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Suggestions Please for Bow Making and Archery Videos

August 10, 2019

so here we are at the beginning of 2019
Happy New Year but before the year fully gets underway can you spare a few
minutes to help me you see I’ve been making videos about my
bow making and archery journey for two years now – that’s nearly a hundred videos
a one and a half million views and during that time many of you have come
along with me and subscribed joined the conversation given me encouragement and
a few thumbs down what I mean is do you have a particular style of video that you like or a particular subject do you want videos just about bow making or do you
– wait, just a minute so do you prefer videos like this but
you should be pleased if you’ve got this far or maybe you’re fed it with me
sounding like David Attenborough and prefer just visuals like this these are the Mercian bowmen by the way
great bunch of guys I’m not sure if humor works here what do
you think? what would you like? more videos
explaining the crafts that are associated with archery and bow making in fact there are so many paths that fan
out from archery and bow making – there’s woodworking, leathercraft metalwork,
history – the list is absolutely endless I’ve already been given some great ideas
for videos and short films and these are whirling away around in here right now
taking shape and thank you to those who’ve made those suggestions you know
who you are. So which direction would you like this channel to go?
instructional, visual, historical, associated crafts? Do let me know right
down below in the comments thanks for watching. Okay guys that’s a wrap! you

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  1. Mick,
    My answer is answer “D”—all of the above!

    Actually, I’m only a couple of months attached to your site, but your narration and videos in general are so far superior to most of what is out there, that on the whole, you needn’t change much.
    In addition to bow-making, I produce my own arrows. While you may very well have already produced videos on arrow-making, I’m always happy to see other approaches to building arrows the primitive way, from either river cane, Dog wood, or staves.
    Please don’t change a great deal about what you’re doing. Your productions are time-efficient, informative, concise, and employ top-shelf camera work.
    I hope to view all at some point.
    Please keep up the excellent work!

    Western, Oklahoma
    (Heart of the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations)

  2. Mick, happy 2019, and just keep making your videos integrating all of the subject involved, but allways having the bowyer and bow making (longbow) as a first priority. Just an opinion from someone that have deepply enjoyed all of your videos. Thank you!

  3. Happy New Year Mick. I'm a fan of your 'mixture'. Personally, I would like to see more of the same. Other bow types might be a good idea. I have a range of primitive style bows from English longbows to native American bows to Mongolian style bows. I would certainly like to see your talents directed at these other bows. The production and quality of your videos is first class. As always, keep up the good work.
    Flaxen Saxon

  4. I'll watch whatever you post its all good I would really like to see your journey to learn how to shoot your bows properly maybe making your own targets and training aids making bow accessories ie. Finger tabs quivers etc also if your up to it with the way you think and narrate I'd love to see you do a catch and cook with your bows and hear what's going through your head as it happens bit more on blacksmithing I'd like to see you forge some arrow heads and some history behind the different types of broad head like why they used a Mary Tudor head on war rather than a leaf shape seeing you remake the old tools required for bow making like you did with spring pole lathe etc if I think of anything else I'll let you know but if you made the video I'd watch a dog chase its tail for 10 min lol

  5. educational videos about bow history and more build videos. maybe a bow making video with wood from a local "home depot" like store.
    Thank you for your efforts, I really love your videos and your dog!

  6. Keep going with all the the above, Mick. I know I'm not the only one here who's been inspired to start making bows because of your channel.

    New things you could try:
    – An English longbow with an American wood like Osage orange.
    – Hosting a small weekend workshop for beginners, see what bows they end up with.
    – Different arrow types, including whistling arrow heads
    – Different primitive types of European bows. Mollegabet, pyramid, Viking, etc.
    – Crafting the greatest siege weapon of all time, the mighty trebuchet. (OK, maybe not.)

  7. Hi Mick, well to be honest i would recommend u to just continue the bow making series but with wood from different countries (and shooting em ofc) thanks!

