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Student Archers – MONASP

August 19, 2019

MUSIC, ARROW SFX Jacob Winslow: Me, I practice two to three times a week, but I definitely know that’s not enough and I’m going to start working more on it. So I can start to be as good as my sister. She practices every day. Shelby Winslow: Archery is one of the best
things that ever happened to me. Just being able to shoot and being able to
travel with my whole archery family has been such a cool experience. Being able to shoot in all the tournaments
that we’ve shot in has just been amazing! Jacob Winslow: MONASP is a really cool way
that you can use your archery skills to compete against other people in a friendly way. If that makes sense. It’s not really super competitive; it’s
not a contact sport. It’s a real mental exercise and you get
to do it with your friends and I think that’s the best part about it. Shelby: It’s a unique sport at our school. Archery is something that anyone can do. The whole MONASP program, everybody can get
into it. There’s a lot of schools that get into
it. A lot of them don’t get to compete at a
higher level. There’s a lot of schools that do. And this summer I got to shoot with the All
Starts team. And I got to meet and shoot with people from
South Africa and Canada and people from all over the United States. Jacob: It’s given me a chance to really
do something in such a big league. I haven’t done very many sports where it’s
such a popular things where thousands of people are going. If you even think about it you should definitely
give it a shot. It’s something you can do all your life. Shelby: There’s a lot of kids that will
continue to shoot for their whole life because they started in the MONASP program. So this year at state, I actually broke the
state record with a score of 297. My hopes and dreams are to be able to shoot
at a college level and then eventually make it to the Olympics. Archery is so unique, so fun, such a great
experience. It’s given me memories that I’ll remember
forever. SFX/MUSIC

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