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Stop Politicizing Video Games

September 24, 2019

What’s up everybody? This is The Act Man here, and today I wanted to talk about something that’s been bothering me for quite some time. Now you all know me as a someone who not only plays video games, but takes the time to write scripts and review them and actually get down to the nitty gritty details of everything that comprises a video game, and examine it, and discuss it, and talk about its quality. What’s good about it? What’s awesome? What’s bad? That sort of thing. You all know me as The Act Man. But there’s something I’ve come to really loathe about video games despite how much time I spend playing them, reviewing them, and writing about them, and that’s the politicis (?) *licks lips to show insecurity and in hopes word will come* and that’s the politiczation of video games. Yes. Politiczation. Yes. Politiczation. A word I don’t ever want to use again on my channel, because I don’t like talking about politics or anything to do with politics. I make videos for fun because I enjoy video games. I’m a normal human being. But there are non-normal people out there. Specifically a lot of game journalists, who I pick on from time to time, that will write about video games, you know, in a way to elicit a response, or to send a message and drive home a point. Now I do this too to a certain degree, but I don’t… I don’t bring politics into the discussion unless it’s already there. You know video games for a long time have been a sort of haven for all sorts of people: social outcasts, people with disabilities, those who don’t have many friends. Video games are a way for people of all walks of life to just come together and enjoy something, and be able to play it, and discuss it, and just have fun and enjoy life. But in these last few years, the the glory days of simpler times are starting to slip away, and what we’re starting to see is the politiczation of video games. Meaning that when a new game comes out, there’s people who will write articles, or complain, and say this game needs to make a point about racial issues in the world today. And then there’s people that just want to enjoy this product for what it is. It seems like the game industry, and a lot of people who work in it, and a lot of journalists, a lot of people who write about it, it’s being hijacked. The game industry is being hijacked by people who want to “make the world a better place,” by people who feel they are right and what they’re talking about. It’s being hijacked by people who just want to complain, bicker, and moan, and want to be right about something. And you know, this isn’t the type of content I normally post on this channel, but it’s just been bugging the shit out of me recently, seeing all these dumb, stupid, neanderthalic, bullshit articles that people take the time to write, and discuss, and complain about. And here I am complaining about other people complaining. But it’s like… these last few years, there’s been so many examples of just dumb shit that isn’t even worth covering. It’s not even worth being a story. It shouldn’t have even have happened. ‘Does the recent GTA5 controversy prove that we need a need Anita Sarkeesian’s feminism? Actually, yeah.’ *attempting not to lose his shit* What the fuck? Oh my god, I’m glad this channel died. Like the League of Legends packs controversy where Riot employees wanted to close their panel, an open public panel, they wanted to close it to men for a certain period of time. Why? Why? What good does this do? Then there’s the Battlefield V controversy, where they wanted to put women and all sorts of weird shit into their WW2 video game. people complained about and they were like, don’t like it, don’t buy it. We’re here doing the right thing My child needs to be able to play as a female in WW2 because I don’t have the balls to explain to her that women didn’t often fight in WW2. You know, it’s shit like that where game developers are on such a big fucking high horse they’re sniffing their own farts, their own beliefs, and now they’re they’re pooping it out all over the rest of us. And this self-righteous bullshit is what’s really bugging the crap out of me, because I don’t think it has a place in video games. I think the only thing it really does is sow discourse amongst the the greater gaming community. It tears people apart. It tries to separate us into groups. It’s bullshit is what it is. I mean even going so far back as, you know, the shit Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and Zoe Quinn were pulling. Going so far back as Gamergate. I mean the PBS game show channel, that was just a click baiting, race baiting, controversial shit channel, to be honest. And it’s kind of like what I said in my Battlefield 1 video. There’s people that, like, get off on not enjoying something. They get off on complaining about something that isn’t really an issue like a black person being on the cover of a WW1 video game. Is that really worth complaining about? And conversely, people who wanted more black stories from a WW1 video game, it’s just like, enjoy what’s there, you know? There’s like this growing concept that if you make a game based around war or any part of politics in the past, present, or future, there’s like this growing expectation that you have to make a statement with this game. As in the developers have to put their beliefs and agendas in the game and talk about them. And no, you don’t have to do that. You