STEAM Remote Play Together with pirated and non-steam games.
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STEAM Remote Play Together with pirated and non-steam games.

November 18, 2019

1. Install a remote play together ready game
through steam (let’s call it game “A”). I used Jamestown (no particular reason other
than it being a small one). 2. Go on the interwebs, find and download clean
steam files for the game of your choosing (let’s call it game “B”, Cuphead in my case). 3. Unzip the contents of the CSF package to the
game A’s location, pay attention to the folder and file structure, DO NOT overwrite or edit
original steam_appid.txt and steam_api.dll files. 4. Rename the game A’s executable or delete it
if you wish. 5. Rename the game B’s executable so it has the
game A’s original name (Cuphead.exe to Jamestown.exe), also rename Cuphead_Data folder to Jamestown_Data
(required for all Unity engine games i believe). 6. Launch the game from your steam library. If the game doesn’t start (steam_api.dll errors
and the like) try a scene release or the GOG version in step 2. 7. Send your friend a remote play together invite
through steam overlay or friends list window. 8. Wallop! Notes:
– to make multiple games work this way, either temporary rename the game A’s folder, repeat
the above steps and switch between folders when necessary, or use other steam titles
you own instead – some games will refuse to start if you rename
their .exe, to work around that create a .bat file that runs the B game, it should look
like this: convert it to .exe (i used b2e for this purpose,
see link in the description), give it the game A’s name, then place it into the game
A’s folder, follow step 6 and on – bear in mind that i’ve only tried the method
on a handful of games and can only confirm that it workes (save for the feature being
a major pain for the client at times no matter the game or the settings and some weirdness
with host defaulting to Player 2) for the following: Cuphead, Enter The Gungeon, Crypt
Of The NecroDancer, Wizard Of Legend, ZeroRanger, Children Of Morta, River City Girls. – and no, you won’t get banned, scout’s honour Share trying which games was successful for
you. Thanks for watching!

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