  8. Greetings! You're one of the best cinematographers on Youtube, so far be it for me to dictate how you make your videos. I can, however, tell you what my favorite parts of your channel are and let you go from there.

    The best thing for me has been watching you muddle through learning the craft, mistakes and all. So many YT instructionals, in all crafts, don't show the failures, and that's a key part of learning, so I love seeing it – ego bruising and all. Bravo for having the guts to show those bruises in public. Second, I like the videos that mix visuals with narration in moderation. The pure visual videos are gorgeous, but really hard for me to sit through, they need something to break up the pacing. Regarding subject matter, my two favorites are your muddle-through-a-project videos (eg blackthorn bow, or the crossbow series) and your focus on one thing videos (eg, how to make a bowstring, or the fletching an arrow video).

    My theoretical happy place would be watching your videos, in your own classic style, that show you taking on various specific points of bowcrafting. Learning how to do rawhide backing for example, or repairing a cracked bow. I'm also a history buff and would love to see demonstrations of period-correct full archery tackle (bracers, fingerguards, dress, quivers) – bonus points for making these things yourself!

  9. I like your collection but I'd also love to find out more about your secrets for making a great video and some of the special effects. A bit like the end of the David Attenborough programmes where they do the bit about how they filmed them. Please, pretty please 😊

  10. A board bow, made from readily available DIY timber.If you don't own a wood,which hardly any of us do the alternative is theft. You can not ask someone if it is alright to cut down one of their trees.

  11. I like your instructional videos and your sort of challenge videos. I have some ideas for videos: a one tool only bow, you can only use one tool to make a bow start to finish, like an axe or something, and also a survival bow in which all of the materials to make it came from the woods, including string and maybe even arrows. Love the videos and editing, keep up the good work. Have a good 2019!

  12. just carry on what you are doing Mick… the reason you have so many subs and views is because we like what you do !
    to quote Billy Joel… " we love you just the way you are "

  13. Team up with the guy who makes arrowheads again and do a tutorial on how to make..well all the typology of arrowheads! Forged heads, swaged heads, fire welded heads, brazed heads, ground heads, all of them!

  14. Hi Mick. I'm a Yank and I love your videos…All of them. I would like to see more of the countryside of the UK & learn more of the history of archery. I recently made my first 2 ELBs & studied your videos & those of Del Cat to get the proper design. Just keep doing what you're doing is my vote.

  15. I think you should make more of the old style of videos, the ones where you got common woods and made bows from them over the span of several videos, seeing the journey of you making the bow and finding ways to deal with any problems was really interesting, it was beneficial to watch these as it gave me more confidence and inspiration to make my own bows. You could also try making different types of bows such as a recurve bow or maybe even more warbows?. Some of my favourites were the wonky yew bow and the yew warbow, over here in New Zealand you don't get a lot of yew (or at least where I live ) so your videos inspired me to use other woods that are similar to yew and strive to make a warbow if I could out of the native trees here. Also I really enjoyed the hedgerow series I think it would be nice if you made that kind of style of video again maybe like if you talked about the woods in the different seasons, and showed the animals and plants and what it looks like at different times of the year, or something like that. I think it would help if you took inspiration from the old videos, not to say that your newer style is bad just that I think that the old style of videos were more interesting, inspiring and beneficial in my opinion. keep up the good work Mick ill still watch your videos no matter what their like. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from NZ!

  16. Bows out of wood that’s been made as something already example like a shovel handle. How about recurve bows and get s little out of your comfort zone

  17. I realize this a challenge. But I could see you doing it, you definitely have what it takes. Make some form of recurve bow to start if you haven't already. Then eventually, make a composite horn bow in the Asiatic style.

  18. Hi Mick! I really enjoy your videos, all of them. I would like to know more about you, what you do/did in your working life, how you got interested in bow making. Makes me think that I want to try making an English Longbow. Please keep the videos coming and thank you for making them. I am from the U.SA.

