Strict Muscle-up Progression with David Durante
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Strict Muscle-up Progression with David Durante

November 30, 2019

When I’m doing a strict muscle-up, I’m really trying to work on that full range, making sure that when I start I’m in that completely extended postion and working through each of those transition points to make sure I’m completing it before moving on to the next piece. So that nice, extended position chest up, head up when I start, rings turned out. Doing that full pull-up trying to get those rings as close to my chest to that pec area before I do any transition. I want to make sure I complete this before I try to get the rings on top of my hands. The transition part of it, the turnover what I’m trying to do is keep the rings as close to my body as possible. And trying to get my shoulder right over my hands. So some of it is a shoulder flexibility issue, being able to complete that dip, that bottom part of that dip where you can have your shoulder almost right on top the top part of your hand. That’s what I’m really trying to feel. If I can sit in that position, I’ll be pretty good. And then from there I try to hold myself there a little bit just kind of work on the stretch on the front part of my deltoid. And then complete that dipping action, pushing all the way up. Completing that good support where my chest is up and my head is facing forward. I’m really trying to turn those rings out with my elbows locked out. I do look down, but what I focus on more is trying to create a little arc with my shoulder. I try to create this little arcing action off my shoulder. Finishing that pull-up and trying to create that arc where I get right on top of my shoulder and my shoulder right on top of my hand it is kind of a quick action. Even when I slow it down it’s still going to be pretty quick. I don’t think so much where my head is at, I try to keep it as neutral as possible, I try to make sure that it’s coming more from my shoulder than anything else. Try to force that into that arcing action. The tighter the body, the better. Gymnastics is really about trying to utilize your body as one piece. I try to reinforce that so much that your body has to be working together when you’re doing the action, rather than in segments. Even when I’m hanging, the first thing I think about is make sure that I’m as tight as possible. I’ve gotten to a point now where it’s natural for me to be really tight. When you’re first learning it, you’re going to have to reinforce it. Hey, I have to squeeze my legs, I have to squeeze my butt, I have to squeeze my core before I initiate any action. You want everything to be working in that same direction that you’re trying to travel rather than in opposition.

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  1. "former USA Olympic gymnast who's been doing gymnastics since he was in kindergarten is now going to show you how to do a strict muscle up"…. Thanks CrossFit, the bots will now be improved

  2. If you're one of those dudes at the gym who walks around in a wife beater thinking they are a bad a*s…try doing 30 strict muscleups on a pullup bar

  3. Muscles-Ups are not even a rated element in gymnastics. It is NOT an A skill. They're for the prepubescent children. And they certainly don't require any of that crazy leg swinging. Kipping in gymnastics simply involves a transfer of momentum from one portion of the body to the rest. Very little muscle is used on a technically proficient kip.

  4. crossfiters must learn more from this guy, this is the first time that I see proper form in a crossfit video haha

  5. By the way, the terminology should be muscle-up and kipping muscle-up, instead of calling the kipping version just "muscle-up" and then adding "strict" to a thing that should simply be called a muscle-up.

  6. This is what should be taught to cross-fitters. Its okay to start with the kipping muscle up but if you're just going to stop there and perform kipping muscle ups from then on it wouldn't be optimal performance at all. Always look forward to improving your form for maximum strengthening of the muscles.

  7. I just started these, my pal taught me the false grip which I found to be horrible. Noticed you don't seem to use it?

  8. As a gymnast, now teaching rings to crossfitters. A strict muscle-up serves mostly just to slow down the movements for beginners to learn how to apply it to a kipping muscle-up. Crossfitters do not care for the strict muscle-up because of its difficulty compared to the kipping one. Makes sense. Why do a strict muscle-up when you can achieve the same end goal with half the effort. Just wanted to explain that to people trying to compare the two. We know they are different. Also if we want to get technical, kipping muscle-ups do not exist in gymnastics. Even strict muscle-ups are not considered a skill in gymnastics. The skill crossfitters do in gymnastics terms is called a front uprise, and it must be done with straight arms. So I somewhat agree that crossfitters are not trying to be gymnasts, however gymnastic technique will make their lives so much easier 😉

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