big Bo Lockdown – Soccer Adventure Series | Kids Cartoon

August 30, 2019

(intense music) – [Announcer] Goal! The second for Shakes. – [Mac] Supa Strikas are all over Hydra. (suspenseful music) Great passing. El Matador is in space! Goal! Supa Strikas showing why they are truly becoming one of the best
clubs in the Super League. – Hey, Knuckles, you know what? – What? – You look just like that
Big Bo guy on the T.V. – No, really? – Really, look. – People have been telling me that since I played amateur soccer. – You played soccer? – [Mac] What a save by Big Bo! – [Announcer] Can Supa Strikas keep the scoreboard all to themselves? (intense rushing music) ♪ I’m finally here ♪ ♪ My heart is pounding ♪ ♪ Fifty thousand fans screaming ♪ ♪ I can’t get my breath ♪ ♪ The whistle’s sounding ♪ ♪ With every ounce of effort ♪ ♪ Every skill that I’ve got ♪ ♪ I’ll play the Super Leagues greatest ♪ ♪ Give ’em my best shot ♪ ♪ Every minute of the ninety ♪ ♪ Now I’m gonna be a fighter. ♪ ♪ ’cause one, two, three ♪ ♪ I’m a Supa Strika ♪ (intense electric guitar music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Breath by breath ♪ ♪ I’ll be a fighter ♪ ♪ Will the crowd cheer Supa Strika ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ (whistle blowing) – [Announcer] Big Bo
with another clean sheet. – I do love when the opposition
scoreboard says zero. – Hey Knuckles, you should join the Prison Elevens soccer team. They could use a guy like you. You played amateur soccer and all. Big Bo is coming here to
train the team next month. He’s gonna get a big kick
out of meeting you, his twin. – Where do I sign up? (menacing chuckling) – Welcome, Big Bo, thanks for coming. – My pleasure, sir. – Hi, I’m Big Bo. Hi, I’m Big Bo, nice to meet you. (creepy laughing) – He looks just like– – I know, he’s the spitting image! – Maybe I’ve finally met my match. Okay, I need a volunteer. (soccer ball smacking) (muffled laughing) – [Prison Warden] That’s
enough fun for today. Cell count in five. – This is exactly what I needed to rev up for our Super League matches against Sa Ming United and FC Colossus. (inmates cheering) – I love you. I mean, I love you, man. – Let’s go, Knuckles, get your autograph and move it. – Um, Big Bo. Can I have a quick word
with you before you go? – Sure but it’ll have to– (fist smacking) – The inmates loved the workshop. I’ll bet those guys just
wish they had your life. Being free and being
a legend, huh, Mr. Bo? – Whatever. As soon as this car stops, I’m a free man. – We’ve arrived, Mr. Bo. – Whoa. – Welcome back, sir. Cool Joe called, something about a private
party at the club tonight. Your kit has been laundered, and is ready for tomorrows game. And the 100 inch flat-screen was successfully installed this morning. You have satellite from
every country in the world, as requested. If you need anything else,
I’ll be in my quarters. – I could get used to this. – What? What happened? – Hey there, Knuckles. – What, who? – [Prison Guard] Keep it
down in there, Knuckles. – I’m not Knuckles, I’m Big Bo. – I said, shut up Knuckles, or I’ll come in there and shut you up. – If you’re gonna act crazy like Knuckles, it ain’t gonna help you to get out. – [Mac] Match day at Striker Land. – Let’s do this, Big Bo. That’s weird. – [Announcer] Supa Strikas
should have the edge on Sa Ming United today. – Big Bo, we have a game to win, bro. – I’m on it, dude. – Huh? – [Announcer] Supa Strikas
immediately on the attack. (whistle blowing) [Mac] Goal! Shakes puts his club on the board. – [Announcer] And in less
than two minutes of play. – [Mac] What is Big Bo
doing outside the box? He’s way out of position. – [Announcer] Oh, I’m sure
he knows what he’s doing. He is Big Bo. (crowd erupting) – [Mac] Great defensive
play by North Shaw. – Dude, what was that? – [Announcer] Supa Strikas
on the attack again. – [ Mac] Goal! Supa Strikas, two-nil. – [Announcer] Both Blok and
North are working double-time. – Big Bo is definitely off his game. – [Announcer] It’s one on
one, striker versus keeper. – [Mac] Goal! Sa Ming is on the ball! – [Announcer] Sa Ming
completely embarrassed Big Bo with that one. Right through the keepers legs. – [Mac] Ouch, that’s a first for Big Bo. – Sorry, no clean sheet today, Big Bo? – Yup, I mean, no. I did my laundry last night. – What? Something’s not right. – Now we go to Ben Zed with a report on legendary Supa Strika goal-keeper, Big Bo. Ben? – Rob, Big Bo’s form
went from bad to worse. Today, he was just not the
same Big Bo we all know. – Look at this guy. Let’s go practice, what do yo say? – With Big Bo playing like this, Supa Strikas will be no
problem for Colossus. – I might as well help you guys train. – We got Knuckles on our side. – Knuckles, I’m not Knuckles. – Prove it to them, Big Bo. – How do I prove I am who I am? – Hit the hat off that security guard. – Sorry, pal. (ball smacking) – I love Supa Strikas. (inmates clamoring) – Do you guys really want
to learn how to play? – Show us, please! – Good. I have to keep in shape, so that when I get out
of here I’ll be ready. – Get out of here, no way. Knuckles got lucky. – [Prison Warden] Attention, attention. Prison Eleven will actually
compete in a real match next weekend at University Field. (scoffing) good luck! – University field is near Striker Land. – Hey, ready Big Bo? – Of course I am. (robots whirring) (ball smacking) – The Colossus guys are tougher than this. (metal creaking) We aren’t quite there yet. But we’ll have to make the