know, there’s a difference between a game that has politics in it and bringing politics into a game where it just doesn’t belong. Was it really such a big deal, for some guy on YouTube to kill a feminist in Red Dead Redemption 2? Was that really a big deal? *Captain Falcon is disgusted by stupidity* How is that, how is that even newsworthy? How is that even worthy of writing about? How is it even worthy of me talking about it in a serious sense and not just watching and laughing, and making fun of it, and understanding the game’s mechanics, and how complex it is, and the things you can do in the game? Why on earth would anyone want to focus on the political side of this video game and this issue? That’s kind of what I’m asking. You know, for a long time video games were just a haven for people. You know? It’s a community that’s been bullied, and beaten back, and targeted, and harassed, and attacked by all sorts of people, by religious folk, by mainstream news. It’s been attacked by people’s parents. It’s been attacked by the government, Hillary Clinton. It’s just like, me as a gamer at a certain point, I just want this shit to disappear. I don’t want these stories to clog up my Twitter feed. I don’t want this shit to be so widely discussed about when we’re all here to have fun. And yeah, you know, sometimes it’s fun to talk shit about a video game that’s really bad, you know? Sometimes games are bad. That’s fine. But when it becomes a political talking point, that’s what I just kind of get sick of this shit. You know, it’s like… it’s like, politics are lame dude. Politics are fucking lame. Yes, they’re essential for the function of society, but they’re fucking lame to talk about. I hate talking about politics. *The Act Man grunts in displeasure* no acting male man come back o thank goodness Basically what I’m saying is I don’t want video games to be about politics, because at this point it seems like for game developers, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Witcher 3, a game based on polish mythology and folklore, was shit on by some douchebag, Tauriq Moosa, because it didn’t have black people in it. This… it’s like, what why? Why can’t you talk about the politics within Witcher 3 and not about your own politics, beliefs, and agendas, and pushing that onto Witcher 3? Do you guys get what I’m saying? Like, why not talk about the way witchers are portrayed in Witcher 3? How the greater realm and world of this game looks at a witcher? How they’re viewed as monsters, and what greater meaning does that have? What greater statement does that say? The fact that there’s barely any black people in Witcher 3 isn’t an issue. It’s not worth talking about. Even back… this was an issue back in the old days. But, you know what? People just didn’t really give as much of a shit back then because of the way the world has changed in all that dumb shit. But like, remember Resident Evil 5, being set in Africa, and people were freaking out because you were killing black zombies? In Africa? You remember how basically like the whole gaming community came together and was like, ‘You’re fucking stupid your fight the game set in Africa. You’re a fucking idiot.’ ‘We can kill Spanish zombies, we can kill white zombies, but when we kill black zombies, now it’s a problem?’ ‘It’s in Africa.’ ‘It’s been in Antarctica. There’s been, I think, in Spain. It’s been in the Midwest’ ‘It wasn’t racist then, why shouldn’t be racist now? It’s an Africa.’ ‘Have fun with the game! Play the game!’ It’s like, it’s never been a problem. There’s people that have been trying to make it a problem and that’s the issue. It’s just kind of this growing social justice agenda that that’s really sinking its claws into everything. And it’s the right too – it’s the right and the left. But I see more of the left bullshit than the right bullshit. Honestly, I think what it is, is gaming has become so big, so popular, such a big industry, that these parasites just want to latch onto it and create issues where none exist because they have nothing better to do with their lives. You know? They have nothing better to do than complain about Left 4 Dead 2 being set in New Orleans, and how they view that as insensitive. They have nothing better to do than complain about what one person does in a video game, on Witcher 3, and how he treats an NPC. They have nothing better to do. You know, this goes beyond the whole violence in video games debate that had been going on for years and years, and, you know, in the last five years has pretty much disappeared with the disappearance of Jack Thompson. It kind of disappeared with him, you know. But even then, I still felt like everyone was kind of United like, ‘No. There’s no proof that video games cause violence; there’s none of this. Video games aren’t aren’t a real problem for society.’ I guess I’m just… reminiscing about simpler times when our enemies… “enemies” were simpler and more easier to identify. It’s just like, politics and being on the right side, not the right, but the correct side is just ostracizing people. I mean two years ago, I made some controversial tweets about transgender people. Yes, I regret them, I mean, fuck, you can look them up if you really want to. I regret saying those things. I don’t believe those same things now. My thoughts and opinions have changed. But there’s still people that hate me for that For saying some dumb shit on Twitter two years ago. It’s like, yeah, you know? I shouldn’t have said those things, I shouldn’t have gotten in this discussion or debate. But the fact that tweets from two years ago can actually impact my career, and my opportunities, and how people see me, and perceive me. That’s fucking stupid. This politiczation of video games is symptomatic of a greater issue facing “the world.” And that’s the issue of people trying to politicize every aspect of society and our culture. I just feel like people want to sink their claws into video games, in the video game industry now, and push their political ideologies as another way to advance themselves, as another way to validate themselves, to find a group, and find an enemy. Bitch, I’m just here to get the fucking nuke and Modern Warfare 2. I’m just trying to get a killionaire in Halo 3, okay? I’m just trying to pilot a giant blimp in Battlefield 1. That’s what I’m here for. I’m not here to discuss politics, even though I am right now. And you know, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t write their reviews a certain way or their articles a certain way, that we shouldn’t talk about politics at all when it comes to video games. I’m not saying that. We all have freedom. We all have the right to discuss what we want to. Sometimes these articles bring up good talking points, and sometimes it’s just shit for us all to make fun of which is entertainment, nonetheless. Like the idea that Link should be gay or that Link should be a female, you know, it’s dumb shit like that that’s entertaining and funny to just make fun of. And I don’t deny that sometimes bringing politics into a discussion about video games can lead to some good talking points and discussions. However, most of the time it just seems like a bunch of shit people say to try and fuel the fires. Clickbait for the sake of clickbait, for the sake of views, for the sake of clicks on a website. I doubt most of these people even believe the things they’re writing about. They’re just writing about it because it’s their job. Because they picked his shitty career. And now it’s a mad race for clicks. You know? I think what bugs me is the way it seems like certain companies and individuals are starting to see video games as a tool for pushing an agenda. To get what they want, to advance themselves. They see their games as a way to make a statement instead of a quality product. I think it’s this focus on, you know, licking your own balls, and smelling your own poop, and liking it, that’s just creating an unhealthy discourse. It creates this, ‘them versus us,’ dynamic between gamers when gamers were always banded together against the people who were shitting on video games. That’s what it was. That’s what it should be. You know, there’s this dynamic within game developers and the way they look at content creators, even people like me. You either stay out of it completely or you take their side, or you take the right side, the correct side. Because if not, well, you might not get invited to events, because you don’t think the same way that they do politically. Is this really going to inspire content creators to speak their mind to be honest and real, or is it going to inspire people to just fake like they believe what you believe in order to get in your good favor? and go to your game releases, and your private events, you know? That’s how you get fake people. But if you want real people, if you want good people, then don’t give a shit about that kind of stuff. And you know, it’s it’s alright, if a game developer wants to tackle those issues, and wants to do it in a game of their choosing. It’s okay if a company as a whole wants to do that. And it’s also okay for us to not want to buy it, to not be subjected to that stuff, to not to not pay for that shit. It’s like if you were to look at Nintendo in the way they’ve conducted their business, you know, since the fucking 80s, it’s like they just make video games. Nintendo just makes video games that are fun, and enjoyable, and they try new things, and they don’t have to be political in any sort of way. The developers don’t have to push some political message or attack their fans, and call them racists, and babies, and whiners. The people at Nintendo don’t get on their fucking high horse and try to jerk off onto the rest of us. They just make video games. I want game developers to just make video games. I don’t go to NFL games to be protested at. I don’t play video games to have an agenda forced on me. I go to football games to be entertained I play video games to be entertained. So in a nutshell, I just want the game industry as a whole, I want you guys as a whole to not put so much importance and emphasis on beliefs, and agendas, and politics, and the left versus right, and trying to pick these stupid battles, and complaining about shit that really doesn’t matter at the end of the day, and nobody’s gonna care about in a couple weeks. We’re tired of people bringing race, sex, diversity into the game industry and saying it’s an issue. I want real issues to be solved. Yes, of course. I do. Real issues like the way Riot Games treated their female employees. That’s a real issue. How much clothing video game characters wear, not a real issue? You see what I’m saying? So that’s kind of where I’m at with everything folks. I just wanted to rant and vent, I feel like it’s it’s good to get it out of your system, you know? Like the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to The Act Man for more awesome content. Alright everyone. That’s all I got for today. This is The Act Man signing out. Peace!

