Steam Winter Sale 2018 – Best Deals On Indie Games
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Steam Winter Sale 2018 – Best Deals On Indie Games

November 30, 2019

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming
and welcome to another steam winter sale video when this one will look at some
indie games I’ve tried to combine all the different genres within the indie
category so episodic games puzzle games platformers things like that I’ve tried
to combine all of them and I also tried to add some newer games this time
there are few well-known games in here but for the most part there should be
some interesting hidden gems lets say First up we have Ken Follett’s The
Pillars of the Earth so this is sort of like a episodic type game three books
based on the bestseller Pillars of the earth and it’s a 60% off of 599 rupees $11.99
I have this one haven’t had the chance to play it but it looks very good
and the play time is about 15 hours from this was pretty good then we have Cuphead again very
well-known everybody knows about this doesn’t go on a big sale at is 25% off
which is as to as it has been so far overwhelmingly positive reviews
difficult platformer $14.99 and 424 rupees
a hat in time another popular 3d platformer recent 45% off four hundred
rupees and $16.49 Hollow Knight another difficult
Metroidvania 34% off 316 rupees $9.89 doesn’t
go more than this on sale and it’s the same again overwhelmingly positive Far
lone sails so this is a new game I played this I’ve done a bit of lets play
as well and it’s a very nice looking game atmospheric and where you move this
giant vehicle across the map and there are some puzzles to solve but basically traveling
so 298 rupees and $9.74 then we have steel rats this is a platformer
with motorcycles again something I played very recently and this is 50% off
264 rupees $9.99 Epistory typing Chronicles
so this is a game where you type and actions happen so it’s not a typing
tutor as such but basically you press the commands and things happen the
interesting game again overwhelmingly positive reviews 67% of 263 rupees
$4.94 AER memories of old and then the
adventure exploration game where you basically turn into a bird and fly
around 50% of 239 rupees $7.49 Shift quantum so this is a another
indeed puzzle platformer type game where we basically can shift the level itself
so you can turn it upside down inside out that sort of things difficult to
explain but it it’s a really nice concept 50% off 264 rupees $9.99
next is Wulverblade this is the casual beat him up 50% off 229 rupees $7.49 Cook, serve, delicious 2 so this is a restaurant same casual management 50%
off 219 rupees $6.49 the spectrum retreat
another first-person puzzle game 50% off 209 rupees $6.49 rise and shine puzzle
platformer once again indie very nice art style 60% off 192 rupees $5.99 Wenjia another atmospheric platformer 50% off 164 rupees $4.49
banner saga so this is the first one turn-based tactical game
80% of 156 rupees $4.99 Party hard so pixel graphics you are
basically trying to get some sleep and there’s a party next door and you have
to go around killing all the party-goers so funny concept 67% of 145 rupees $4.25 oxenfree 75% of 141 rupees $4.99 immortal
Redneck this is a roguelike FPS shooter 75% of 141 rupees $4.19
hidden folks so this is basically that where’s Wolly
/ Waldo type game and 60 percent off 120 rupees $3.19 Hotline Miami 2 wrong
number so another pixel graphics violent difficult game 75 percent off 119 rupees
$3.74 Broforce another pixel art co-op game
75% off 119 rupees $3.74 overwhelmingly
positive once again never alone this is a again a platformer set in Alaska with
local co-op 80% off 96 rupees and $2.99 kingdom classic other pixel-art strategy game 60% off 79 rupees $1.99 60
seconds again post-apocalyptic setting survival game 75% off 75 rupees $2.49 gloom another indie 2-d game 90% off 36 rupees $0.99 so that’s a quick look
at some indie games hopefully you found something interesting here and I’ll try
and make one or two more videos and that should hopefully wrap up the sale and
also want to look at deals elsewhere besides steam because pretty much
everybody is having sales right now so yeah until then thank you see you in the
next one

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