Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter [1970] {English Subs} Dir. Yasuharu Hasebe | Exploitation
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Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter [1970] {English Subs} Dir. Yasuharu Hasebe | Exploitation

February 14, 2020

A NIKKATSU PRODUCTION Advertise your product or brand here
contact today Her name’s Miki, mister. – Miki.
– Miki, tell us about it. This guy touched my butt
and did dirty things. What kind of dirty things? Unspeakable things. So you did something
unspeakable, did you? No, of course not. I didn’t… Ask someone else. Someone else? – I’m “Someone Else.”
– Not you. Pile of crap! Moron! He’s hardly worth it. Hey, let me see that. Now. Hurry! STRAY CAT ROCK- SEX HUNTER Produced by
MUNEO UEDA Lighting by
HAJIME KABURAGI Songs: “Kinjirareta Ichiya”
by RIKIYA YASUOKA “Kiiroi Sakuranbo,” “Koibito Ga Hoshiino”
GOLDEN HALF Directed by
YASUHARU HASEBE – Did you sleep with him?
– Yes. With who? We smoked hashish together and played un-dress-up. He told me I have nice tits
and kissed me lots of times. And then? And he kissed my stomach
and here and there, too. Here and there, huh? You’re so stupid, Miki. You think I’m lying? Ask her, – Ask who?
– I’m upset, too. – Miki, you should stop now.
– Wanna fight? – Mako.
– Come on. Stop it. Mako. Miki. JAPANESE PEOPLE WELCOME TOO! Megumi, Peko, find a car. Mako. Don’t worry, Yuka. Cool car! Be quiet! Hurry! Let me do that! Let’s see if it’ll start. Miki, aim right, now. Do it! Do it! Right… right. Right there! There! There! You got her! I’m gonna get your face! Mako! I’ll kill you! Mako, that’s enough! You’re fighting Miki. She cut me. Please stop! Yuka! Don’t! It’s your fault, Mako. Anybody messes with me, I fight! Cops! She’ll die! Miki! Grow up before you talk back to me. What are you laughing at? – Are you okay, Miki?
– Hold on. Let’s go, Mako. Get her looked after. No names
No life stories between us Not even good-byes The contour of my kiss Remains on your sweat-soiled skin We both devoured
the short time we shared Our night together will soon be over I didn’t want us to part as strangers So I stole your love away Keep singing. You scared me. Somebody could step on you down there.
Helluva place to cool off. Keep singing. You’re bleeding. Critical condition. Where are you headed? Know a bar called “Mama Blues”? Nope. Put this on. Put it on me. What’s the matter? It’s no good. What’s not? It’s no fun. I don’t get it. I don’t get it either, but… Better lick your wound. – Who are you?
– Kazuma, O-ka-mo-to. Kazuma. You look strong. Yeah, well… I’ve got no real complaints I dress up as much as possible I can’t help feeling
something’s missing HopJump Step Up Stop Do you understand this feeling? – Treat us, mister.
– All right. Give me a spaghetti,
ham-egg, and… Whiskey-Coke. What’s her name,
the girl sitting in the corner? I don’t know. Aren’t they your friends? Why don’t you introduce me? Get my order, bartender? Spaghetti, ham-egg and milk, right? I said whiskey-Coke,
not milk, you jerk! I got it, I got it. Who’s he? Miki always steps out of shit
smelling like a rose. Miki, are you all right? How about you? That guy over there
told me it’ll heal if I lick it. Never seen him before. He’s looking for a bar
called “Mama Blues.” Mari goes there a lot. Yeah? Mari, come here. What? This is a good song.
I love this song. I’m sure you’d like my place. Even my record collection is nothing
to be ashamed of, you know. Hi, Baron. You know a mushroom called “Clavaria”? They say if you eat one,
you’ll die in eight minutes. Open your mouth. You’re kidding. He thinks you’re joking. How is it? Tasty? Better swallow it. Horrible! What’s up, Baron? Just good customer service. We’re picking you ladies up. A trip? Let’s go! Count me out. Baron. Mari, let’s go. No. Why not? I just don’t want to.
Can’t help it. Who was it said she wanted
to sleep with me forever? Who was it said she felt best
when I made love to her? I don’t know. I’ve got plenty. I’ll do you all night long… like the last time. What time is it? Ten to 11:00. – Where you going?
– Let me go! That’s fast!
You two already at it? Mari. Don’t you get it? Mari’s in love. What? With who? Check out “Mama Blues.” Peko, your tongue loosens up so fast. Idiot. You’re the one
that’s fast and loose. What’s up?
