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October 18, 2019

Hello! boys and girls Welcome to another roblox video… I am the Metal Bee and today we’re taking a look at Moon Tycoon Now to start of this ahhh… Tycoon game let’s start with… Okay what would we have ?
a little base for ourselves The universe can no longer doubt my strength Voltron… okay, so I think this is a game that has been sponsored by Voltron Ahhhh… the new series I’m thinking that’s coming out on a Netflix… So, we have the by mine moon dropper moon dropper moon dropper Okay and enhance a conveyer bolts So, looking at the conveyer bolts at 50 alright… Ahhh … so how does this work? Mine the minerals by clicking the button so we have okay… Okay, so one click gets you $1… So I’m going to assume that it’s gonna be a lot of clicking So, let’s get down to it Click-click click-click click-click click-click Alright! Ahhh boy… Click ahhh… click a thumb…click a thumb Okay…click a ton Alright! so we will just continue the click till we get our very first automatic dropper Which should make life a little bit easier And ahhh okay… Okay… How much do we have? we have 86… 87 Come on… And we are at 100 gold or cash which is at the bottom right of our screen there And we got the first moon dropper oh that’s a nice teleportation animation And that’ll start dropping materials by itself I’m assuming meanwhile we can Help it along by clicking the button more often It’s also a kind of art because you start off with the pickaxe And you have these weird yellow thing knees on the ground And can you kind of like mine this thing? Okay Okay so that gave us 50 money’s Oh we’ve got one rock thing here okay Okay how’s that supposed to work Let’s figure it out… Okay you found the Green bayard only three more to go okay Hmmm-hmm interesting … So we found from the thing that had a yellow thing happening else okay… Yeah alright that guy’s going for the stone as well so I’m assuming… Okay he took it so alright! So let’s go back to okay no no no no no no no I don’t wanna fight you man I’ll give it to the new bike right now Oh boy ! And we’ve been soldered So let’s go back to our base you got 149 let’s get the conveyor volts That will make kind of collecting everything else easier And let’s do this… So let’s click… Let’s become sir clicks a lot once again… While we get some cash So I’ll tell you what I’ll just forward the video until I get enough cash to pick up The upgrades in this particular level and we’ll come back to it Alright! but those we are back now we seem to be having a full-scale war going on between these two gentlemen Fighting in their space fighters and while he’s collected about 1,500 gold I’ve gotten these three basic droppers and enhancers and now they’re shooting stuff into my base Okay these guy’s kind of landed in my face hasn’t he! We can like boy came with my sword yep Let’s do that eee…. get out of my way okay It’s a weird light saber looking thing isn’t it Okay so we have a bunch of other beam droppers we have a mini laser gun a hyper gun A gatling gun, try laser, a laser pistol for 5000 Okay let’s get some of the beam droppers here One of these two okay these are more resource droppers So let’s get those will always be appreciated to get more cash quickly And what else do we have we have the Giant lion from Voltron I see okay so … We’ll go speak to him and see what happens next Alright ! Here we go here we go and since we are already on our way there we can just collect this block of wood Now what’s appreciated here is the fact that you just need to click on the piece for it automatically mind completely… Which is awesome meanwhile our tycoon is generating money for us Okay I now have a light saber oh okay having the sword turns into a Genii… Jumping forward you do some front flips And back flips and why is that guy still shooting at me I have done nothing wrong to him okay Hello! what can I do for you? Who are you? I am Black lion leader of Voltron What are you looking for I’m currently looking for for special bayards So I can form more Voltron other lions… Did you complete the four tests to find one the first one can be filed by finding the locks you can find the Green belt I got that… The Blue belt can be found by capturing a different okay that’s somebody being little bit of Douche there so let’s make the try laser and collect that and let’s go ahead okay here we go Can do it with that let’s go pick up the volts We got volts we are coming at floor 2 for 1000 …4,000 we got that you’re out of money for now but let’s continue on… Okay laser pistol for 500 let’s go back to Mr. Voltron there or sorry the Black Lion there and where is that other guy who was running around who try to shoot me… Okay let’s get the mining a pickaxe up and let’s get these stones going Okay we got that… That looks really nice that base I think that’s close to completed base and hopefully we should be getting there ourselves quite soon In the meanwhile let’s go back and speak to Mr. Black lion over there Come on I’ll just take you forward to when we are actually speaking to the lion… You click on yet nope hello okay I have found the knife on the bayards Let me see sorry you don’t have all the bayards I’ll find them let’s ask him once again Uh who are you? and Black lion blah blah blah blah what are you looking for? I am currently looking for special bayards so I can form Voltron with the other lions How can I help? Well you can complete the fourth test and find them the first one can be found by missing the mining rocks If you are lucky you can find the Green bayard I think I got that The Blue bayard can be found by capturing a different planet okay what else The Yellow bayard can be found by going to the Planet Zion and climbing the volcano And the last one the Red bayard can be found by completing your mining base okay I’ll find them Now we seem to have a very