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August 15, 2019

So I woke up this morning hi So I woke up this morning And I Did my normal routine got on the computer looked around on the forums The minecraft forums Right here looking for maps Couldn’t find anything Went over to steam searched for hours Trying to find something then I came across this Stupid Raft Battle Simulator *laughs* *Intro Music* *laughs* So dudes this game I have played a little bit of this Its Its just as troll as total accurate battle simulator so I’m in a call with Ambrew What were gonna to do We’re gonna do a one v one battle best of three And the loser has to do something. You guys know how we do on this channel The loser has to do something that you guys suggest what we’re gonna do we’re going to do a 1v1 battle best-of-three and the loser has to do something you guys know how we do on this channel the loser has to do something that you So Lets go get in a call with Ambrew Lets Do this alright Ambrew you here homie [Ambrew] Hi Hey [SSundee] So if you look in the bottom its your turn So what we are going to do is Like we said we are doing the best of three Round one We have some rules so Ambrew if you hit Tab In the top left you can see a bunch of boats So round one What we can place is a max of four boats and a max of two rafts so we can also have on those boats and rafts six spearman, four arrowmen two Musketeers, and one cannon and that’s it, for round one [Ambrew] So-so six, four, two, one. Okay got it Correct So I guess before you start strategizing Let’s mute the call and a, may the best me win this is stupid We’re back *laughs* freaking this game is so buggy right now. So it’s my turn So I am going to place my guys up in the top right Ambrew is going to place his over there Remember, four boats and two rafts. So what I do, if I hit tab You can see in the top left we have ten boats, ten rafts, and ten *hesitates* rafts. *laughs* So what I am going to do, so we can place four boats, so let’s place a boat *hesitates*. Here. Yeah there we go, a boat here, a boat here, and a boat here. And then let’s place a raft, here And I kinda want want to place a raft infront as like a meat shield So let’s place a raft out front. Right here. And then once the battle starts and they will be hit next So T-these will be all the different units that we can place down If you look at the top left So we’re gonna go in that direction Towards Abrew Look at this So we have our fleet Right now yeah So let me place down, let me get a better view Let me place down our units So what im gonna do,we need six spears so lets grab the spearguys (awesome name for them XD) On this front boat nope nope nope Spearman right there and then let’s put a Spearman on this outer boat up top right there’s posterior we have one more Spearman that we can place let’s place another Spearman on this bottom boat right there ok now in the back wrapped back here i want to place a cannon guy right there ok we have a cabin back here now we have four arrows and two Musketeers so what I think i’m going to do on these two middle boats let’s put one Musketeers here and then one musketeer here there we go so now we have four arrow guys i think what i’m going to do let’s put our for arrow guys are one there and then one on the other side over here there we go we have to Eric there with it sir stop it stop it where you going let’s put an arrow guide their a narrow guy at their okay okay ready okay I’m ready now it’s average turn it’s served with can you scare your boat better you’re doing it wrong ok that was ever Stewart Show Ambrose placing his raps out front and his bolted back oh no this is good ok ok so he’s placing his meat shields out front let’s see here he has a musketeer and an arrow guy in one boat let’s see what he puts on his raps because my front raft I have my front raft as my meat shield full of Spears let’s see what he does here ok here we go he just hit ready it’s so we got his well organized army vs mine through ok your coach goes my meat shield had me shoot chuck those spare solemn and don’t be noted down oh ok ok my kids look at my candidate so amber just one brown one let’s go to round 2 well a bro you took around what are you ready for out to I I’m ready for about to get ok ok let’s think of a new let’s think of a new build that we want to do this time so this route what we’re gonna do we’re going to do so only six wraps no boat only wraps with only use in Musketeers are you ready ever speak raised you as the Musketeers ROP ok so order a pretty strong so you’re up first you place in the top right and then it’s my turn our place in the bottom left okay ready I’m in position I’m on you when he made that because negative oh here goes and brew ok so he has two wraps so far with at giant fish pushing them ok select reset six rafts and we can only use musketeers and I think that’s a we can use a max of 10 Musketeers that’s all the game will allow us let’s do it every creates here so as for raft so far so it looks like he’s going with the corner stretch just like I’m gonna probably do with you guys doing the corners just so the boat is more stable are the RAF yeah that’s what i’m going to do too so it’s got one two three four musketeers so far what did he do to this boat he’s gosh it must kick off closer to the plays so it’s got two on each boat two Musketeers a nice boat except for this one this one is just kind of like a jumble okay it’s my turn let me go play but he only used for wraps maybe that’s the max you can actually use instead of 6i don’t know probably only used for just so i can match him ok so let’s do what I’m going to do I’m going to try something a little bit different so let’s put a raft out front here another raft here and then another raft here and then back here way back in the back we’re going