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Steve Scott – Hunting for Meat

November 29, 2019

You must know the facts to preserve our sport.
Preserving the Heritage with Steve Scott. Hunters hunt for many different reasons; to
spend time with family and friends, for sport and recreation, and to be close to nature,
just to name a few. But a recent Responsive Management survey revealed the single most
important reason hunters now go afield, a full 35% indicated going for “the meat” as
their largest motivator, which is up from 22% in 2006. So why is “bringing home the
bacon” such a motivating factor for hunters these days? The reasons vary. Many hunters
indicated “affordability” of game meat as a motivating factor. And sure, on the surface,
bringing home a freezer full of venison seems like a windfall for the sportsman…I have
told myself that lie on many occasions as well. But when you open the calculator function
on your smartphone and add the costs of acquiring your game; the license, tags, fuel, equipment,
and often, lodging and butchering expense, the cost of those backstraps and tenderloin
are probably in the kobe beef price range, or beyond. But there is more to it than just
cost. The health benefits of wild game are well known. Lean, healthy protein , containing
no artificial flavors, colors, antibiotics, or partially hydrogenated anything is a nutritional
upgrade from what is available at the local super center. In addition, most hunters’ game
is acquired locally, usually within 50 miles of their residence, which is very much in
keeping with the growing locavore movement. But I suspect there is another reason acquiring
meat has always been such an important motivator for hunters. Harvesting game to provide for
one’s family is an innate human instinct that is one of the primary reasons our species
is here today. To eat, one must kill. It is an inviolable law of Nature. Yet in today’s
modern world, many Americans choose to ignore this, having others to do their killing for
them, while they slander hunters as they masticate a NY strip. Hunters hunt for a variety of
reasons, but we all share one: it’s part of Man’s nature to be part of Nature. If you
would like more information on this or other issues that are important to hunters, follow
me on Twitter at SteveScottTV or at slash Safari Hunter’s Journal, and until next
time, know the facts and keep preserving the heritage.

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