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November 17, 2019

Hey guys! I am going to take the airport train to… Gardermoen, but first I need to But first, I will meet my mom. The fire alarm went off here at Oslo S Everyone has to go outside. Yes we should go outside. Okay guys, we have passed the security control We’re now waiting for the plane When does it leave? In 40 minutes I was so lucky that I got myself a cinnamon bun. Delicious! And a smoothie. Chill *Beep beep There’s the plane! Okay guys, so we have just arrived Bergen We will now get picked up by a taxi. The aircraft worked. It went well Now we’ve just got something to eat Then, we will put on some make-up Now I’m backstage here at the “Stian Blipp Show” You can look around here Thanks a lot Yes, so we sit here and really just chill There is also a TV there Where you can see what happens Then there are someone here, so we must be very quiet. The producers who are doing stage shows, editing and cuting. – Then I think that (laughter in the background) Hey, Hey! They will just continue now I think it will be a very good show I’ll just enjoy. Very nice to be here. He’s a star on Youtube He just won the “Youtuber of the year” award.. Please welcome Herman Dahl -Welcome!
-Thank you Was that a “dab” I just saw there? -That was a dab. Yes, that was a dab,.
-Yes, that was a dab. Do you know what a dab is? I’m a little less familiar with him than you. I noticed it. -Hopefully
-Yes, it’s a dab. It was a dab. Dab. Now, we just turned 700 years old Dab … But like we say, if I do that.
Walla, or something like that My son will say: don’t do that No but, Herman, you … Shouldn’t do that .. Herman, you… You just won “YouTuber of the year” during Gullsnutten, which is a televised awards ceremony for entertainers on the internet. You have a Youtube channel with over 8 million views on your videos And you’ve already been the host of a talk show. How old are you? -14
-Amazing Okay, it’s a wrap people Mom, you saw the show. How did you feel that it went? It was very fun, Herman -Thank you!
-Yes, very very good I was very nervous earlier, because I realized then that I had never been on an actual TV interview before. But it was really fun! Now we’ll take a night train, which we’ve never done before. The train ride takes like 7 hours. From Bergen to Oslo Then we will get picked up by dad in the morning, before we go straight to school. I think it will be tough, but please come and join me I rarely take the train, and at least the night train …
With wifi! Hah ….
– Hey! Hey! -Goodbye! (Girl in the background)
-Okay, good bye! Have fun It’s kind of Harry Potter-style. I think that it’s going to be a bit creepy here, in a way. Now, the time is a quarter past ten Which room did we have? That was perfect.
Oh, it was a bit cramped here. It’s pretty cramped, but it’s fine to sleep here. I actually think that it’s going to be comfortable to sleep when the train is driving That it shakes a bit and stuff We’ll see. I think I’m going to be a little bit tired in the morning However, we’ll deal with that then Now, I go for a pepsi max and then I’ll eat a sausage Okay, so the time is now… It’s 11 minutes past 12 am I am really tired now. I’ll just take a quick little piss Okay, so before I was at the “Stian Blipp Show” They put make-up on me, and I must take that off before I go to bed If I don’t then …. What happens if I don’t take it off before I go to bed, mum? -Then you will get pimples and stuff Then, there will be pimples and ball hair I actually think that it could be comfortable to sleep like this. When you were a baby, they cradled you in a stroller You kind of get that baby feeling Now the blue rings, under my eyes, appears again Good night -Good night people Sleep tight Okay, so I’ll turn off the light I see you tomorrow. Then I surely will be tired Oh no. I pushed the asistanse button What? Okay, no. It went well Good night Good morning guys, the time is 6:30 am I’m tired Yesterday was absolutely incredible I didn’t fall asleep for an hour yesterday Then my mother snored Therefore, I had to use Earplugs It was like … Wow.. It was like sitting on a rollercoaster My whole body just went back and forth It could actually make you a bit noxious Now I’m heading back to school
We are going to get picked up by dad I have to put on some clothes Quickly I have to prepare a 30 minutes long Spanish conversation, that I will perform tomorrow Wish me good luck
Then I’ll have to edit this vlog I think that I can do it All the passengers has gone out of their room But me and mummy… goes now! Good bye Oslo Central Station Thanks for now Incredibly cool to be a guest on the “Stian Blipp Show” Everyone involved in the production, were amazing Really nice people, and I felt like they were very good at helping me Like, are you ok? And stuff.
There’s nothing to be nervous about Just talk as if you were in someones living room It was also incredibly cool to try out the night train I don’t know if I will do it again It took a long time to fall asleep, and when I woke up, it felt like I had been sleeping for only two seconds Anyway people, if you liked this vlog. Leave a like. If you want more, please leave a comment. You may have watched the Stian Blipp show by now Please subscribe to this channel And to my extra channel: Herman Dahl Extra You can see it in the upper right corner now I am back every Tuesday and Friday at 3:00 PM (15:00) Hola Senorita, now it’s time to practice my Spanish Then I’ll edit this Good bye, I love you

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  1. Utrolig rått å dra til Bergen og å kunne være gjest i Stian Blipp Show!
    Fikk du ikke med deg programmet i går kveld?
    Det sendes på reprise på TV 2:
    – Fredag 21.April 23:50
    – Søndag 23.April 22:40

    Ellers kan du se det på TV2 Sumo (krever betalt abonnement):

  2. Ilove you?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤❤❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?

  3. Hva skjer hvis man ikke tar av………? Mamma: da blir det kviser og sånt da. Herman: ja da blir det kviser og balle hår da?? #2017?? 07:10❤️?

  4. Jeg skjønner ikke hvordan du orker, rekker og ikke blir drit stressa av alt sammen jeg. Du har skole, redigering, ting som stian blipp show og andre tenårings ting. Jeg går også på 9.trinn og er helt utslitt liksom. Det blir satt stor respekt og mye creds til deg som klarer og ordne med alt det her. Fortsett som nå, og stå på. Du er helt sjuk ass! <3

  5. Jeg så deg på XXL i dag og du sa halla bro!Jeg er så glad at jeg ikke kommer til å få sove i natt!:) Herman jeg håper at du ser denne og elsker denne kommentaren så er jeg lykkelig uansett hva som skjer.Jeg så at du eller en venn kjøpte et pennyboard, eller i vert fall så på det. Hilsen Mythrian.

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