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  1. I can see the Polygon headlines now, "YouTuber proves that Gamers like to rape and murder."

    Reckon that's what they'll gather from this video. But what do you think? Your thoughts are much more important to me

  2. There comes a point where you realize life is too short to keep worrying about politics like you're some sort of warrior about to change the world. You're not. Chill, and play some fucking videogames. If you wanna worry about something, do it in the real world and don't use videogames as a means to do it. Hell, Qatar still uses slave labor. Where's the outrage?

  3. I love my games about history and judge them on thier accuracy. Battlefield has always been a great historically accurate and semi realistic shooter, but after BF 5 it isn't it was trying to please SJWs, get COD players (and I am not talking about the play fair, work together, and actually skilled kind) BF 5 kinda killed me a little inside as a Battlefield player. I hope the next one is better but I won't get my hopes up cuz the video game industry has gone Woke and I won't have that.

  4. You know, basically what I'm getting from this is "Oh, I don't want to be challenged to think critically, I just want to bury my head in the sand and play simple, inoffensive, games that have nothing to say about anything forever."

    Go back to playing pong.

  5. This world ain't perfect, when I see serious shit going on and ppl are complaining about politics in video games makes me wanna live in another world, I don't have many friends and mostly the two of em I trust so much are gamers like me, we get by and have fun playing with each other, discussing the new stuff, criticizing the living crap out of em, making fun of the stupid shit, but you'll nvr see me complain about colors, gender, and all that bullcrap, cuz at the end of the day we are just having fun not trying to push anything down ppl's throats, and it's such a sore sight tbh it's 2019 man what a damn shame :/
    Keep up the good stuff as usual, peace.

  6. If you wanted to make a game about WWII with a woman fighting, then tell the story of a historical female person who fought in WWII. You could do a historical game, that has a female soldier, that isn't a load of BS.

  7. Video Games: A form of escapism from the crappy aspects of life and the terrible things happening all over the world
    Politics: The intricacies of the crappy aspects of life and the terrible things happening all over the world
    And people wonder why gamers don't like it when politics are included in video games

  8. Yeah games are great as I'm disabled and it puts me on a level playing field. Also great for keeping in contact friends. Can people just leave gamers and games alone.

  9. ı just wrote "killing black zombies in AFRİCA" and ı dont know what am ı going to see take a look

  10. 'act man' sounds like you have more than a couple of cells up there amongst the sawdust. Influences, environments, peer pressures, insidious toxic communities, subtle messaging ect, ect and more etcetera. Would you not agree these are factors?..Yes there might be some out there who have enough cells to differentiate like your good self (thats obviously on condition you aren't a crypto nazi planning to bomb the next synogouge, planned parenthood or mosque, lol) but why would it bother anyone if relevant issues like these are brought up?..There have been studies done, not just heresy about the toxicity of certain 'gaming communites.' And its been a rabid breeding ground for cunts, cunts and more cunts. Anyway do your thing homie. Peace.