  19. I'm not sure if you sound like David Attenborough, but I've very much enjoyed your videos. I got into it because of the bowmaking, but I'm multipassionate, and would love to see you explore any number of other paths. Right now, I"m working on Native American flutes. Don't be afraid to take the path less traveled my friend.

  20. Um, yes, to all of it I think. Lol
    Love your work, both in the things you craft, and your editing style! One other suggestion, though I'm not sure how it works for y'all across the pond, but maybe go on some hunts or even just tag along with a hunter to film. I love watching the hunts that the Cap and Ball channel does with historical firearms and would equally enjoy watching someone hunt with a stick bow!

  21. Mick, I wish you A Happy New Year! I really appreciate the quality of you videos and your fine humor. Related with the tematic, I would like to see more field archery videos and and selfbows making videos. Keep up the good work!

  22. There are plenty of historical videos/blogs etc out there that really I do bot believe it is worth your time investing in it. Making something new is always exciting: Crossbows with metal work, Recurve bows etc.

  23. film shoots, make quivers, delve into north american styles of bows. short bows, flat bows. sinew backing… recreate museum examples. explore laminate bows. explore fletching and arrow making. primitive arrows, cane, chute, split wood arrows… have fun and give variety. Do shooting challenges, building challenges (all stone tools or one two tool max etc.) throw in history, archery through different time periods. rove. bow birds. stump shoot. you have fun and we will have fun watching you!

  24. What are you doing with all these bows? 😉
    Got a lot of Silver Birch?
    Try a Fenno-Ugrian Birch Bow
    You know, the one where the pieces are fitted and bound together.
    Bark quivers etc.
    I saw the warbow tights.
    I dare you.

  25. Hey Mick, how about a video on making a back quiver out of day to day items, I made my own which is unique to me, maybe other traditional archers may be interested. Keep up the good work. ps mine is made from plastic fall pipe an old horses sheepskin girth guard and a belt, works for me.

  26. Hi Mick, first I would like to thank you for you videos, I look forward to every new one. The quality of the videos makes me watch them even if the title wouldn't normally attract me. I found your channel over a year ago not long after starting my life as an amateur bowyer. I have particularly liked your bow making series and all things archery related. Thanks to your videos I am now in the process of making 12 traditional ash arrows which are coming along nicely.

    As this is your channel, I think that you should continue to express yourself the way that feels most natural. Your current mix of instructional, informative, educational, artistic and comedy videos is perfect.

    The balloon safari video was one of my highlights from last year, a true masterpiece that I'm sure you are very proud of.

    I would like to see more bows with common woods that can be found in woodlands and hedgerows (I know this is what you do but I still want more). Also some other bow designs. Maybe some comparison bows, e.g. Take one of your hazel bows and compare its characteristics to a new flat bow out of hazel (try to match draw weight).

    I like that you use simple tools and don't have a big workshop. This keeps it very real and I'm sure encourages many to give it a go. It makes me feel that "I can do that!"

    Wishing you a great 2019

  27. Hi Mick, as pretty much every one seems to agree, thanks for the fantastic videos, and cannot wait for more. 
    How about trying to put together your own laminate bow, starting off with actually choosing the laminates from a local supplier, glueing them together, all the way to the finished article ?
    Also, I loved your video on putting together the green wood bow, something similar with a different tree type would be nice.

  28. Lol! Mick, you're videos just get better and better and I think that no matter what subject you choose, the videography will be top notch. 😀

  29. to be honest, you could film grass growing or paint drying, i would watch it! Since i've found your channel, i've liked every single idea for a video … i just realized, i'm no help at all 😉

  30. Hi Mick, I personally love the instructionals, but also very interested in the other crafts. I am a blacksmith and leatherworker, so maybe I can help out with that at some point as well. Historical is also very interesting. So perhaps keep going with what you have been doing 🙂 I love the humor in your video's as well as the very detailed explanations, so definitely keep that up 😀

  31. try to build bow from unpopular wood, for example, quercus, salix, populus something like this… whatever this is one of the best archery chanell on youtube !!

