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Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Indie Games

October 9, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another steam winter sale 2017 video and in this video I’ll be
looking at some indie games and my aim is to keep them under $5 first we have
guns gore and cannoli this is a 2d side-scroller action platformer
basically and this is a very funny game I’ve played this and I really like this
this is a basically imagine the Godfather mixed with zombies in 2d a lot
of fun and this can also be played in co-op with up to four players so yeah
check it out this is 52% off down to $4.79 the next up we have apotheon an action
platformer a set in ancient Greek and the art style is the appealing thing
here it looks very nice and definitely worth a look this is 75% off down to $3.74
next up we have beholder in beholder you play as a state installed landlord
in a totalitarian state and your job is to spy on tenants and report them so a
very interesting game sort of inspired by papers please and a few other similar
games I’ve done a full let’s play of it and I think it’s a very good game this
is $3.99 60% off next we have cook serve delicious now I mentioned this in the
under $3 video and I’m mentioning here again this is a restaurant sim a bit
casual it reminds me of the old big fish type games but a bit more detailed and
this is 80% off down to $1.99 another of my favorite games this is frederic
resurrection of music director’s cut I’ve also done a full let’s play of this
as well you play as Frederic Chopin who has been brought back from the dead and
your job is to fight against modern musicians in a duel rhythm based music
game so you can either use the keyboard or your mouse to try and play music
basically and this is 90 percent off down to only 59 cents next we have
contrast this is a sort of film noir type action platformer puzzle and this
is a very nice looking game as well 66% off $3.39 I’ve actually bought this game
but I haven’t played this so yeah this might be interesting
next we have a pixel art point-and-click in this is course we’ll be watching this
is 75% off down to $2.49 hero of the kingdom is the next game this is a
casual indie RPG point-and-click and this is 50% off down to $2.99 there is a
second game as well and I believe a third one’s coming as well so if you
like these sort of casual short games definitely have a look this looks really
nice then of course we have papers please one of the best indie games in my
opinion this is 50% off down to $4.99 if you still haven’t played this definitely
pick this up you play as a border agent immigration officer on the border and
your job is to check the papers of everybody coming across the border and
deny them access or give them entry so very interesting game is called like 20
different endings next we have Super Meat Boy another very famous game this
is known for being very hard indie action platformer and this is 90 percent
off down to $1.49 finally we have windward where you have a ship and you go around
in a procedurally generated world doing different tasks and missions etc really
nice game is got mixed reviews recently but I don’t know why that is because I
really liked it and this is 75% off down to $2.49 so that’s it for this video for
the indie games let me know what you think and if you have any more
suggestions please mention them in the comments and I’ll have a look at or some
other requests as well and yeah thank you for watching see you in the next one

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  1. Timestamps/ Games mentioned in this video :
    00:14 Guns, Gore & Cannoli
    00:38 Apotheon
    00:53 Beholder
    01:14 Cook,Serve,Delicious!
    01:30 Frederic Resurrection Of Music Director's Cut
    01:56 Contrast
    02:10 Gods Will Be Watching
    02:18 Hero Of The Kingdom
    02:35 Papers,Please
    02:59 Super Meat Boy
    03:11 Windward

  2. I bought yesterday mount and blade warband and the sims 3 maybe you can make video about great old gems that you have to play it once in your life xD

  3. I assume there's a time limit on the demo versions of the game? I am unsure if there is a time limit to the demo version of the games on Steam. If that makes sense.

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