STRANGER THINGS VR | Face Your Fears (React: Gaming)

September 11, 2019

– Jesus.
Oh my God, no. – Oh my gosh, no! – (gasps) Oh, no.
Oh, God. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – “Face Your Fears.”
Oh my gosh. Oh, I just saw the person
behind him! I didn’t even see that at first. – It’s literally called
“Face Your Fears.” I’m not down to face
my fears. – I’m seeing a VR thing
right there, so I’m not excited,
because last time you guys made me do a horror VR,
that was Resident Evil and I couldn’t stand that. – (FBE) This is Face Your Fears.
It’s gonna put you in a couple different
scenarios, different experiences based on common fears
and phobias. – No, don’t say it.
– (FBE) In VR. – Oh my God.
I hate horror stuff. I hate it so much. – No!
Are you serious? This is the worst day ever. – This is my first time
using virtual reality. Okay, all right.
Yeah, let’s do it. – I’m in a room.
I’m in bed and there’s three stories. – This is so [bleep] sick.
Look at this. No way. – Oh my gosh,
and you have to pick stories? Okay, “Light as a Feather.”
That looks like a circus kind of deal,
maybe a magic show. “The Ghost.”
“Fun Witch Jingle.” Oh gosh, okay,
so that one’s a circus for sure. – (FBE) And that first one
is going to be your first fear
you have to face. – Oh my God. – I’m in a bedroom.
It’s colorful. It’s very colorful.
Please be– ah.
Nope, that’s a nope. – Ball, okay.
Oh [bleep], where the [bleep]
did he go? – Oh, Jesus.
Oh my God, he’s gone. – I feel like things are
just gonna jump out. (gasps) He’s in the closet. – I don’t wanna move. – No [bleep] [bleep].
Why is he [bleep] dying? – I don’t care–
oh my gosh, no! No, no, no.
It just closed. – Okay, there’s lightning.
– (toy) I wanna be friends with you. – No you don’t.
– (toy) Forever. – Where is it coming from? – ♪ (distorted jack in the box) ♪
– Oh my God, no. This is so scary. – Oh my God.
Wow, that wasn’t even scary. It was a box falling. – Can we do a cut
or something? – (FBE) Nope.
– Please. – (FBE) Nope.
– Please, I will pay you five dollars. – Ah, Jesus.
I knew what’s coming. – Oh my God.
Where did it go? – I’m so happy that–
yeah, yeah. You’re under the [bleep] bed.
I see that. – Oh gosh, no! – Can I just take this
and stab. Oh my God. – (toy) Don’t be afraid.
– (screams) Mother f’er.
Ah! Mother f’er. – Ah, gosh no!
– (monster screaming) – I peeked at the last moment. – This is terrible.
That was like a child’s worst nightmare
just coming true. I’m really gonna have
nightmares tonight, you guys. – (FBE) All right,
time to face your next potential fear.
– Okay. – Yo, this is so cool. – Okay, we got heights.
That’s what we’re gonna do here today. – This looks like the future. – I’m in an office.
Whoa. Peace. – Oh my gosh, what?
(gasps) – Oh my God.
I don’t like that. – What?
Yo, this is so sick. – Nope, no, no, no.
Don’t you grab me. Oh, it’s actually kinda–
this actually feels odd. – I’m being initiated into
the transformers right now. Oh my God. – I know I’m not actually moving,
but it totally feels like it. – It doesn’t get me–
oh, oh, okay. No, I know I’m sitting down,
but still. – What’s the robot doing?
What are you doing, bro? – Oh my God.
No. Homie put me up here,
he’s gotta take me down. – No, wait.
Dude, no. Ah! – He’s dead, he’s dead.
He’s falling on me. He’s dying on me.
He’s gonna die on me. – (gasps) Oh my God, ah!
Oh, I thought he was gonna knock me down. – I’m donezo.
(grunting) – What am I on?
I’m not on anything. Oh my God, why am I
going high? There’s a beam.
Oh, there’s a UFO. – Is this a robot apocalypse
where robots take over the world? – I’m in a force–
wait, wait, no. No, I preferred to be
up there, actually. – No, am I falling?
Oh, this is so scary! – No, no, no, no.
Oh my God, oh my God. That felt like I fell