Your eyes look strange. I smoked a little. With that gang again? I’m okay because I have you, Ichiro. What’s on your mind? You. It’s always you. You know where she went? Yeah, she split. I heard you were looking after her
and she was doing fine. She was a good girl, very much so. She was cute and kind,
and everybody liked her, too. But she split. Why? Just forget about her. No way. If you don’t want to tell me,
I’ll look for her myself. Mari, come here. No, I won’t. Ichiro, no. Don’t go! Let me go! Keep away from my bitch.
Got that? No! No, huh? Lay off. Stay outta this. Ichiro! Baron, why don’t you ever fuck me? Aren’t up to it? What’s up? Mari… A half-breed stole my Mari. They’ll… They’ll take all our women, one day. They mauled her
and stomped all over her, She was wailing, but I couldn’t do
a thing for my sister, So what do you suggest we do? Kick ’em out, We’ll kick every last
one of’em out of here, What are you doing? Get out of this town. Won’t leave, huh? Are you really from here? No hard feelings,
but you should leave. Why? Why? It’s better for your safety. No way! What the fuck? You dog! You two married? No. Then don’t sit so close! Why not? Because his thing stinks! What are you going to do? Stop! They’re such wimps. This war game is fun. This is no game! This is a real war! What are you doing? We’re protecting you girls. Protecting us? Your chastity. Mind your own fucking business!
Who asked you? We don’t need your protection! Mari. Ichiro says hello. – He said he’d write you.
– What are you talking about? He quit this job
to get out of this town. May I help you? – An engagement?
– No. Getting married? What is the ring size? Can I help you? Your name’s Megumi, right? There’s lots of Megumis,
but only one who’s mine. – What are you talking about?
– Are you from here? Manager, please. Who was the guy
who was standing here? Get out!
The Eagles are coming! Any of you guys ever sleep
with our girls? Then step outside! How about you? You? Don’t lie to me, shithead! I’ll tell you something. I don’t care what you guys do
with your own people. But if you touch ours, you’ll pay! Understood? Hey! Give me a break. What do you mean “you’ll pay”?
Ridiculous! Now get the hell out! You all sons of this ex-whore? That’s right. Stop! Now, crazy bastard! You’re all so cold. You guys just stand around and watch? Do it till it’s out of your system. You can’t kill me. I can kill you. It’s up to you. Ridiculous. You know what’s going on, don’t you?
You’re right. It’s quite ridiculous. But I’ve always known
since I was a kid… the time would come
when I’d have to do this. Go home and get some rest. But pay up before you go. Mari. Let me go! Idiot! Go get Mako. Mari! What’s all this? This knife is perfect
for killing someone. Definitely not for children. Mari. What a shame. The consensus is that we should strip her
and shove this knife into her. You’re screwed, Mari. But if you guys do that, you’ll be screwed, too. We can’t have that. I’ll let her go unharmed. But from now on, you keep the fuck out of our business. Mako, let’s go. What’s wrong? I’m going to look for Ichiro. I’m okay.
I’ll be fine on my own. Thank you for coming to help me. I’ll never forget this. Good-bye. Young girls are So very maybe sexy So very maybe sexy
Maybe not Look there, a yellow cherry Go ahead, pinch it ONE, I Go ahead, suck it TWO, I Sweet and bitter THREE, I ONE TWO THREE yellow cherry, I Does Mari know where to look? Do you think Mari will find Ichiro? Who knows? See you, take care. Megumi. What? Who are you? Why are you getting it on with that guy?
It’s so pathetic. – No!
– Quiet! Kazuma! You’ve got balls. If the Eagles saw you now,
you’d be in big trouble. I’ll help you out. What are you doing?
Let me go! Hey, sis, be quiet. Do it.
We’ll watch for you. No. Why not? We’ve gone
to all this trouble for you. Hey, where were you born? Hokkaido. Hokkaido?
Where’d you grow up? In Hokkaido, the whole time. When’d you come here? After high school,
I came here to stay with my uncle. I’m sorry. Wrong girl. Shit, you’re a wimp. Pretty cool purse you got there. Cut it out. Here. Shit. You jerk! What the hell’s going on? Megumi,
there’s a guy wants to meet you. – Who?
– He’s over by the cashier. Megumi is a good name. Who are you? Who do you think I am? What do you want? I have too many things to ask you,
but I don’t know how. I’m all nervous. When I was seven, our mom died. Mom’s friend in Tachikawa adopted you.
Mama from “Mama Blues.” Remember the harbor in Yokosuka? The crowds at the gate and all those flags
whenever battleships came into port. Somebody was holding your hand
and you were walking in the crowd. I’ve never seen a battleship. And nobody ever held my hand. I’ve been all alone since I was born. What’s that? Blabbing on about all that bullshit.
I’m not falling for it. Megumi. Screw you.