  32. Try to remake bows from the earliest known to man through the ages and the various designs and then maybe a look at making a bow of the future.
    Also a bit more content like the hedgerow series of videos.

  33. I like the variety! A mix of instruction/history/associated crafts and visual pieces makes for a well rounded channel. In the end, of course, it is your channel and you must do what gives you the most satisfaction or it will become a chore. Cheers!

  34. More face time with camera. You are a spectacular story teller so longer intros. I think most would agree more mick. Explore Other bow cultures like viking/norsmen how they lived. Different bow styles viking, native amarican like the penabascot/Mi'kmaq double bow, Flat bows in general. I read that elm dosen't require chasing rings. That bow wood could help simplify flat bow builds. Bush craft videos with tips and hacks. Carp fishing videos. Featured artifacts, viking for instance, you can narrate over them. How to make a steam box to straighten twisted split staves and how to use it. Just some thoughts…. More Mick!!

  35. Hi Mick, this is Frank in the u.s. I love the video you did on the hazel flatbow. Can you make some more videos on flat bows of let's say the early iron age . And please keep making archery how to videos. I love them all! Thanks for the great video's!

  36. Hello Mick, I think you have one of the best executed channels for learning about bow making. I wonder though if maybe you should be thinking about diversifying more away from youtube. There seems to be big changes coming, and the current trend is for "creators" to try and make new ways to capture viewer time, with personal video blogs, live streaming etc. Youtube is all for engagement that increases viewing time and their ad revenue, but they are not interested in sharing the revenue. Viewers honestly don't have enough time to "engage" as much as creators are making. That said I think a large part of your audience are viewers who think they would like to make a bow, but will never do it. I definitely see you have got many that actual try, but its hard for most people without a source of bow woods you can cut and season. That's why I have pretty much just posted board bows on my channel. Personally I like the videos where you visit with bonafide masters in crafting bows and arrows. You live in such a nice compact country it would be nice if you could visit with some of the masters and apply your great videography techniques to some of the best bowyers, arrowsmiths etc in UK.

  37. Histroycaly would be great but therefore seams to be @lindybeige. I like your Attenborough style, reminds me of my childhood. 🙂 And a pinch of humor shall not be forgotten. 🙂 There are so many styles of bows, if you get some informations about building them "holmegaard" "penobscots" horsebackbows etc. i would be glad. You already had some good advises and you are truely entertaining. Happy and sucessfull new year for you from bavaria.

  38. Hi and a happy new Year. I like all your Videos. They are brillant made and very informative. I am one of the beginners and bushcrafters. So I would like to see some more "easy beginners or Bushcrafter Projects". But as I said. I like your channel as it is and will follow you, just to enjoy your excelent Videos. So I say thumbs up and cheers. 🙂

  39. I would say go wherever your pleasures take you because when you begin working for the public, enjoyment will cease. May you find gratitude in every film you produce. Peace out from USA Michigan.

  40. Dare I suggest newbie video of a stone age flat bow using a typical 'meane' wood which would be available in the UK other than Yew which would be more easily accessible to new bowyers? Elm or Ash flat bow about 2" wide would probably get more people involved with an early successful bow attempt than say a more advanced design like a longbow?

  41. Happy New Year Mick !!
    As a bowyer novice I discovered you 10 months ago and I subscribed to your channel immediately.
    I had not written before but I take the opportunity to comment that it is a delight to watch your videos and learn with you about this exciting art of traditional archery, in a fun, entertaining and visually impeccable way.
    I know you're focused on the English Longbow and that you're especially interested in warbows.
    But I think it would be interesting for all your followers worldwide to learn with you about other traditional selfbows from other parts of the world and from different eras, sharing information about their history, types of woods and techniques, and making comparisons with them. I’m sure it will funny and useful knowing your unique style.
    Regarding its application, they were designed for war and hunting, But currently, for more and more people, the objective is its recreation only for the enjoyment of making them and challenging oneself in being able to hit the center of a target, So it would be interesting to see you make practical and effective self-bows with less draw-weight designed to be comfortable to use for young people and ladies.
    These are my suggestion for the future that I would propose as new challenges for you.
    Anyway, continue with your production and I'll be happy that you share it with us.
    Thanks and Best Regards from Spain

