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August 24, 2019

Hey guys welcome to Neebs Gaming Channel!! Whoo Hoo!! Hollywood!! hollywood? We are the best gaming channel in the world and we have three goals here Create a gaming channel which we’ve done It was hard become the largest channel in the world Working on it Never! Never! No we’re working on it Never! Hey make me look good here and lastly world peace What? World peace? World peace Yea Very attainable How? I don’t know that’s goal three don’t worry about that right Its insane!! No stop it let him finish you got to make me look good in this Ok so if you like gaming channels We are a gaming channel Yea!! they aren’t enough of those around (random singing)

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  1. YEEEHHH NEEBS GAMING RULES!!!!! was looking for a game to play with my brother for year's we watched you guys messing around on ark and it looked like so much fun we knew we found our game, thank you for saving me from my 100th play through of skyrim/fallout. Ps Could always use more can members 😉😉🤚🤚

  2. Hey guys just letting you know that I ordered the needs gaming socks and love them me and my friend watch ur videos of bf4 and laugh our butts off. U guys r awesome

  3. My name's Muneeb and my friends call me "Neebs", I wanted to start a gaming channel called "neebs gaming" and just now discovered this…-_- Nice intro tho!

  4. So, today I officially subscribe to Neebs Gaming. Not a big deal right? Well, for me it is. You are the only channel I have subscribed to in my many years as a YouTube voyeur. The reason .. you guys are my dirty little secret. I haven't played on a video game console since high school. I've never played any of the games you feature .. yet, I'm drawn to this channel like the bug to the zapper lamp. I now watch like a crack fiend every night in bed before I go to sleep, for months now. I need to hear Neebs fight for the lives of the virtual animals, I need to hear Appsro use his funny little voice to make a witty remark, I need to hear Simon complain like one of my annoying Jewish cousins, I need Thick to be the voice of reason on an adventure .. I need these things. So I subscribe, I subscribe to support what you guys do, and hope that you continue to do it .. or my sleep will be fucked. Keep up the brilliance guys, and be well.

  5. What happened to Battlefield Friends season 5 and 6?
    You can't watch them anymore.
    Whenever you try it says "The uploader has not made this video available."

  6. why do they onlyi have 1.5 mil subs they should atleast have 10. i guess its the variety of games. i think that they should do a bigger variety of games and and post more often pls like if you agree

  7. I remember when these guys did hilarious and witty animation. Now they're just another shitty gaming channel. Fuck this.

  8. Just curious if yall will see this, I've been subscribed to y'alls channels for about 3 years and have been watching since battlefield friends and when you guys made this current channel. Would be awesome if yall read this in the next commenting on comments.
    Just for some substance the order is
    Thicc 😉

  9. After hearing them contemplate re-watching there oldest vid today on commenting on comments, I obviously needed to take a peak. NOT DISAPPOINTED!

  10. Two words for you Mr neebs gaming and friends if you guys even read these. "World interrupted" world peace. Hopefully you get the point.

  11. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL… best Cheat iv ever come across PUBG.

  12. Appsro, there are not enough gaming channels already (with creative audio, good editing, narrative, personality and silliness). You're the model of next gen.

  13. May just be resistance to change, but I like this trailer over their newest one(as of 8/23/18).

    This one is short, gives you the idea they are comical and not taking the channel too seriously; it also ends with an iconic song by Neebs.

    This Trailer doesn't lock them down into any 1 game, as it just generalizes all games. The newest trailer advertises to some of their currently popular games, but those will change over time, so they'll just have to update their trailer again, as they already rarely play GTA for several reasons. (Youtube flagging ordeals)

  14. watching this in 2018 4 years and 1.7 mill damn dude i remember finding them when i was like 10 then i saw this and was like YES!!!

  15. I found your gaming channel this year (2018) and decided to watch every episode starting with the oldest! Keep up the good work Neebs Gaming!

  16. I was feeling a little sentimental so I came back to watch the very first video on this channel you always been with me for 4 years through the good and the bad so much has changed thank you neebs gaming for being the greatest gaming channel there is

  17. To be honest, I just found this channel yesterday and this is the first video I saw, and I already love this channel

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