Steam Workshop | How To / Tutorial – Downloading & Playing Content

October 7, 2019

Welcome to the Steam Workshop
How To / Tutorial Video As a content creator on the Steam Workshop
we see and get this question a lot! And that’s why ladies and gentlemen, this video was created! The following will be explainerino in this video. And that is..
– What is the Steam Workshop? And what do you need? How to find or get to the Steam Workshop? How to subscribe or download the content? How to play the content? And how to unsubscribe from content? If you know everything already, then this video is most likely not something for you! Now, what is the Steam Workshop? The workshop consists of ‘DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT’, for your game which are made by the community, you could see this as DLC which at the time of making this video is completely FREE, because we might see some paid content in the future. So, what do you need for all this? Well, you need a Steam Account obviously and the Steam Client, to download and keep the content up to date. You also need a game on Steam, which supports the Steam Workshop. How to get to the Steam Workshop? There are a few ways, to get to the Steam Workshop And I’ll be showing you two of them One of them, is by going to the Steam Client or browser And then you hover over community with your mouse And then you can click on Workshop From here on out, you have to search for the games Workshop, with the search function Another way, is to go to your game library,
and then click a game And then you can click workshop there And this will bring you directly to the workshop of that game. Now the most important thing: How to download or subscribe to content on the Steam Workshop You probably know how to subscribe to a channel on YouTube. Now the Steam Workshop is no different You can go to a workshop page,
and click ‘subscribe’.. just like that! Now you are subscribed And the content, will be downloaded by Steam, and kept up to date automatically. As a bonus, you can help out the creator by liking the map, and of course favoring and or sharing it but of course only, if you think the content is worth it! you can also check out all the content, a creator has ever released to the workshop By clicking on the name here And even follow a creator by clicking on the follow button Now you will get a post in your activity feed, whenever the creator releases something new to the workshop. How to play the content and for example, we have a CS:GO map here,
now let’s try out the CS:GO map the just subscribed to Launch CS:GO when you are in the main menu, go to ‘PLAY’ and then ‘OFFLINE WITH BOTS’ or if you want to play with friends chose that option. Now go to the ‘WORKSHOP’ tab, and click the map
All you have to do now is click GO! If it happens you don’t see the map, you can click on the ‘REFRESH’ button over here it might also help to restart your CS:GO or Steam Client if that fails. How to unsubscribe from content To find everything you are subscribed to you will want to go back to the Steam Workshop page, as shown earlier But this time you might have to scroll down just a little bit, and click on ‘YOUR WORKSHOP FILES’ Now you can click on ‘SUBSCRIBED ITEMS’ on the right, and this will show all the content you are subscribed to. Simply click ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ if you no longer want this content. I hope this video helped you out, and that it was easy enough to follow and did not go too fast. Because there is sure some nice content to find on the Steam Workshop So what are you waiting for, go explore the workshop.. and subscribe away! and if you have found something nice, you can always share it in the comments below. Feel free to subscribe, like and share this video with anyone, that doesn’t know about the Steam Workshop yet. I hope to see you in the next video.. Good bye!

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