  42. Mick,
    I've been watching your videos for a while now and the cinematography, production and narration (suspect you might have both Attenborough and Clarkson genes) are excellent. I look forward to each new video. However, I'm not here to blow smoke up your quiver. As a poor but improving longbow man and very novice bowyer, my selfish directions for you are as follows.
    – keep it English (and Welsh of course) self longbow and medieval: don't be distracted by the laminate/American/Mongolian horn/sinew nonsense;
    – a lot of what you have been doing is experimental archaeology and very valuable I think. As has been suggested by others here you could extend to experiments with natural bow strings: hemp and linen, arrow shafts from the woods: maybe hazel and ash; maybe a spot more smithing and other associated crafts;
    – actually, I'm not sure you should have asked for direction. A lot of the pleasure in viewing your videos stems from your joy in experimenting with what interests you, so I wouldn't want you to feel beholden to my or any of your viewers' wishes. Please continue to do whatever blows your skirt up.
    Your videos which I have found most useful in terms of helping my learning of skills are the bowmaking: shaping and tillering and the flemish twist string making which is the most instructionally useful one I've found on YouTube. The most aesthetically enjoyable include the rove videos (The Slow-mo is also interesting, seeing the technique of the lads with the heavy bows.). I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the Mercian Bowmen on a couple of roves in 2018. Grand lads indeed. I hope to see you on a rove or two this year.
    Best wishes,

  43. Yes, all of those! Perhaps techniques for distance shooting and unit tactics, life of the archer, wood type characteristics, and even cinematography, as your beautiful visuals and skilled editing set your channel apart.

  44. Arrowsmithing history and forging have been great maybe a video in part on arrow beginnings in history how arrows throughout history have been constructed. Most important is the way you have been bow making videos from beginning to finish with different stave woods. The hedgerows must be an interesting macro-environment? May the LORD GOD Almighty, bless you and keep you; I pray LORD GOD Almighty, make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; and give you Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care and Laughter always; it is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. The LORD GOD Almighty, lift up HIS countenance upon you, And give you peace in Jesus Name, AMEN!

  45. really what makes your videos great apart from the quality is the mind they came from so just keep making what you want.

  46. Happy New Year

    I always enjoyed the effort you put in your videos, the very cinematic feel you get that sets you apart from most other YouTubers.

    You're not just a guy standing there, blathering for 10, 15, 20 minutes, you also merge closeups, slowmotions, even your "clones", into a visually appealing journey through your explanations.

    I think that's a great thing and it's definitely something I would like you to continue doing 2019.

    As for content … I must admit, I'm not a bowyer, myself. (Although I have caught myself wondering if I should some day give it a try, after a video or two of yours.) I'm here mostly because I find your videos so darn relaxing.
    So I'm a bit biased, obviously, but I like the idea of your branching out into archery-related history/techniques.

  47. Hi Mick, Happy new year!

    I suggest some videos about making arrows. I made a lot arrows my self in the last 12 years. But some things like how to barrel an arrow for example would be nice to see you doing it. It also would be very interesting to see how to make some utilities any archer needs. A quiver perhaps or traditional clothes…?

    And keep on doing your videos I really like your work!
    And I hope you forgive me about my grammar, I`m German and a little out of training….

  48. Hi Mick. Variety is the spice of life they say. Keep mixing things up. Yes please try other woods. Horn bamboo. Arrow heads. Leather work all good. History on why yew was so good .. where did it all go. Actually as it's spring perhaps a you could do a version of spring watch ? Or woodland forage what's edible what's useful. ? I'm sure with your artistic creativity whatever video you make will be great. .

