Steelcase Gesture and Leap V2 Office Chairs – First Impressions on $1000 ergonomic task chair
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Steelcase Gesture and Leap V2 Office Chairs – First Impressions on $1000 ergonomic task chair

August 30, 2019

The Steelcase Leap and Gesture are some of
the most recommend offices chairs in the market but what makes them so special? Is it more comfortable? Does it have more adjustments? Is it built to last longer? Maybe it’s a bit of everything. So I tested them out for a couple hours to
see how they compare and if they might be worth it for me. Hi I’m David these are my first impressions
on the Steelcase Leap V2 and Gesture office chairs. So a quick disclaimer, I only tested these
chairs for a couple hours by visiting a nearby POI business interiors. So while I won’t be able to give any long
term impressions on them. I’ll give you my thoughts on what you should
test for yourself if you try them at a showroom near you. First let’s start with the Adjustable features
on the Steelcase Gesture Starting with the basics. Adjusting the seat pan depth is a pretty important
feature for me. On the Gesture this can be easily changed
with this knob here forward and back. Adjusting the seat height works well like
any other chair I’ve tested. The back rest doesn’t lock into a reclined
position but you can limited how far back it will recline, and you can also adjust the
tension of the recline for a softer or stiffer movement. By default the gesture doesn’t include an
adjustable lumbar support which I would probably like to have but even without it, it’s still
pretty supportive and comfortable. The arm rests with the Gesture are probably
the standout feature. This Gesture is equipped with the Fully Adjustable
Arm option. And they’re easy to adjust, they twist in
and out, forward and back, and work really nicely whether you’re using them or pushing
them out of the way. And finally the headrest on this gesture is
an extra accessory but I personally really like having a headrest for the most comfortable
chair experience. The headrest is height adjustable and can
also be tilted up or down which is really nice. But I would have liked if it could go up a
little higher for my head but as is it’s still really comfortable and I really like
it. The Steelcase Leap V2 works a little differently
with all the adjustments. It has the same basic features like height
adjustment. An adjustable seat pan depth that requires
a little more effort to adjust than the Gesture. The back again doesn’t lock in a reclined
position but you can limit how far back the recline will go, and adjust the tension of
the recline. The Leap does by default include an adjustable
lumbar support so you can really dial in the exact spot based on the curve of your back. And you also have an additional knob to adjust
the firmness of the lower back support for that added customization. With the fully adjustable arms on the Leap
you have the ability to move them up, down, in, out, forward and back which is good enough
for me, but the Gesture chair is definitely a lot more flexible with the arms. The Leap can also be purchased with the headrest
option. But it’s only height adjustable and doesn’t
tilt like it does on the Gesture. So just in terms of features between the Gesture
and the Leap V2 each of them has their advantage and just really depends on which features
are more important to you. But next let’s talk about comfort which
is really subjective and take a grain of salt because it’s hard to give my full impressions
without testing these chairs over a long period of time. The cushion padding on both the Gesture and
Leap are really comfortable. I find the padding on the Leap just a little
softer and with the rounder seat cushion design it’s more comfortable if I’m going to
cross my legs on the seat. Both of the chairs include the 3D LiveBack
that supports my back really comfortably. But the included adjustable lumbar support
and the ability to adjust the lower back firmness makes it just a little better for dialing
it all in on the Leap. Also when you recline the back on the leap
the seat pan moves forward which I find comfortable since it keeps the lumbar support in the same
spot on my back. But when you compare this to the Gesture the
seat doesn’t move so the lumbar support slides up my back requiring me to reposition
myself slightly for maximum comfort. Some people may or may not like this feature
but I prefer the implementation on the Leap. And the headrest is nice on both of the chairs
but just a little more comfortable on the Gesture because of the extra adjustability. Finally aesthetics. While the Steelcase Leap V2 looks really nice
especially with the extra Platinum or Aluminum frame finish options. I definitely prefer the look of the Gesture. The cleaner modern design with the straight
lines and neat color options. It’s no contest that based on looks I’d
choose the Gesture but the Leap still looks good with its traditional design. So from this initial test. Do I prefer one over the other? I’m leaning slightly to the Leap V2 based
on my initial testing because I find it slightly more comfortable, but this is in no way conclusive
and both of the Chairs have their advantages and are built really well. But thanks to POI business interiors for letting
me test out these chairs. And let me know in the comments if you have
any personal experience with these chairs, but hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Wish I were rich like James P. Keane and President Trump so I could afford a $3000 Steelcase Leap WorkLounge chair for my 50th birthday, but only the rich can have such luxuries.