Don’t throw my name around. It won’t work on me.
So don’t try asking me out. Wait. You’re really not my sister? Hell, no! How the hell would I be related
to a… a thing like you? Go get lost! Jerk! He’s crazy. No way I’m that bastard’s sister. – Can you take a look at my car?
– Which one? I think it’s the clutch. I’ve been looking for you. Cowards! So many of you and only one of him. You call that manly? Look after him, Mako. Kazuma, are you okay? – Are you okay?
– Yeah. They’re horrible. Thanks. Kazuma, don’t. A Coke. Scotch. What? Just like a movie, a western. If you want a gun,
I can get one for you. No, thanks. Knives then? On the rocks. A double. Shall we just beat each other up? No. I’ll just leave town. Yeah. You should. I never intended to stay here long. I’ll leave as soon as
I’ve finished my business. You call yourself a man? Who you talking to? To Kazuma. I’ll leave after my search is over. So you’ll surrender? I don’t care what you think. But listen, Baron. What, Kazuma? I’ve got a favor to ask.
I’m looking for my sister. Her name’s Megumi.
She’s 17 years old. She’s here. But she’s not the one.
I can tell. If you find her, let me know. Got it.
She’s a half-breed, right? Yeah. When I find her,
I’ll put you in touch. But you know… Too scared to finish
that sentence, right? What the… If you do something after that, it’ll be a real western. We’ll find your sister for you. Don’t. I don’t want
to get you into trouble. He’s right.
You’d better not, Mako. – No clue here.
– None here either. Let’s go. Those girls are crazy. They’re acting like his underlings. I figured as much. What are you gonna do?
Take ’em by force? Ridiculous. Long as we’re at it, let’s sell ’em off
as a bunch and make a pile. Hey, Chooko. What now? Starting a party agency? I have no intention
of intruding on your business. I just want to have fun
with a devious plan. And I need you to handle it. Chooko, help him get ready. Hey, Kiko, let me see. You’ve already seen it a hundred times. Which one should I wear? Beautiful, huh? Okay, this is a gentleman’s party, so let’s be elegant and act docile. What the hell?
You touched my ass. You jerk! Want your ass kicked, you letch? You look swell, Mako. What’s all this? We’ve known each other a long time. Let’s not squabble over petty details.
Don’t you think? We’re friends. As long as we help each other,
we can both have a good time. Where are the other girls? They’ll be here soon. How about the customers? She’s beautiful. Yeah. I like her. Give her to Harry first. Harry spotted her. Yes, I did. I should have brought Yuka and Megumi. – Yuka doesn’t like places like this.
– Me neither. But the food’s good here,
so I’ll stick it out. Who’s that? No! Stop it! What a jerk. What the hell are you doing?
Leave her alone! Strange party, isn’t it? Baron, where are you going? What’s going on? You’re the party pooper. He told me to hand you over. Hand you over. Shit! Not to some fucking Harry! Are you in love? Go to hell! You old bastard!
Fuck off. I can’t lose my chastity
in this cesspool! Hey! You girls were paid
in advance, so quiet! Then where’s the rest of the pay? Hey! Get Baron! Where are you going? – Cut that crap now!
– Fuck you! You’ve turned into
that white pig’s thugs! – Yeah, well, they’re paying us.
– What? Baron. Don’t. Baron. What is it? What’s wrong? Girls are all filthy. I knew it. Can’t get it up? I’m right, aren’t I? Nobody tells me that. Anybody who does, I kill. If you want it so bad,
I’ll take you back to the party. Tonight’s party is a rape party. Your friends are getting
gangbanged right now. Baron, what exactly do you mean? Because you girls helped
the “Mama Blues” boys break loose. I thought you girls
might as well have real men. You sold us? Not you. I didn’t want them touching you. That’s why I dragged you out of there. You sold your friends, too. You conned me. I never betray my friends. But what will they think? You’re hardly yourself, Mako. This is it, then. You can really say that to me? Yeah. Being with you makes me sick! Mako. You’re fucked. After all, I’m reckless. I’m just a homeless stray. Mako, I bought you a cool leather jacket. I ripped it up. Perfume, too. Dior’s Diorissimo. Smashed the bottle. Mako. Are you in love with him? You are, aren’t you? That’s right. All right. It’s not gonna be pretty.
You prepared? Sure. When bitches get in heat like this,
they get all reckless. ‘Cause I’m not like you. I’m a decent, normal woman. What does a decent, normal woman
usually do? Take a good look at yourself. All you do is shake your ass
and cling to men. Baron, enough.
It’s all clear now. Hey! You’re not with Baron? I thought you left with Baron… Goddamn it!