  49. I would love to see more videos on arrow making. Identifying trees at various ages. Young trees look different than old ones etc… Also, making different types of bows. Maybe even hunting with a long bow. Also, making long bows out of things like bamboo and other unusual woods. Making traditional quivers would be cool too. But please keep it up! I love your videos!

  50. Hi Mick, I would like to see something on making arrows from raw material cut from the wild. I have a great idea for arrow nock strengtheners… instead of horn or plastic how about thick strips of rawhide!

  51. How to do leather handle wraps for bows would be nice or can you make a native american style bow like the Lakota tribe? I love your video's Mick!

  52. Overall, I like all the facets you've covered so far but my favorite are the bow making videos!

    Have a great 2019!

  53. How about historical archery sites in England, victories due to the long bow, laws on archery, traditions that arose around archery, with your cinematography and historical England as a backdrop, you can't go wrong

  54. I prefer videos with commentary. Especially when they are instructional. I would watch anything you make if it had some connection to archery. But I would love to see more bow making. Perhaps even delving into laminated bows, how glue ups are done, even maybe take downs. I would also love to see you do reviews. Wether that be bow reviews, arrow review or anything archery related. Whatever you do, the end result is always quality content and I will be watching. Thank you for the great work that you do!

  55. Hello Mick, I think a great part of the charm of your videos has been joining you on your travel through bow making along with the humor and your production skills. As an avid archer I tend to watch only the best channels that relate to this past time. Although you are now reasonably competent in making ELB/War bows I personally would like to see you "branch" out (forgive the pun) to other styles of classic bows such as AFB and recurve bows…this would give you a further path of challenge and on the plus side would enable you to use other English woods that are not suitable for ELB or War bows. We here in England do not have a affordable range of Osage available to us but a good AFB can be made from woods such as Ash etc. How about doing some laminated bows backed with bamboo…laminated yourself. ELB while interesting has a very narrow appeal in the archery world and so by considering other bows your channel will become more attractive to a wider range of viewers and enable them to learn with you using more easily sourced materials. What ever you choose, I am sure your future material will be just as enjoyable to watch. Good luck Mick.

  56. Hellow Mick! Fist I want to say that I love all kind of videos you make. I would like to harvest and make my own wooden arrow shafts, but I don´t find much information about it. I´m trying to make some out of hazel, hope they will work. As I don´t find to much information, I would like if you olso try to do the same, so I could se you making them and learn about you. Greetings!

  57. Happy new year to you too Mick.
    I still would like to see the tools you use.
    Also the arrowmaking and points or broadheads, fletchings and nocks

  58. Personally I really value the fact that as a creator you manage to produce different types of content, but always maintaining the excellent camerawork end editing style, which in the end is what makes yours films (on any subject) very, very enjoyable to watch! So if you keep up the good work I'm sure future content will be just as good if not better, and diversity in a way of bow related topics is always a good idea.

  59. Hi! Sorry I'm late to the party! I'm in America, and bowhunting here is pretty popular. I realize you can't bowhunt where you are, but over here, there's a big emphasis on accuracy for hunting. I'd love to see more videos featuring your skill at shooting! The history videos are some of my favorites, too. Rock on and keep shooting!

  60. do what you want – show us how you expand your beginner or expertise knowledge with us and we will keep watching.

  61. I'd like more bowmaking videos
    • More of the same
    • Different bow materials
    • Improvised materials and tools/Survival techniques using no brought tools.

  62. How about making arrow shafts medieval style? Either from shoots or from split timber. Or perhaps turning crossbow bolts on a spring pole lathe and cutting spiral grooves for fletching?

  63. Hi Mick, i watch all your Bowbuild-vblogs in only three weeks and i love it. Special if you learn new things and be excited over your progress. I think u are ready for other types of bows.
    I build my first sloppy recurve hunting selfbow with 35 lbs for targetshooting and i will love to see to build one or maybe an american flatbow.
    LG Sapo

  64. What would be cool is to try and make a fibreglass bow using a jig and heat bending, with a metal or wooden riser, some of the bows made like this are beautiful!!

