Steamed Toast [SFM]
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Steamed Toast [SFM]

December 28, 2019

Hello again, you fat-headed fat man! Ah! Good day, Spy Let us begin. It’s tea time Yes. Oh, no! Balogne, it is very bad. But, Heavy will get sandwich from the Scout. It is good idea! Heavy? Spy! It is time to dance. On the window! Heavy does this move, then this move! I do believe your oven has burst into flames No! It is steam, from the steamed roast As promised, Heavy will now put sandwich in your mouth What? You said steamed roast. No! I said steamed toast. It is what I call sandwich. You call your precious sandwich steamed toast? Yes! This is Russian Well, in my home, no one calls a sandwich No! Is Russian! Okay! Very nice You know, this sandwich tastes like Scout’s Oh no. I promise you, it is Heavy’s steamed toast. You steamed toast? Yes! And you call it steamed toast, but the bread is clearly fresh …I think… …You are… Wait! Yes, yes Very good, I am full of sandwich! Well, I’m going to– Good lord! What the hell is that? Engineer’s teleporter Engineer’s teleporter? At this time of year At this time of the day In this part of the map Placed here, in your home? Yes Can I please see it? No! Bloody fire! No! The burning you feel? It is teleporter Well, you are an amateur and a fool But your steamed toast is excellent! I’m burning!

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  1. okay Winglet, whatever you say.
    (keep in mind that this dude makes cartoons about killing each other due to having a different colour)

  2. Let’s all just appreciate how much time and effort was put into this video, the flawless animation is awesome and the voices put together couldn’t have been better. This stuff takes some serious dedication, well done m8!

  3. YouTube: greetings winglet I made it here despite your location.
    Winglet: ah YouTube I hope you’re ready for a unforgettable video!
    YouTube: yes
    Winglet: walks in to film room
    Winglet: the original steamed hams audio is ruined!!
    Winglet: looks at Tf2 voice lines
    Winglet:what if I put Tf2 voice lines with my video? Oh winglet you devilish YouTuber!
    Winglet: starts to get Tf2 voice lines
    YouTube: WINGLET!!!
    Winglet: oh YouTube I was just seeing if my video was ok and-
    YouTube: your audio is missing from the video.
    Winglet: oh no I was just starting to add that for the video.
    YouTube: walks out
    Winglet: Grabs Tf2 voice lines
    Winglet: I hope you’re ready for a great video of steamed toast!
    YouTube: I thought you said we would be watching steamed hams.
    Winglet: oh no I said “steamed toast” that’s what I call steamed hams.
    YouTube: well from what I searched up it says nothing about “steamed toast”.
    Winglet: it’s a new word going around.
    YouTube:well I enjoyed that video so I’ll be, god lord what’s happening in there!?
    Winglet: hackers.
    YouTube: hackers? At this kind of website. At this time of the day. At this time of the year? You have hackers in there?
    Winglet: yes
    YouTube: can I look?
    Winglet: no.
    YouTube well that was a good video that was well made.
    Hoovy tube: winglet there is voice files in the house!
    Winglet: no Hoovy that’s just the hackers!!

  4. Did anybody notice the Demo/Sniper pair from ItalianNinja’s Requiem for a Pizza: The Meeting and the hanging Spy from Antoine Delak’s Heavy is Dead video in the intro background?

  5. Anyone see the reference to "Requiem for a Pizza: The Meeting" at the very beginning

    Also did anyone take a moment to pause at 1:39 to admire the artwork.

  6. When heavy said I will take sandvich from scout he also referred to the meet the scout where scout takes heavy’s sandvich after beating him

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