curious looking thing here so let’s go take a look at this is this some sort I don’t know… Flame thingy… Let’s find out let’s find out okay so we seem to have made it to a volcano… So this is an a tycoon with an inbuilt obstacle course how very interesting! And we have the ladder that you can climb up let’s go up this ladder And onto the side of the volcano… Jump okay I’m going to uhhhh…. Alright when you start this again and in the meanwhile our Little Tycoon is generating money for us … Which should make life easy once we come back to the Tycoon And get other upgrades now it nope… Yahh yah yah yah hmm… Alright one more time one more time Here we go third time lucky are we …are we Okay we messed up third time lucky And climbing further up along the side of the volcano… Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the roblox control system you basically need to right click on the mouse button And use Basically once the right click button is pressed down you can look around and that’s how you basically turn left and right in the game…. Because you know that’s how the game’s is been designed apparently Okay here we go it’s still climbing up the volcano there seem to be nice little arrow indicators to tell us where we need to go That’s appreciated okay so we are going across a stream of lava alright And what is this? What is that? Okay that’s a hat can we collect it nope looks like some sort of Easter Egg Which I have no idea about because I haven’t seen the world from series in like forever And I don’t remember much of it Okay so here we are going over streams of lava Which should be actually the thing that’s glowing Okay I think I touch one of those okay I think no there’s no need to think I touch one of those because I kind of reset back here Okay so we don’t really have to worry about climbing all the way back up… We there are some checkpoints already inbuilt into this again Again appreciated from the game design point of view you don’t have to really climb up the entire volcano again Which is nice which is nice okay… So we have one going left and one going right can we go this way What will happen if you go this way Okay it’s kind of a dead end okay no good Note it so just follow the arrows blindly because they are apparently leading you to the right path Okay okay so we have an arrow that’s pointing downwards oh okay You kind of just walk down that and on top of this tightrope because you know why not Okay there you go up there’s a place you can come on who’s to gear with a laser gun now I mean I could take you on fight you but I would rather not because this is a tycoon game and not really an action game And in the meanwhile we are at 13,000 gold which is nice again hey come on climb up Upsy daisy’s there you go Alright! And continuing on this okay Okay okay all right we found the way here so let’s go up Avoid the … The red dick glowy thingy On glowing I am gonna assume that’s volcanoes so it’s lava Ahh So here we go along this shouldn’t be we actually having respirators or something… Because you know you’re inside a volcano you should have trouble breathing Mmm you never know Alright I found the yellow bear now only two more to go So how do you get out of this I think it’s the same way we kind of got in So let’s go come on climb up climb up okay why is it going up and down again Okay this is his comic Alright so we’re up there go back down that way… Alrighty close to 16,000 cash whoo whoo okay So here we go okay down this way down this way And there is our little teleporter over there so let’s jump down onto the hatas jump down some more Lovely so we are down at the back of this Already Through the teleporter we go again We are behind the giant lion and let’s go back to our mining station Let’s keep the weapon ready Let’s collect the pickaxe And get these stones okay so we’ve got seven stone blocks I don’t know what’s going to happen with those two blocks We’ll find out we’ll find out Okayy… Our boy he says it’ll mat it again Okay you’re just asking for trouble now Okay let’s retreat to the safety of our lobby I’m now sorry now Iobby tycoon go in wait I can’t get into my own base Poof yeah alright so we got the beam drop Another beam drop Okay so we’re kind of okay for cash right now And in the meanwhile let’s go up and see what you can do next put the pickaxe away Already so we have a spacecraft for 7,500 we got more volts so let’s get the volts Floor three okay so you got that Okay and there’s a ladder to go up to space three so let’s go up there Okay this is just confusing me right now Okay here we go here we go volts for five thousand Let’s get the volts okay we have another conveyor awesome come on Already we got conveyor we got a mine we got a conveyor volts You got moon drops at 4,000 so alright And moons drop thirty thousand twenty thousand fifteen thousand ten thousand eight thousand five thousand four thousand beam drops at five thousand each Okay so let’s hang around here and collect some money And I’ll forward to the point when we do have all these drops collected Already see you in a bit and here we go Alright boys and girls we are back and what would be dull is basically just gotten enough money to make the spaceship spawner And let’s do this let’s get into the spaceship and see what we can do next okay here we go Now we have X to start up sorry Y to start up and X to run off W is faster Lower level out full speed missiles is F and C is machine gun Alright so here we go so we get Y we’ve started our spaceship And how do we do this how do we control it I have no idea okay come on come on Okay I stop it no okay whoaa Okay but so um how do you do this again? We kind of squished under our own spaceship which is really funny Can we blow it up… Okay all right that’s a wasted space ship over there Any like hack it to death or something I don’t know look not happening alright Alright