through my seat. – My stomach kind of
dropped a little when I was looking down,
but it was a fun kind of stomach drop. – (FBE) All right, we’re gonna
switch out your headset real quick, but we do have
one more experience for you. – Oh, boy.
I bet you’re excited for this. – All right, creepy house.
This looks like the upside down, right here.
It’s got the black floor that happens when Eleven
goes into upside– oh, this is the upside down! – Oh, dude.
Why is there a dude right there? – There’s a guy
in a cocoon. Okay, you’re in my bubble.
You’re in my personal space right now. – Will, are you okay?
Ah! Oh my gosh.
I knew that was gonna happen. – (screams)
Jesus. – Oh!
Ah, gosh dang it. Yeah, doesn’t care if you
change the danger, still gonna scare the heck
out of me. – They made a virtual reality
Stranger Things. That’s so cool. – Oh great, okay.
We’re still in the upside down or what? – Hey, I’m in Will’s house. – Oh my gosh, oh no.
The lights. – I didn’t turn off the TV.
That wasn’t me. – Yep, I remember this part.
Monster gonna come out of the wall maybe? – Oh no, he’s gonna
come in behind me. – No, stop coming closer to me.
Back off. It’s gonna come right here
and it’s gonna grab me, I bet you.
Yep, here we go. – Oh, it’s right behind me,
isn’t it? (screams) Oh, gosh. – Wait, what’s happ–
Jesus Christ, bro. – (screams)
Jesus, oh my God. No, I knew it.
Now I’m in the upside down. Fun. – Oh, dude, this place
is so nasty. – You know, it’s fun to be
in Stranger Things, but it’s still scary. – It’s the walkie talkie.
Hello. I’m right here. – I get that they’re
looking for me, but I’m in the upside down. – Whoa.
Don’t move a muscle. – He’s gonna come eat me,
I just know it. – Is someone gonna save me?
I’m just chilling. Okay, I’m right here.
Come here. – Oh!
No, no, no, no. – Ah, Jesus!
No, it’s gonna eat me. Oh no, no.
They were gonna save me. – Why am I doing this?
That doesn’t do anything. – Oh no.
Oh my gosh, this is so scary!
I feel like I can touch it, but I’m not touching it.
Oh my gosh. It’s wrapping me up. – Oh my God,
it’s the vine thing. Ah, it’s like it’s touching me.
Oh, no, no, no. – Oh no.
Hi. – Bro, dude.
Don’t, don’t, don’t. I will Eleven your butt. – No, I’m looking straight
into its face. – Yo, yo, yo.
Whoa. Yeah, bitch. – (grunting)
Hey. – Okay.
Now you have to stab him. He’s not dead. – Oh, I’m so sorry.
I’m kinda heavy. – I’m being rescued.
This is so cool. – Ah, it’s awake.
Excuse me, sir. Turn around.
I feel like he’s not dead. – Oh, gross. – No, that’s so cool. – I’m legit inside
Stranger Things. – Uh oh.
Oh no. – Oh, [bleep].
He dead. – Why is this–
why am I just standing here? – Where’s Eleven?
Save me! – It’s caving in.
The monster. The weird monster. – (gasps) Oh no.
The mother Demigorgon. Oh gosh.
Oh no. Oh God! – And a Demigorgon.
Okay. That was awesome, actually.
I had a lot of fun with that one. – This was fun.
This was– it’s so cool how it
literally messes with your mind, because even though
I know I’m in this chair, I know there’s a table
in front of me, literally it feels so real. – It was definitely really scary,
but it was so well done. Especially the Stranger Things one,
I think that one was just cool to me.
I’m done facing my fears for today, but it was fun. – Thanks for watching us
face our fears on the React Channel. – Don’t forget to Subscribe.
New gaming episodes every week. – Bye guys, thanks for watching. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React Channel producers. Another one.
We scared more. Three of the people in this episode
said they’re never coming back because we scared them too much.
Way to go, guys. Keep those suggestions coming.
We’ll keep doing this.

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