Steam Midweek Sales 14th Nov | Low Budget Gaming

November 29, 2019

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming and
welcome to a quick look at some midweek deals on Steam so normally I don’t make
these but and there are one or two really good deals at the moment so I
thought I’ll mention these first up we have the Darksiders franchise and this
is on a historic low 90% off for the first two Darksiders games and these are
the Remastered versions this is ₹169 $4.99 £4.49 and
€4.99 Darksiders 3 is coming out on the 27th so that’s probably why they
have put them on sale for such a low price but yeah great games hack and
slash check these out if you are interested then we have a selection of
games from Norway that are on sale right now and there are some nice games that I
did not know were from Norway and one of these games is Owlboy I have been
interested in this one but this is not only a good enough sale in my opinion so
I’ve picked a couple that are on a good sale we have Manuel Samuel this is a
funny game with a lot of fourth wall breaking humor and in this game you
control this guy called Samuel he gets hit by a truck and Death gives him a
chance that if he can control his automatic body functions manually he’ll
get to live so basically you have to control each leg individually you have
to keep him blinking breathing and keep his back straight all those things you
have to control every sort of autonomous function manually so funny game I’ve
actually done a full let’s play of this and yeah I really liked it not very long
game but it’s a nice Indie game then we have Tesla grad this is a 2D Metroidvania
style platformer and this is only 90 only ₹36 90% off as well $0.99 £0.69
and €0.99 as well now if you are a humble monthly subscriber
this is part of the humble trove as well so you don’t need to buy this if you are
a monthly subscriber you’ll find it there is free download it
then another game I wanted to mention is Sanctum also very cheap
80% off down to ₹69 $1.99 £1.43 and €1.99 this is a tower
defense game with FPS elements and it’s got positive reviews it’s a few years
old now but it’s quite cheap so if you’d like something different and want to check
it out this might be worth a look and then also I wanted
to mention a sale on PUBG at fanatical PUBG doesn’t go on sale very
regularly I think I’ve seen it so far twice on sale at Steam and it’s 27% off
$21.89 dollars lowest this has gone is $20 so a bit more than the lowest but still
cheap for a game that doesn’t go on sale so yeah that’s it thank you for watching
see you in the next one

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