Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Games Under $1
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Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Games Under $1

November 30, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another steam winter sale 2017 video and in this video we will go
over games for under $1 each now before I begin I got a few comments asking me
why I use dollars as the currency for my videos and the simple answer is just a
matter of convenience like most people are comfortable with dollars they know
what the dollar exchange rates are in their currencies and also if I made a
video saying best games under 67 rupees and a lot of you will be confused so
it’s just for everybody’s convenience really so anyway with that being said
let’s start first up is World of Goo now this is a physics-based construction
type game where you have to use these blobs of goo to make certain objects and
achieve certain objectives in each level so it’s a puzzle game basically buts a
very popular one very well known one and this is for 99 cents next up is shelter
this is an indie game where you play as a mother badger and you have your job is
to keep your cubs safe on your journey through the forest so interesting
looking game I’ve heard good things about this and it’s also a sequel to
this game and you might want to pick them up both because you can get a bit
of a discount for both the games next up tomb raider anniversary now Square Enix
tends to drop prices on a lot of their old games a lot of their tomb raider
games so this is the anniversary game and this is for 98 cents a lot of the
other games are tomb raider games are also under a dollar so you can check them
out if you haven’t played them similarly thief deadly shadows another Square Enix
title this is the third thief game and this is also under $1.00 so I think all
three thief games the early ones are under $1 and even the latest one from
2014 is also not that expensive all the thief games all the hitman games all the
legacy of kain games tomb raider games they’re all very cheap they either most
of them are under $1 or some of them might be a little more thing the hitman
games are a little more like dollar between $1 and $3 roughly so yes
definitely check them out still pretty good games and a lot of fun this is
mostly a stealth game next up is geometry dash this is also 99
cents 75 percent off a very popular game I remember seeing I think the react
channel do kids react on this one and it was a lot
of fun to watch and to play as well it’s quite difficult as well as you can see
overwhelmingly positive reviews next up Psychonauts action-platformer
from double Double Fine productions and also a very popular game as you can see
another overwhelmingly positive game this was free earlier in the year but it’s
only $0.99 now so if you missed it out this would be a good price to pick it up
another game from Double Fine productions
this is costume quest this is also $0.99 90% off and this is a entry level RPG if
you will with turn-based combat fun little game next up is Teslagrad a
platformer indie with puzzle elements looks quite nice and it’s also $0.99
something a little more casual this is the promised land
this is only 69 cents I occasionally like to play these sort of games just
for you know relaxing just use the mouse and click and I used to love those
big fish games back in the day before EA bought them out and this sort of reminds
me of that so it looks like a nice little game and 69 cents worth a try I
think and finally I have to mention a Valve game and this time we are going to
talk about half-life 2 now if you still haven’t played half-life 2 this is
possibly the greatest game ever made in some people’s opinion and this is only
99 cents now Valve tends to drop the prices on their games in every sale and
all the half-life games are under $1 if you haven’t played these games I would say
half-life 2 is still pretty good graphically the first game may look a
bit dated now but this one along with its two expansions episodes is still
pretty good so definitely check it out if you haven’t played this and there’s
also an updated texture pack so that can improve the visuals even more and yes
definitely worth playing if you still haven’t played this so that’s the list
for games under $1 I’m thinking of making a couple more videos I’m looking
at one video for games at their historical lows and maybe something for
a bit more expensive games like bigger titles that are on a good discount so
I’ll make something as well another couple of videos so and if you have any
more ideas or suggestions for games under $1 please do mention them in the
comments and because it’s a bit hard to find good games for under a $1 but yeah anyway
thank you for watching see you in the next one

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  1. Nice
    But you forget the Greatest Cheapest game on Steam
    POSTAL 2
    Postal 2 have Steam Workshop and Tons of Mods only for 0.99$ ^_^ ♥

  2. Timestamps/Games mentioned in this video:
    00:38 World of Goo
    00:57 Shelter
    01:17 Tomb Raider Anniversary
    01:36 Thief : Deadly Shadows
    02:13 Geometry Dash
    02:32 Psychonauts
    02:50 Costume Quest
    03:02 Teslagrad
    03:11 The Promised Land
    03:32 Half-Life 2

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