so that was a bit of control loss from us and let’s go pick up these blocks again pickaxe Okay I think that is .. Are you now who is that who is that who was that Okay Alright here we go back up the stairs and on to the okay falling back down Okay here we go through that Click to spawn a spaceship click Okay here we go we got the spaceship now Let’s start the spaceship up come on sit in the spaceship okay We go why to start up and s to slow down how do we go up how do we go up oh come on Okay that’s that’s just awkward How do we turn left right or go up and down this is really really awkward Okay I’ll climb figure that out let’s do this one more time third time’s a charm as usual The meanwhile we got about 7,000 gold so let’s go up to the third floor and pick up a few more droppers okay Beam dropper is four thousand seven thousand so let’s do this let’s get these two small beam buffers over here 3,000 and 4,000 so hopefully that should allow us to get more money faster okay here’s hoping for the best We got these things falling out okay they should be falling out all right and they landed on the conveyor convenient Okay there we go Oh we made it all the way down to the bottom floor okay through this first floor come on jump across spawn a spaceship and spawn right on top of me Okay sit in the spaceship now Okay and Y to startup alright come on don’t hit the jump button you fool Let’s spawn another spaceship and sit in there okay Okay sit okay why and here we go how can I? How can I control it how can I control it… As a slower click the steer okay now again so I kind of got to steer it Okay W go faster so I click okay here we go So let’s go towards Saturn all right we are going faster and P is full speed So we’re now going full speed towards Saturn because of the rings So how does this work I have already reached the planet here And what now okay I seem to have one underneath the planet okay slow down slow down slow down turn around slow down slow down slow down Okay so the discovery team seems to have taken this over can you put it off Oh come on like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay come on okay get out of it Get out okay there we go and what can we And what can we do now don’t let go okay so we basically have this kind of you know Capture the planet for the name of the metal bee I suppose and we are the Challenger team So it’s not neutral and what do we do now so can we walk back on it Yep we gotta walk back on it and it’s now being our planet to capture Interesting interesting interesting… Okay congratulations you found the Blue bayard and only one more to go So buzzing girls I think it’s not going to be a little bit of a long drag to get some more of this money going And also try and figure out if we can straighten the spaceship out I don’t think that’s going to happen so I’m just going to reset my character and go back to the base and figure it out okay here We are back to the base and get some more cash going so that we can finish our Red bayard and help out Mr. Voltron over there Okay I’ll see you in a little bit… Alright seem to have found this other area here which is on the other side of the lion and let’s see what we can do here let’s put the ship off Oh boy! So when you just roll off it can just go flops around interesting Okay buddy get out of under that ship You seem to be good at that now okay Backwards soon the camera out a little bit more and here we go So the what is this now? hmm Looks like there is something happening over there tutorial click on the green grid to place a rock once a place in of rock you can walk across it okay… Click on it so it’s there there Okay there there… And their Their residence there you go and across we walk What we get one to get here okay Okay so we’ve kind of got a lava temple with your help one plus closer to Getting a clinical bit from the inventory page on roblox okay So did we finish the game or just we finish the lava temple then we it probably didn’t finish the entire game But we have got this bit going for us so… Okay are… Our ship kind of disappear okay And I can see a vicious fight happening over there as usual okay… Voltron we fight Okay this is just awkward we just running around and not the books okay Okay I managed to get one wipe-out Which is nice Okay I got me a Sword for a gunfight or yeah so for a gunfight and Okay… I’m not seeking two of them not bad not bad not bad So the sword is mightier than the gun in this case Hmm-hmm all right so let’s get ourselves for roof We’re good there five thousand let’s get the next dropper And we’ll be back after some more time when you got some more money Alright boys and girls now what we did is basically we picked up the two skins that were To be bought here the robot morph and the astronaut morph and we’ve got the last beard So let’s go over to Mr Voltron on the black lion of Voltron and help him get back to whatever he wants to do with his buddies Okay let’s get into our ship activate the ship there we go Hey come back where you going? Alrighty ! Ok slow down slow down slow down slowdown slow down slow down Okay let’s get out of the ship Jump of… Okay… Okay… As you can see this tremendous amount of lag here all these people are firing And let’s talk to Mr Black lion here peacefully all right here we go click Hello! what can I do for you? I have found the bayards …hmm..let me see wow I’ve been looking for these for a long time… And we can finally find form full form It was no set and what now? Hmmm…loving… Thank you for your help please accept this price as a token Okay… Alright! And here we go so boys and girls that was the Escape moon base tycoon with the Voltron mod as you can see were transformed up with the other robots And we are good to go so until the next time this is the metal bee signing out Have a good day!

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