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Steam Sales and Deals 10th March | Low Budget Gaming

November 19, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to a quick round of some interesting sales and deals at this
weekend and there’s still about two days and a bit to go so I thought I’ll cover
them because there are quite a few interesting games on offer the major
sale for this weekend is from 2k the publisher so I’ll have a few games from
them as well first up we have Qube director’s cut this is a first-person
puzzle adventure game and this is 75% off down to $2.49 however they are also
offering a free weekend free-to-play weekend so you still have about a day
and 10 hours to play this game for free and of course if you end up liking it
you can buy it it’s quite cheap as well and this sort of reminds me a bit of
portal portal 2 so I’ve been interested in this as well so I might try it out as
well so yeah definitely at least try out for free and you might like it
next we have an old game from 2k and this is Sid Meier’s pirates with sea of
thieves coming out and a few more pirate games being announced I thought this
might be a good time to check out one of the old classics this is still a fun
pirate game and since this is quite old now from 2005 it will run out pretty
much anything still have a lot of fun and this is down to 70 there 75% off
down to $2.49 so check it out if you still haven’t played this then we have
something interesting we have spec ops the line a third-person military shooter
but it has a rich story shall we say because I don’t want to give away too
much because that is kinda important you have to try it out because this is a lot
different than the normal games this is 80% off down to $6 also this
game has a demo now I can try and mention these because this is a rare
thing and I appreciate it when games do this so definitely download the demo and
have a look and see if this is something you might like and if you like the
gameplay etcetera and yeah pick it up if you like it another 2K game this is
civilization 5 75% off down to $7.49 and a complete bundle with all the DLCs
is only $12.27 92 percent off so this is a great value I often mention this
because this is often on sale for on this price and you get a lot of game
especially if you get the complete bundle but even if you just get the base
game you still have a lot of game so if you end up buying this probably I’ll see
you after three years another 2k game this time we have mafia
2 all the Mafia games are on sale but this represents the best value in my
opinion the first mafia has recently been added back to the Steam library
after they do remove some of the music etc so that’s also on sale buy it’s only
a small sale for like 33% so it’s about $10 the third one is about 13 something
so you can try that as well but this in the middle this is probably the best
option because it’s not that old it’s not that new it’s a decent game and it’s
quite cheap as well so 75% off down to $7.49 so that deluxe version a is $7.99
and finally a friend recommended this to me yesterday this is the Bioshock
collection and this is also 75% off down to $14.99 for all the games and this is
a great bundle great collection and some of the most critically acclaimed games
as well I have the Bioshock third one in BioShock Infinite I got this from one
of the humble bundles I haven’t actually played any of these
games so I might try that I don’t know if the story is important you have to
play them in sequence but yeah this is another series that I’ve still to play
and hopefully we’ll try not these have been remastered so well worth a look so
$14.99 for the whole set so yeah that’s a quick look at some of the deals this
weekend if you have any other interesting deals do let me know as well
and yeah thank you for watching see you in the next one

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  1. if you ever want to buy mafia 3. you can check the humble bundle right now you can subscribe for a month and get mafia 3 +dlc god eater 2 and deus ex plus games other to be unlocked next month

  2. Mafia 2 is awesome. DONT BUY MAFIA 3! It’s in a humble bundle now for 12 dollars, so you get mafia 3, the new deus ex, and more for cheaper than they’re even selling mafia 3.

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