to put a raft way back here and what we’re going to do what we’re going to do okay so let’s hit next so we can place our musketeer so what I’m going to do I’m going to put a musketeer huh haha let me let me zoom down let me do the zoom down let’s go let’s put a musketeer here here here here so we complete 6 more if you look in the top left we can play six more put a musketeer here and here and then back on this trap so what’s going to happen we’re going to have our front three rest go up and do as much damage as possible and then back here we’re going to have our cleanup crew of four musketeers auto little backup backup last musketeer right there this okay bye can we take down a bruise crew let’s get ready here we go my god let’s watch our meat shields let’s see how much damage these front guys could do and then we got our cleanup crew back there here we go ok they’re all jumping up look at his raps they’re all jumping up to appreciate a good bullet Adam it’ll knock down a crap ton of them at once yeah here we go ok like that is lurking in my cleanup crew bad 01 more yeah yeah that’s what I’m talking about I let me go unmute let me go on me away for a brew gotta rub it in his face at ever ok i did you like my cleanup career in the back don’t create the i don’t know like you have something you have some use out front of everybody thought he was going to get demolished but you guys just you just wiped me that cleanup crew in the back took it home ok I final round round 3 winner-takes-all let’s think of a new a new build ok ever you ready for this I’m ready for you when I got I got an idea it was what it was like weird a call right here this is gonna be the most crazy battle we have ever seen are you ready 30 easily certainly every single bone graft what we’re going to do we’re each going to use one boat and one Bowman we what Archer will one you’re always doing better winner takes all are you ready so what boots and one archers one bone one Archer winner takes all are you ready we have to create a strategy plan for this woman ok start through it looks so staying at all together so I feel like I want to hear your strategy let’s hear it let’s hear it let’s hear it ok so what’s your what’s your strategy going to be an advertisment advertising so it said one bogey in the Glen moment the marcher yep the most but the craziest battle we are ever going to witness is six judges this strategy cannot was ok so you’re a tech check it okay I’mI’m watching I’m watching your strategy that was right here right this is where you put your yourself right here what is it but you’re close down next to me ok completely identical Archer here which happens very very end of it but very very end of it but there is always like in the boat designer in Bodine ok you want to put your guy next to my you-know-what you know whatever you do I’m gonna I’m gonna be over here i’m going to be 1 i’m going to be one with the camouflage you will not be able to see me what they can’t fly don’t you don’t do i will be one with the camera flash you will never be able to see your operation tonight that’s always your ass through whatever is this week what do you what do you mean amber you can’t you can’t see me I’m I’m like John like John bahena my Archer is had Cena ok are you ready yeah I’m ready was a final battle winner takes all well it depends on my guys will attack you through one minute you’re on top we’re doing my brush became in seattle design as I feared you tonight I do not oh I got a disadvantage i’m not using when I don’t we go Campbell all job beat up one got it out you can maybe not you have it with diving is what I’ve always you know what is she was haha they’re not just where you just want oh that is beautiful yet you know what you know what let’s do that again let’s do that again what do you want this time use a musketeer you must appear ok you must hear ya i have my god i have my John Cena down down over here in the camouflage for students I looking here I go and put those with you right wait what me what why don’t have another guy over here but asking you for this site what you don’t believe this I just you place down red guys right II oh yeah you’re right around the same thing right click ready let’s see what happens I did what I thought they’re not fair i didn’t feel my face smells that is the Cal no time about that is touch home let’s try this again everyone see if i can win again God place your guide out so will do will do musketeer vs musketeer let’s see who wins this I hopefully a gallon right hopefully you’re not ready whenever you are actually all cast then you immediately with and then I would with ya know ok so I’ll makeup design it’s perfect ok ok so it’s my turn let’s do in my boat there we call cab blue-on-blue and then let’s do musketeer here John Cena style let’s do this charge your iPad so you don’t have a stripe a ch3 deny patch you got to get to go home and go to the wall that you can get your hiding price surprise oh no no you’re running the boat no no you go oh shit how you visit you when i go by Judge it up what is with you are you to fight are you fucking my shot what is it you want to do you know what this is ian we’re playing ping-pong right now you know that palm games you play like on the Atari back in the day is going to go work witty always like this store is it is it ok you find only 1i I think the reason why is because i had bought my people like when Tyree and also there’s for now this game is too buggy where were you ever going to add this here you guys have enjoyed of course show some love hit the like button down below also it’s the subscribe button for more videos from us and yeah bro I want that one so that viewers will tell you what to do let me let me know in the comments guys ya dads feet

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