  2. I love my leap but the thing that bothers me is that my ass keeps sliding down. I tried the Herman miller embody and the automatic backward tilt seems to prevent it. I see they made the gesture behave similar to the embody. But probably the ultimate way would be to make the seat tilt and shift forward at the same time. The headrest on the leap is a hack and it doesn't work that well for me. It's a bit to far back and when I recline it tends to click down because I'm taller than average. Overall I like the feel of the embody best but it does not have a head rest. Sometimes I like resting on the chair and listening to music and for that a headrest is essential.

  3. Hi David, great review, I went to test out both those chairs a couple of years ago at the same POI location you went to but didn't pull the trigger because of the price at the time for me. I personally like the looks on the Gesture as well but comfort wise, the Leap V2 is the one to go for me. Now, I'm back on the market and I've discovered that Steelcase has another chair which has a similar feature to the Leap V2, and it's called Amia. Would you be able to do a review on the Amia and maybe compare them to the Leap V2 and Gesture? Thank you!

  4. I have a Leap v1 and v2 both are great. Actually prefer the more padded armrests on the v1 but the looks of the v2. Gesture seat is harder and not as comfortable for all day use imo

  5. I bought gesture chair..1 week now , itโ€™s comfortable but when i lean back for a long time my tailbone hurts lil bet..

  6. Got a leap v2 for like 350 only 6 months old all the stickers on it when a local business went out. They had 4 chairs, 2 of them were scuffed and 2 of them were mint you couldn't tell they were ever used! I ended up with a blue and black combo which looks amazing. This chair is soo worth it. I was about to drop the 1000usd and then just checked reddit and got super lucky! I got the Blue and Black I wanted in mint condition for 1/4 of the price! maybe even less. There are deals out there, if you're patient enough and live near or in a bigger city, you can find them!

    edit: I was reading down the comments and noticed people talking about used and refurbished. There's a big difference there. If the chair was refurbished by a third party it is NOT the same chair it once was. It was damaged in someway (these chairs don't break unless they are dropped down a flight of stairs btw or someone weighing 350lbs+) which in that case you don't want that specific chair. If it's used and has all original working parts.. that's the one you want. Make sure they steam clean it or you do the same and make sure everything feels firm and not worn. Scratches are whatever unless they are on the armrests which are super soft so you want to keep those fresh. There are near mint, barely used leap v2s out there that offices blow there budget on and keep stored in the back for years til they sell them and buy new ones again in a few years. You can get lucky, just look around and be patient. And head my warning about refurbished. You're much better off to get a barely used one with all original parts and materials. This chair is built to last. I've seen ones that are 4 years old and taken care of and look near mint! Let alone feel mint forever. This chair is 10/10

  7. Nice, there is a POI business interior near me, I am going to be booking an appointment. I think you might live nearby lol, wish I could enlist you to help set up my gaming room. I seriously need a more ergonomic setup, been watching your videos and its inspired me to buy a more ergonomic chair, and one day a desk that can switch between sitting and standing.

    Thanks for the video.

  8. Great review, very through! I'm currently in the market for a top tier office chair after realizing I spend 50+ hours a week sitting in it for work/home use. I've recently tried these and some of the herman miller models. Both companies seem to make top notch products. If anyone is looking I can't recommend enough GO TRY THEM IN PERSON.

    To people that say they're too expensive… I'd just point out plenty of people spend a lot of money on a car or a bed. They're worth the price in my opinion if you are going to spend roughly 1/3 of your day in it and care about potential long term back issues.

    I'm leaning towards the Gesture and adding the lumbar support option. It doesn't sound like much but the arm motion is just amazing and seems to put the Gesture over the top for me.

  9. Do they make standing desk versions of these? Really like the idea of a nice ergo chair, but I also would like a standing desk, partially for storage clearance underneath, and because I'd like a tall workbench for other projects like building PC's, RC vehicles, working on guns, etc. Reason for this multi-usability necessity is because I live in a studio apartment. 11 feet by 19 feet is all I get to myself, not including the shared bathroom, separate shared shower, and shared kitchen with the other two tenants.

  10. The Armrest for the Steelcase Gesture in this video is a really good style. The disappointment now is when I go to the website now in 2019 April they have a new version for the armrest and that looks worst. Steelcase if you read this "why did you change the design for the armrest." The design you have in this video is excellent. I hope you can bring back the design you see in this video or make it an option for this old style armrest just as you have the option to buy the chair with a head rest or without.

  11. I was able to snag a leap V2 for 60dlls. This guy had gotten them from an office that was remodeling. He didn't know what he had, so of course I snagged one. Verified with the model number on the bottom of the seat and it was legit.

  12. I just bought the gesture after contemplating for 4 years, my search for the perfect office chair is over. my previous chair was the 19 years old leap v1

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