  11. That whole resident evil 5 racism situation is kinda funny because assuming the zombies/infected are decomposing they will will turn black anyway

  12. "it's never been a problem, there are people that have been trying to make it a problem and that's the issue." – The Act Man 2019

  13. It's impossible to point at one thing you don't like and claim it as 'unecessary politics', when so many similar things are not deemed as political at all. If you don't like developers or journalists pushing certain ideas or being disingenuous or whatever, you make an argument as to why that particular thing is an issue. Like, I agreed with part of his statement on the witcher 3.

    Usually, it feels like this isn't an issue of 'irrelevant political references', but just poor writing. Like, if a gay person in a game constantly says stuff like "Hey guys I'm sooo gay, isn't it great that I'm gay, aren't we soo inclusive here" – the issue with something like that is not that the devs chose to make a character gay, it's that they have poor writers.

    Basically, his argument boils down to not having a solid definition for what is 'irrelevent politics' and what isn't. Without that solid foundation he cannot remain consistent. Probably because everything is inherently political to some extent, so u can't just say I don't like irrelevenat politics – when a lot of the time the thing that determines it's relevance is whether or not you agree with the statement it's making lol – if you have an issue with a narrative a developer or journalists choses to push/talk about, you make a specific argument against that narrative

  14. The Act Man needs to take control of these journalist outlets and we can watch the SJW's lose their collective shit.

  15. Art is political. If you believe video game is art then it is political. No way around it. Fallout? Political, halo? Political, cod? Political l. Are you stupid?

  16. Literally everything is political, literally everything has always been political. Just because you don't like the politics being discussed doesn't stop a piece of media from being political. Video games don't exist in this magical bubble separate from the real world, which… is filled with politics. There's a variety of problems surrounding the video game industry, from harassment in the work place at places like Riot, legalized gambling in the form of lootboxes, the mental toll of crunch periods, all of these REQUIRE political solutions like unionization and labor laws. And yes people often have their world view informed by politics, and yes as a natural result this often manifests itself in art. This has literally always been the case throughout the entirety of civilization. It doesn't mean that video games cause people to rape and murder, but it does mean that video games are a reflection of the society and the ideologies of the individuals who create them and thus are worthy of analysis from a political perspective.

  17. Far Cry 5 comes to mind, since it's set in rural America, the games "journalist" thought it'd be about "muh Drunpf" but since it wasn't the games "journlaist" REEEEEEEEEEEEEEd like no tomorrow. Fuck off and get YOUR politics out of games.

  18. Halo in a political criticism: "This game is speciest."

    Speaking of black soldiers in WW1. People said that there were no black soldiers in european army during the first world war. But guess what, there were black people in the british, us and french army. I can't remember exactly but maybe also in the german or austrian army but I can't remember that anymore.

    History is always a grey zone.

    Politcizing video games is the worst thing you can do, especially historical games.

  19. Deus Ex, MGS, FF7, Bioshock, Fallout, and Witcher 3 all where very political. Why aren’t you complaining about those games?

  20. I still feel like Battlefield 1 would’ve been cooler and reached more people if they had the Harlem Hellfighters

  21. Everything was, is and always will be political! Books and painting had political messages as early as ancient Greece or Han dynasty China, (mostly subliminal ones so that the artists got to live another day), movies had political messages and sometimes outright pushed propaganda points since their inception (in early cold war Hollywood for example "immoral" characters or characters engaging in vices had to always be clearly shown as morally wrong or punished by the end of the movie for its creation to be approved, and even nowadays American Imperialist wars for oil will still be glorified in many movies) and video games are no different. Yes, obviously columnists posting political opinions about games will often make objectively wrong points, but games, as an artistic medium, are political. Gritty games that proclaim greed as an inherent driving force in human nature (some of the Warhammer ones for example, or the coming Cyberpunk 2077) or which portray mercenaries who kill for profit as "heroes" (Anthem) disseminate very libertarian, minarchist and anarcho-capitalist points of view. Games that tell stories about putting the collective good above personal gain or profit and fighting corporate exploitation or individualistic greed (like, say, Fallout 3 or some of the new Doom games) disseminate socialist ideas. Games like Dishonoured or Just cause rely more heavily on anti-authoritarian and anti-corruption themes, whereas the likes of Call of Duty and plenty of other shooter games sprout American imperialist propaganda every step of the way. Games and their visions will depend on whoever has created them, what kind of message they tried to convey and obviously their personal political, philosophical and religious beliefs, so they already are "political"!

