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Steam Refund Policy for Games and DLC | Digital Boundaries News

November 5, 2019

I’m Fig, and this is DB News!
It finally happened! Steam now gives customers the option to refund games for any reason!
No, I’m not exaggerating! Yet, while the exact reason you are refunding a game doesn’t
matter – it doesn’t mean there aren’t some rules you have to follow. Here are the
rules: Refunds on In-game Purchases
Steam will offer refunds for in-game purchases with any Valve-developed games within forty-eight
hours of purchase, so long as the in-game item has not been consumed, modified or transferred.
Third-party developers will have the option to enable refunds for in-game items on these
terms. Steam will tell you at the time of purchase if the game developer has opted to
offer refunds on the in-game item you are buying. Otherwise, in-game purchases in non-Valve
games are not refundable through Steam. Refunds on Pre-Purchased Titles
When you pre-purchase a title on Steam (and have paid for the title in advance), you can
request a refund at any time prior to release of that title. The standard 14-day/two-hour
refund period also applies, starting on the game’s release date.
Steam Wallet Refunds You may request a refund for Steam Wallet
funds within fourteen days of purchase if they were purchased on Steam and if you have
not used any of those funds. Refunds on Bundles
You can receive a full refund for any bundle purchased on the Steam Store, so long as none
of the items in the bundle have been transferred, and if the combined usage time for all items
in the bundle is less than two hours. If a bundle includes an in-game item or DLC that
is not refundable, Steam will tell you if the whole bundle is refundable during check-out.
Purchases Made Outside of Steam Valve cannot provide refunds for purchases
made outside of Steam (for example, CD keys or Steam wallet cards purchased from third
parties). VAC Bans
If you have been banned by VAC (the Valve Anti-Cheat system) on a game, you lose the
right to refund that game. Movies
We are unable to offer refunds for movies on Steam.
Refunds on Gifts We are unable to offer refunds for gifts after
they have been redeemed by the recipient. Abuse Refunds are designed to remove the risk from
purchasing titles on Steam—not as a way to get free games. If it appears to us that
you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you. We do not consider it abuse to
request a refund on a title that was purchased just before a sale and then immediately rebuying
that title for the sale price. To be very honest, these rules aren’t that
bad. This is a policy that Steam desperately needed for a long time, but it does change
the dynamic of Steam and this policy may come with some pitfalls. There a lot of games on Steam that you can
beat in less than two hours. They are just designed for multiple run throughs, or just
short experiences. Not counting the junk that occasionally sneaks in via Steam Greenlight
of course. How will those tiny games be affected if people beat their title, and then return
it? What about games on Steam that are DRM-Free.
Yes, they are games on Steam that do not use Steam’s DRM to be played. You can get the
game, return it, and since it’s not attached to Steam directly, the game is essentially
yours to keep. What happens to those games? It’s pretty obvious that Steam’s return
policy is very well thought out, but only time will tell how the situations I just mentioned
will be handled. So, what do you think? Make sure to like,
comment, and subscribe. As always, thank you, for being awesome!

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  1. Steam now gives customers the option to refund games for any reason! Be it add ons or DLC – Valve has enabled refunds on most of the products sold through the Steam gaming platform. #steam #gaming #pcgaming  

  2. I'm wondering if some people will use this like a demo service.

    This will most likely put an end to all of these really bad Unity asset games that try to steal your money.

  3. Sounds like a decent policy to me. It's very rare I would refund a game anyway. It has to be very bad for me to do that.

  4. I have never understood where steam make their money… Games get stupid cheap on there, like 20% of the normal price…. So how do the devs make their money?

  5. I managed to get a refund on my game but, I have no idea how to get the DLC refunded so they're all in my library. Can someone help me

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