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Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Survival Games

November 7, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another steam winter sale 2017 video in this video I’ll be looking
at some survival games now these are not survival horror games or survival games
with base-building but like a mixture of everything so I
tried to have like a balance between different types of survival games so
yeah let’s begin this is also a request by the way first up we have Ark survival
evolved and this I believe recently came out of early access and overall it’s got
mixed reviews but recently it’s got mostly positive reviews so that’s a good
sign this looks good I’ve sort of followed it
for the last few years since it’s been in alpha and it seems to be getting
there so hopefully it’s good and this is 60% off down to $23.99 next up a famous
game this is don’t starve and as you can see very positive reviews and
overwhelmingly positive reviews this is a very hard game from what I understand
I’ve always been interested in getting this but somehow never managed to so this
is 75% off down to $3.74 pick this up this looks very good next we have 60 seconds
now this is a sort of comedy type game based on sort of parody of fallout I’m
not sure if this a parody is the right word basically you have 60 seconds to
gather supplies as quickly as you can before a nuke hits and take your family
take some items and get down to your bunker and try and survive as long as
possible so that is the objective here looks interesting this is 50% off town –
$4.99 next up is salt which is a pirate exploration adventure type game and this
recently got multiplayer this is an early access game but as you can see
it’s got very positive reviews this is 50% off down to $7.49 next we have
Ylands ye lands I don’t know how to pronounce this this is a game by Bohemia
Interactive the people behind the ARMA games and I heard about this game at e3
this year and this came out very recently 6th of December it’s in
early access but already it’s got mostly positive reviews 20% off down to $12 and
this is a sandbox type game where you can sort of design your own things
do custom games etc next up we have oxygen not included and this is also a
game by the people behind don’t starve and basically this is a space colony
building game and you have to survive and use technology and grow your colony
in space next up is the long dark another survival game set in the frozen
north I believe Alaska not sure but another exploration survival type game
and I’ve heard very good reviews of this one as well 75% off down to $8.74 I’m
mostly happy that games like these come out of early access so that’s a plus for
me next is flame in the flood in this game
you are basically going down a river on the raft and you have to gather
resources and try and survive so looks really nice this I believe was in a
recent Humble Bundle I forgot to pick it up but it’s definitely something to
check out it’s not that expensive now sixty percent off down to $5.99 next is
this war of mine a well-known game this is the anniversary edition 80% off down
to $3.99 overwhelmingly positive reviews you play as a group of civilians trying
to survive in the aftermath of a war you have to gather food medicine and avoid
others basically next is something slightly different this is dying light
and this is 55% off down to $17.99 now this is not the traditional crafting or
early access type game this is a more of a first-person parkour game with
crafting crafting for your weapons basically no base building great
gameplay and it also has a expansion which is quite significant as well
combined this is 60% off $23.99 I would highly recommend this this is playable
in co-op as well great game and definitely worth a look
finally we have alien isolation now this is probably the only survival horror
type game I’ve mentioned but again this is a survival game very positive reviews
I’ve only heard good things about this 75% off down to $9.99 so that is the
list of survival games I deliberately tried to mix things up and not just have
one type of survival and I’ve got a few more requests to do hopefully I can do
them quickly enough before the sales end and yeah thank you for watching see you
in the next one

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  1. The Long Dark is actually this month on Humble Monthly (link:
    That means that for $12 you get The Long Dark, Quantum Break and Dawn of War III AND some other mystery games. Basically if you are interested in any of these games you would probably be better of buying one humble monthly bundle.

  2. Rust? Also getting the long dark but dunno if I should get it in the Humble monthly or not as I can't refund it, I'm interested in quantum break but don't know much about it

  3. very good list. i currently own dont starve,60 seconds, oxygen not included, the long dark, the flame in the flood, dying light and i can guarantee that all of them are 100% worth it, especially on sales. My favorite game of the list is oxygen not included.

  4. There's also a game called Raft which involves crafting things and expanding your raft. I've also seen another survival game called Bermuda or something which takes place in the Bermuda triangle (I am not sure if this game is on Steam though). Dying Light reminds me of Dead Rising and Dead Island in a way, especially with the weapon crafting and survival parts (plus zombies).

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