    You claim "Video games are just a medium for normal people to have fun" So, like movies? Are you going to make the point that "Birth of a Nation" or "The Littlest Rebel" weren't racist as well because they were conceived as entertainment? Hell, I loved the Ace Ventura movies back in the 90s and their politically incorrect humour, but I can definitely see how the first movie perpetuated transphobic stereotypes and how the 2nd one could be seen as racist by Buddhists or some African tribes. The point is that you are just being a triggered crybaby who opposes art criticism (freedom of speech) on this matter – there's nothing wrong about enjoying videogames, but people have all the rights to complain about racist/sexist/mysogynistic narratives within them, just as you have a right to rebuff them when they make stupid points.

    How about unrealistic skimpy armour only for female characters in almost all fantasy games? Do you think it is not sexist objectification of women and catering to male audiences that even companies that produce triple A games like Bethesda, Bioware and CD Projekt Red do it? How about playing as a woman in the Russian army in WW1, which some historically illiterate right wingers complained about as well, when there were over 5000 women in gender-segregated battallions of the Russian army alone (plus other women in regular units) in 1917 and two of those, the Perm batallion and the 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death from Petrograd fought on the frontlines? Was including that in a dlc wrong as well just because women shouldn't be represented? Yes, sometimes left wingers make stupid critiques of games as well, and they too have to be called out on it, but games always had political elements in their narrative, and if you think this is just some "new" development it means you were just too immature to understand the nuance and political subtext in your favourite games from "simpler times".

    Last but not least, remember that games are developed almost at all times by capitalist corporations interested solely in making a profit (some indie games excluded of course) – any "bias" you perceive in them is likely the result of a board meeting where the owners and managers decided the game would sell better if they make this or that "politically correct" decision, not them being stupid enough to listen to some online columnist. If you want games to be an accurate reflections of the artistic vision of their creators (programmers, writters, animators etc) and not plagued by imposed corporate decisions, rushed deadlines, microtransactions and scrapped content or concepts considered not good for sales by financial advisors then you could always support the workers themselves owning the gaming corporations as cooperatives rather than our current corrupt hierarchical system…

  22. According to Google there’s over 150 million people who play video games

    So technically what there saying is that all those millions of people (which some of whom are successful people btw) are fat psychotic lowlifes who live in there moms attic? I don’t think so…

  23. Hey, how about this? If a creator wants to have a message in their artwork, they can do that. But 3rd parties shouldn't decide that this product is poor because it doesn't appeal to the messages they are interested in.

  24. you gamers are te scum of the earth and war is coming to you; I am taking this to the streets where talk to people face to face and bring the law against you

  25. if there's one thing that's changed so rapidly, it's videogames.

    Not just videogames, but technology as a whole.

    There's always that cliché of the parent who doesn't understand technology.

    But do you think that there will be this big of a gap between old and young in the future? is it even possible at this point for something new to come and change our lives in a short time?

    Will we be able to relate to our kids in the future, or will the cycle repeat itself?

  26. history: a brave group of norwegian soldiers disable/destroy german nuclear weapons
    ea: an 18 year old girl doing the same but killing an entire battalion worth of fucking soldiers

  27. We all know these S.J.W's femenit' politicals and relegous zealots get payed to say this stupid shit(please like or comment if you agree)

  28. Parents fear that apex legends will make their kids transgender

    Almost all modern games have a girl protagonist not saying older ones didn't take for example Metroide revealing that Samus was a girl

  29. "Steam encourages school shootings because it had School Shooter Simulator. Steam needs more regulation." I guess Amazon is full of communists since it sells Communist Manifesto

  30. And this is why people think all Americans are dumb. Ever notice social justice in video games isn't as much of an issue in other western nations?