  65. Hello from Spain, after having watched more tan 95% of your videos I would say that a series on HOW TO SOLVE OR DEAL WITH PROBLEMS that the process of making a bow can bring about, would be great. For example how to deal with twists (where to take Wood from depending on the side of the twist), consequences of heating or even overheating the Wood, diferent finishing treatments( oil, varnish) and a very difficult job, at least for me is the tillering of RECURVED bows, either longbows( remaining those from the middle ages) or flatbows.
    Thankyou and hope we can all beneffit from these ideas.

  66. How about making a flat bow? A Holmegaard style would be a good initial try. Or what about one of the many Native American style bows? These often have backing, from sinew or snakeskin or similar. Can you back a longbow with sinew or rawhide perhaps? You've used a pre-prepared laminated stave before. How about making your own laminations, using the wood that you find locally? Whatever you choose to do, your filming and editing skills will lift it above the norm. Good luck!

  67. Hey Mick, Love the content you've put out.

    The one idea that's completely off the wall and albeit may not even be practical would be the following.

    In a video game called "Dark souls." which is a fantasy medieval Style game there is a are bows known as "Greatbows."

    These Greatbows are massive and need to be mounted to the floor and require some serious muscle. The Bow itself I would say would be as high as the shooter or higher (7ft or 8ft maybe?) along with the arrows being much larger than traditional bows.

    This could present an almost unrealistic challenge but a challenge nonetheless. If any other commenter can give further info on the bows to help out that would be awesome. Ive put a link down below about the general idea of the "Dragonslayer Greatbow" which can help you with the design perhaps.

  68. Merlin archery and 3rivers archery will help you alot, however I've enjoyed watching you on your journey making bows thank you for your videos and I dig your accent

  69. personnel I enjoyed your year in the life of a hedgerow series, maybe something along those lines would be nice, another long term series to run along side the bow making

  70. Mike, I have had some trouble finding the right spine to use on my bow. Also, I have had trouble getting my arrows to spine consistently. I have used split shaft and straight shoots from various types of wood with little success. Perhaps a video focusing on how to find the correct spine for your bow would be beneficial to others as well.

  71. I just like your videos! Your humor, your presentation, are great.

    Buildalongs where you and we learn about the witchcraft of bow building are much appreciated. I'd also love to see more about building arrows and forging heads, matching arrows to bows, as well as some of the history of your area and local breweries! I like good beer, Europe is supposed to have some good ones. American style mass production beer is too much like making love in a canoe…

  72. Hi Mick, I love all of your videos. But apart from doing lazy watching to other guys doing things it's much more inspiring watching you making bows. The things that are pretty cool in between are the historical explanations and seeing you using your precious builds. But other than that I like very most of your footage. I think you should have more followers than you deserve. 😁 Just because your Level of professionalism is astonishing. You sir are a master before you ever started. Thank you for your inspiration and may the (May) be with you nowadays. I am really in love with the British history, as though I am a German, being interested in history as well. Keep up the good work chap and let us take part. Sincerely yours. Albrecht Schönemann

  73. I would like to see you try to make a Hedgeby/Haithabu warbow from yew. Thr original was 75 inches but only 70 inches ntn. 4-3.3 mm in thickness. And 1.5 cm thick. Theres lots of pictures and good forums talking about them.

  74. For as awesome as your channel is , why don't you have anything on flintnapping? Surely for how far you have come you must know how to flintnapp? If not message me and I will get you some materials and know-how.

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  77. Just like all of your video's. Relaxing stuff..
    Would like to see you making a slightly recurved flat bow from one piece of wood.

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    What s about videos about your tools and how you sharpen it as cabinet scrapers ans so on.
    More videos abord may be …
    I really enjoy what you do.
    Thank you from France

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