Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Episodic Games (Story Rich)
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Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Episodic Games (Story Rich)

November 6, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another steam winter sale 2017 video and in this video I’ll be
looking at some episodic games story rich episodic games now I could fill
this list up with just the Telltale games but I’m not going to do that I’ll only
mention a couple of them I’m looking at other similar type games now the format
used by telltale is not exactly the same used by everyone else but they are
similar so you have multiple chapters or episodes or parts and the story
progresses in some of them your choices matter sometimes it’s more of a
point-and-click type game so yeah let’s begin I’ve found some good ones
hopefully you might find them interesting the first one is The Lion’s
Song now this is a pixel art style game with a similar episodic nature there are
four episodes in total and this is also one where there is a bit of choice the
art style here is very very good and this is set during the early 20th
century I believe and in Austria each episode follows a different
character one is a musician then there’s a painter etc and there are all interconnected
stories set in Vienna the first episode is free so definitely check that out
I’ve actually done a lets play for the first episode on my channel the other
three are on a sale and combined they are 30% off down to $6.99 so very unique
looking in a really nice game and definitely worth checking out next we
have Bear With Me this is a three episode series and in this one you play
as a little girl who has lost brother and she’s searching for him with the
help of her Teddy who was a detective Ted E Bear and this is a noir style
point and click game so looks interesting sounds interesting it’s got
very positive reviews episode 1 is 60% off down to $1.99 and bundle for all
three games is $7.97 so if nothing else definitely check out the first episode
and see if you like it next we have The Journey Down and this is for the
chapter one chapter one is ninety percent off down to 89 cents only this
is also a three part series and this is another point and click game with a
Caribbean setting and I believe the third episode came out only recently so
as you can see the third episode is a bit expensive so episode two is $9.99
and the combined trilogy is $23.09 the third episode is the reason why this is
so expensive so maybe just check out the first episode it’s just less than a
dollar and if you like it get the rest when they’re on a sale a bigger sale
next we have King’s Quest now this is a five-part series and this looks really
nice I’ve played the first episode and it’s a nice point-and-click game with a
bit of humor and the graphics and the animations are really nice here this is
a remake of the King’s Quest game and I think this must be like the eighth or
tenth remake by now and yeah like I said the first episode is free the other
combined season pass or the other stuff combined is for twenty dollars and yeah
definitely pick this up this is a very nice game this also has sort of multiple
choices in some of the parts and yeah really nice
I liked it quite a lot next a Telltale Game and I’ve decided to add a couple of
my favorites and first one is The Wolf Among Us obviously there are a lot of
telltale games and this is possibly my favorite overwhelmingly positive reviews
as you can see 75% off down to $6.24 if you don’t know about this wolf among us
is a very unique concept this is based on the fables books comic books and you
follow Bigby Wolf the big bad wolf from fairy tales now in this game the
creatures of famous fairy tales are living in modern-day New York and Bigby
wolf or the big bad wolf he’s the sheriff and they’re not in a good way so
they’re all having problems basically so he has to keep them in line and make
sure they don’t sort of reveal themselves to the normal public so very
unique game this is getting a part two as well as season two which has been
announced for next year so this is something I’m looking forward to so
definitely check this out my favorite telltale series the second
telltale game is the Walking Dead Michonne a miniseries now this is a
three-part miniseries based in The Walking Dead universe this is also I
believe set in on the comic books and this follows Michonne this is not
connected to the story of Clementine but it’s a nice self-contained story in
three episodes and I really liked it this is 70% off down to $4.49 next is a
very unique looking game this is another newer style point-and-click episodic
game three episodes once again this is The Detail a crime adventure and this
also has sort of a comic book style and this is extremely cheap and as you can
see it’s got mostly positive reviews first episode is only $0.49 and the
other two episodes are again 49 each so so a dollar and a half for all three
next is Republique and this is a game that I remember from a few years ago because
at the time this game was having some issues and I believe they had done three
episodes and at the time it seemed that this might not get finished there was a
lot of negative reviews here so I sort of forgot about it left it and I checked
it today and this game has been completed there are five episodes and you
can see it’s got mostly positive reviews and this is 60% off down to $9.99 for
the whole thing and this is basically a stealth game that is it shows the
dangers of surveillance in the modern age basically so sounds very interesting
and since it’s been completed now it it seems to be a good one as well so
definitely check this out if you haven’t played this finally we have Ken
Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth now this is
based on the books and this series is divided into three books each book has
seven chapters the first two books are out already and this is 33% off down to
20 dollars and 9 cents this has been a bit cheaper previously about 50% so down
to $14.99 so you might want to wait if if you want but this looks very good and
once again the visuals art style looks very good and it’s got very positive
reviews and the third book is expected I believe in the first
of 2018 so very interesting and I’m definitely getting this when the third
one comes out so that’s a quick look at some story rich episodic games hope you
found something interesting and I have a couple more requests to do and then
hopefully we’ll wrap this up for the winter sales and yeah thank you for
watching see you in the next one

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  1. I've watched a lot of your videos over the past month or so, so please may I make I suggestion.? Could you try to stop saying "very unique". It's driving me nuts! Either something is unique or it isn't. The "very" is redundant. Thanks and keep up the good work. Happy New Year too 😀

  2. penumbra black plague is episodic imo since the games are like half the length of what you would expect from a full game. Black plague is the second game in the trilogy. There's a bundle, i got it for like 1 dollar. The first game is pretty boring though, and the third game isn't even worth playing. The second game though……is quite the gem, i highly recommend it. Its penumbra: black plague, if need be you can watch the very start and end of the first game (black plague overture) on youtube just to understand the basics leading into ep 2….even then it doesnt matter if you just jump in, all you need to know is who red is and how you got where u start….2 sentences of explanation.

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