  31. Honestly, I'd rather just see the game do something less historically accurate as long as the media fucking leaves us alone. I'm not sure I'd it's the right move but I just feel that it might benefit both parties

  32. I thought you meant politicizing as in games like Civ and Total War. Never mind not offended. Keep at it Act Man!

  33. I get where you're coming from, and I agree that games, same as movies, comedy, etc, etc. is overpolitized. And indeed, there are a lot of people, and it is a majority when considering people who write walls of text about politic stuff in video games, that just like to complain, like to find a mistake, like to feel that they said something intelligent about everything. Too opinionated.

    That said, though, you can't just say "don't care about anything at all". Games can be racist in a bad sense, can be sexist in a bad sense, and it is something that's worth paying attention to. And, more importantly, you may not realize that they are because you are indoctrinated into it, even if you don't think you are. Racism and sexism (and all other toxic cultural stuff) are often not obvious.

    So, all in all, I agree, probably all the examples (didn't pay attention to all of them) that you give are indeed retarded and people should not be complaining about that. But that doesn't mean that games get a card free from jail where they can do whatever they want and because they're for fun then they're never promoting dangerous culture. Look at an example of my own. In Doom 3 you have all these PDAs of all these people and you read their emails and so on. Well, I noticed that 99% of them are males. I think there is literally just one female in the PDAs. Is this sexist? Yes, it is. Is it a big issue? No, it isn't. But it's worth pointing out, because it would be better if it wasn't like that, because if you play Doom 3, and read all of these corporate emails, and all of them are males, your subconscious is going to associate corporate with male, and then when a woman is in a corporate environment or wants to be, your subconscious will kick in and make you feel that is awkward, that that is not how it should be. This is not an evil thing that you do, it's your subconscious working out.

    But the point is that these things will ALWAYS happen. Not because people are evil, not because they're bad at doing things, but because it is basically impossible to be "neutral". There's not even a definition for what "neutral" means. So, is Doom 3 sexist in that almost all of its PDAs are from males? Yes, it is. Would it be better if it wasn't? Yes, it would. Is it a big deal? No, it isn't. Should we boicott Doom 3 or id? Fuck no. Are they evil people trying to go against feminism? No, they're not. It's most likely that they didn't think much about that and their own biases produced by other games / movies / (even reality itself) kicked in. It's just good to pay attention to it and try to do it better, without going on a huge rant.

    And then there is when games are just blatant about something, when they're even making fun of it. Take Doom and violence, for example. Or Duke Nukem and sexism. It's just there as a central point, it's kind of the point in the game. Believe it or not, these are the least dangerous of all, and are in fact helpful against those same things they're being blatant about. Because it's a joke in and of itself, and makes people realize how ridiculous it is for Duke Nukem to go around being a sexist asshole. Now people who are like him in reality become a joke: "Look at him, he's like Duke Nukem, what an ass". The problem (but still, most of the time a small problem) is when it's subtle. But we're not "getting rid of it".

  34. Since when does anyone in the right mind look at a story with no political agenda. And think that it needs to be shoehorned in there? And if games did make people sexist, racist, homophobic, and violent. Then why not the same with books, tv, movies, magazines and even religion? I know this has been said numerous times. But it is still relevant.

  35. Breathing is sexist and racist because it implies that women and blacks… are needy
    So we all need to stop breathing

  36. Great video Act Man. You made very great points and I totally agree that games should stop being politicized.

  37. Attention echo chamber of fanatics and act man himself. I don't understand why we can't have these discussions. You all know people like act man had the same problem with allowing blacks and other job whites being in Hollywood and being portrayed in films. I feel most of you would defend birth of a nation which caused the revival of the kkk in the 20th century.

  38. "In these video games is the Devil."

    Me: (This guy's referring to DOOM) Well of course what do you expect, the game DOOM expects you to kill demons, it's not a christian nursery rhyme sing along for kids.