I can’t let him fuck us over! After all,
I’ve got myself to live with. Bastard! I’m fighting back! Our way! What are you doing? No! Get off me! How long are you gonna take?
Fuck off. Get off me! Let me go! Who the hell are you? – Kiko!
– Peko! Miki! Yuka! Get the girls! Hurry! Miki, let’s go. Mako! Don’t fuck with us. Hey! Get them now! Let’s go! Fuck you! Go! Don’t cry over this. Damn it! Fuck you! I’m sorry. I was stupid. I really didn’t know. Stand over there. All right. I’ll spare your face. Turn around. Fuck you! Piece of shit! Damn you! Shit! Fuck this shit! Fuck you! Damn you! Did it hurt? Sure, a lot. I can’t find him. I want to be here with you guys. Bartender, a whiskey-Coke. Baron, I go out of my way to help you,
and this is how it ends up? My reputation’s shot. Baron. What is this town to you? It’s my playground. Yours? Then you clean up this mess yourself. They’re idiots! Yeah, they are. No fucking clue
what they got themselves into. I’ll teach ’em. Don’t. Don’t touch Mako. Mako’s my woman. No one gets involved. Hey, Kazuma. Come along. We’ve got a fun game.
We want you to come and play. Get out. Kazuma. You can go now. Better hurry. 20 seconds… 25 seconds… 30 seconds… 40 seconds… 50 seconds… 60 seconds… There he is! Kazuma! Kazuma! Stop! What are you doing?
Bastards! Baron, you disappoint me. You dragged me here for this? Kazuma, run! Kazuma! Here she is. I have nothing to say to him. Megumi. Little Megumi. That’s fine. You’re my sister. I knew as soon as I saw your face. Not just your face. I’m thrilled just to see you
standing there. Let’s leave this town together. I was waiting for you to come to me
and tell me the truth. I was in an orphanage,
and you were adopted. I thought you were with Mama
at “Mama Blues.” Why’d you leave her? You didn’t have to worry. I was coming to take care of you. Why do we have to be related? Megumi. We share the blood of our old man,
“Marcus Wilson,” and our Mom, “Harue Okamoto,”
who died in Yokohama. It’s hard to tell with you, though. No. No way! What’s your proof? Let go! When you were four years old,
while we were scuffling, I accidentally poked you
with a pencil. Isn’t that so? Here, you still have the mark. That’s not true!
Get off me! You’re just a… Megumi! Fool! Kazuma. Hey, where’d our punching bag go? My brother… isn’t coming back. What? My brother… went far away. You’re his sister? So you’re really his sister. That’s interesting. Let’s take care of her, too. Stop! Susumu, why don’t you take her first? No, I don’t want to. Why not? Hey, Baron. We never did this shit before. We’re acting like impotent losers. – Get off me!
– Then you can watch. No. No. No. Susumu, where are you going? You’re not abandoning the Eagles,
are you? Get back there. Turn around, Susumu. Susumu! Come back! Fool! Baron. The truth is, I’m a half-breed too. What? Susumu. I didn’t know you were a half-breed. You’re a half-breed, Susumu. Susumu! Tell Megumi… Tell her she’s cute and honest. That I’m relieved to hear
everybody say that about her. Please, Mama-san. Yeah, I’ll tell her that for you. So you saw her? No. I never found her. I see. You couldn’t see her. No. I’ll tell her… I’ll tell her that her brother said that,
and to go back to her brother. Megumi. Mama! It’s okay, it’s okay. Did those bastards do this? Mama, if Megumi comes back… What are you saying?
She’s right here. It’s okay. Please tell her
not to look for her brother. Fool! What the hell? Give me a gun to shoot monkeys with! You’re here. Toshi’s already here. Kazuma. Sing that song of yours. No names
No life stories between us Not even good-byes No questions where you live
Where you’re headed Let’s shed no tears of regret your hair caressing my fingers Strikes deep into my heart We shared our briefhappiness Our night together will soon be over I couldn’t let you go to someone else So I committed a crime Kazuma. I liked you. I wanted to sleep with you. I wanted to go shopping with you,
eat with you. I wanted to spend time with you. Don’t you like me? Kazuma? Can’t find him. That’s it. Kazuma! Who knew it’d end up like this? Shit! Kazuma, drop your rifle. I don’t like this. Let’s get down! Don’t shoot! He’s got a hostage. Mako. Me…
They’re calling me out! Baron! Watch out! Come back! Idiot! Baron! Stop! Baron. Brother! Brother! Megumi, don’t come! Kazuma! I’m not your brother! Megumi, stay away! Brother! Brother! Megumi! Brother. Megumi!! THE END Translation by:
Ai Kennedy with Linda Hoaglund a GöTTERSTURM rip
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