Steam Time Board Game by Rüdiger Dorn
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Steam Time Board Game by Rüdiger Dorn

October 7, 2019

Embark on an odyssey through time and around the world in… Steam Time! The year is 1899. Economies are expanding. Populations are booming. The steam engine has mechanized the world. Now electricity is sparking a new era of innovation… and a vigorous race of exploration and conquest has begun! You have been hired by T.I.M.E. The Temporal Institute for Monument Exploration to seek out valuable resources… complete missions, and ultimately win their esteem. You have been equipped with a time-traveling airship… and resources including steam, gold, and mysterious crystals with unusual powers. With these, you must travel through time and around the world… going on expeditions to wondrous monuments… and encountering famous people throughout history. There are multiple ways to earn and use resources towards completing your missions… and earning the ultimate prize: Esteem! Use gold to purchase crystals and power the resource generators in your airship… use crystals to buy airship upgrades… and employ steam to change the color of crystals. But, ever hedging their bets, T.I.M.E. has hired other airship captains as well… pitting you against each other in a desperate race for honor! Over five rounds, you must decide which resources offer you the best path toward victory! In advanced modules, saboteurs and specialist agents stir things up even more. With its unique gameplay and gorgeous artwork, Steam Time is truly a game for the ages! For 2-4 players Ages 12 and up From Thames & Kosmos

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