  39. Every game logic
    Main antagonist: Black dictator in africa and mass slsughtered 50k blacks and caucasians.

  40. That comment is disturbing, how am I supposed to learn history from a game that CHANGES HISTORY they took a real story in the campaign that was achieved by 6 brave male commandos, and simply for “equality”, they took them out in favour of 2 chicks… how am I supposed to learn about history with that?

  41. Sorry have to disagree with you politics literally have no bearing on how to run a country people just make it harder by arguing over minor issues which should be handled by local governments

  42. Developers are ¨politicizing¨ video games because gamers like you dont seem care about politics outside of video games unless you only care about video games then you must not care about politics at all. People like you say that you dont care about politics in your games yet get upset about censoring symbols like swastikas and not having historical accuracy (And By The Way Your Textbooks Are Created And Organized By the Government Which Makes These Arguments Political) while 100 percent of history is about politics since everything about history is about countries and wars which are started by politicians. Jesus Christ, You types of gamers are hypocritical. God Have Discipline And Enlightenment On Your Soul. Shut up and care about something important and useful for once and stop being so ignorant and careless

  43. I have learning disabilities and video games are a place where I can be whatever I can be. I could be Batman,a hitman,a knight or even an upgraded version of myself. When video games are politicized they always mention race or misrepresentation, now if someone like me or someone with something other than Autism like Down Syndrome the media would back video games up. It's an Agenda they have to imprint on absolutely everyone.

  44. I love that parents say that it should be like 2 hours of gaming everyday for kids,I was a kid and didn’t play as much video games as I do now,Literaly I was stupid and depressed without video games,But now I feel happy just playing video games and interacting with people and just talking in general,I am happy with video games,My parents have told me that video games just make you dumber and waste time,I literally am smart now I have straight A’s in school and I read a lot,There’s time for everything honestly and parents are being tricked that video games are dangerous for kids

  45. I can agree with this. Bought battlefield 5 regardless of the agendas. I played it and didnt like it! Not because of the political shit, but because i expected the gameplay to be just as good as bf1 and it wasnt. Also because it didn't have harcore servers like bf1 did ?

  46. I feel you but for everything else as well as video games like marvel movies i get sick of it FROM BOTH SIDES everytime i go on thw internet i see some bullshit video abouy how marvel is going "woke" and even video games going "woke" its like when people do something different like having woman or black people they think "oh shit sjw and feminist propaganda" i get why they say it and judge it but when they so anything different its just annoying.

  47. 1:25 & that's why, the government wants to ruin Videogames for us! All because it has massive potential to unite people from all walks or runs of life❣ Assuming Videogames haven't united us already?

  48. Bruh video games have always been political. Just look at Final Fantasy vii. It's literally a game about eco-terrorism and class inequality.

  49. You manna make an FPS with female badasses in it? That’s okay! That’s perfectly fine! JUST DON’T SET IT IN WORLD WAR II!

  50. I agree. And I look forward to how Doom Eternal will rub politics in the mud. Remember those holograms? "Remember, the term 'demon' is offensive. Please refer to them as 'mortally challenged' instead." Also, maybe politicization in games needs to get worse in order to get gone. People not only are annoyed by politics anyway, but the political ideals shoved in our faces in games are ones that look like something you want to support on the surface when listening to an orator, but when games actually show us these things in action we go "Woooooah no no no no! That's messed up!" So, in backfiring like that, people will turn against the loudest assholes in politics, and thereby shut up the politicization in games and hopefully movies as the loud nonsense will no longer be popular (or think it is, anyway).

  51. are you saying people should not be allowed to talk about politics in games?

    and here i thought the right were the ones who supported more free speech

  52. I have a question, not being a smart ass but I never really thought about it until a lil while ago and now: what has SJWs accomplished?

  53. Remember ladies and gentlemen, vote with your wallets. Don't give these fucks your money, don't let them take another inch of ground.

  54. I have to say that i don't when women scream in BF5, its so damn noisy and dramatic. Im like "Could you die in silence, please?".

  55. The funniest part about peeople complaining about black people being in video games is that 95% of the people complaining about it aren't Fucking black people. We legit don't give a fuck because it isn't important.

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