best with what we have. But we do all have the key ingredient. You are all Supa Strikas. (yawning loudly) – [Shakes Voiceover]
He’s not even listening. No way, something’s definitely not right. – Prepare for our toughest
Super League game yet. – Supa Strikas Colossus
game is next weekend. – That’s the same time as our game. – Big Bo benched! – What? – Supa Strikas are gonna
lose because of Knuckles. – We gotta help you escape. – Well, then we have a lot of work to do. – Match day today, and
the big question is, will Supa Strikas substitute
keeper, Noah Murdoch, be able to handle the pressure of starting against FC Colossus? – I have no idea, but I know a better keeper. Go Supa Strikas, whoo! – Well, let’s just hope that Murdoch doesn’t go nowhere fast. This is Ben Zed reporting
live from Striker Land. – Too bad, I was looking forward to scoring against the new Big Bo. – No doubt Murdoch is a solid keeper. – Shame it won’t be as easy as we thought. – Well, if he plays too well, we’ll just have to get
Big Bo back on the field. (mischievous instrumental) – I’m sure Coach will
put you in at some point. – Who cares? So long as we win, right? – So, Shakes, you just
standing there today? – That’s not a good way
to score goals, brother. – Guys, I don’t think that’s Big Bo. (laughing) – Shakes, are you loco? – I’m telling you, something’s wrong. – Shakes, I agree man. Something is off like old cheese. Can’t worry about that now, though. We got a match to win. – If we get out to a comfortable lead, I might put you in. – Whatever, sir. – You can take your gloves
off in the meantime. – I’ll stay ready, just in case. – Back to me! (plucky music) (whistle blowing) (men cheering) – Wait, where’s Knuckles? I need a 20 on Knuckles. Knuckles has gone AWOL, I
repeat, Knuckles has escaped! – Beautiful save by Supa
Strikas backup keeper. – So far, Noah Murdoch is
doing a superb job today. – Time to get Big Bo back in the game. (menacing chuckling) (loud smacking) – [Mac] Ow, Murdoch goes down hard! – And it doesn’t look like
he’s getting up any time soon. – Supa Strikas will have to
go to their number one keeper. – [Announcer] Let’s hope he’s better than the last time we saw him play. (crowd gasping) (whistle blowing) – How embarrassing for Supa Strikas! They go down one-nil to Colossus. (thudding) – [Mac] And with that,
Colossus are now up, two-nil. – [Announcer] Oh, today’s effort for Supa Strikas may be hopeless. – [Mac] Let’s hope they
can find a solution during the break. – I don’t know what’s wrong with him. – We are not gonna be
able to win this way. – Hey, Big Bo, great first half, man. – What? – You’re really doing well out there. (shocking music riff) – I knew it, you’re not Big Bo! – You! – Me? – You? No, no, no, I’m me. – Big Bo, you made it back! What happened? Who was… Wait, where did he go? – No time to explain. What’s the score? – Two-nil, it’s ugly. – Well, let’s go fix that. Guys, it’s so good to be back. – You was gone for like two minutes. – Guys, there isn’t time to explain, and it sounds weird, but the other guy was an imposter. This is the real Big Bo. – Let’s go get on the board. On three, one, two, three. (in unison)
Supa Strikas! – Well, someone must’ve woken
Big Bo up during the half. – [Announcer] For the first
time today, he’s unstoppable. – [Mac] And Supa Strikas are back on form. Goal! – [Announcer] And Supa
Strikas are on the board. – [Mac] Big Bo wasn’t even close to being fooled by that one. – [Announcer] And that throw put Supa Strikas on the attack. – [Mac] The ball is up. – [Announcer] Shakes is gaining. – Goal! Supa Strikas equalize. All their work in the first half has slowed them up in the second. – [Announcer] It’s gonna take everything Supa Strikas have to score. – [Mac] In the 88th minute, Big Bo just needs to keep left
for this to remain a draw. Unbelievable, it’s as if– – [Announcer] He’s asking
them to attack him. – [Mac] I don’t believe it! – Dancing Rasta. Back to me. (music intensifies) – Goal! (crowd cheering) – [Mac] What a beautiful
strike by Supa Strikas keeper! – Incredible, man. – It is so great to have you back, Big Bo. – Amazing stuff out there. – Well, it’s all thanks to another team for helping me remember who I am. But we can save that
story for another day. Oops, I almost forgot something. Hello, police? I think I know where to find the man who escaped this afternoon from the prison soccer match. – My plan was perfect! How did big Bo escape so soon? And what’s this? – I don’t know. Well, goodnight, roomie. (energetic rock music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪

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  1. “You look just like that big bo guy on tv!”
    Me: I think I know where this is going…
    “where do i sign up?

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  3. Love what am seeing and its my first time!
    I used to read the super strikers magazine way back then in high school.
    I read this very episode around 2007 or 2008.
    Any UGANDAN here?

  4. i love el matador because hes so funny! and shake becuz hes the best and good at soccer! and WHO LOVES "Supa Strikas!"

    (by the way this isnt my real account?)

  5. This is nonsense stupid and mad never show it again in your life or I will come there and kill you all you understand me

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