Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $5
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Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $5

November 5, 2019

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another Steam Halloween sale 2018 video in this video we’ll look
at games under $5 and this could probably be the last video I’ll do for
the sale because we have covered a lot of the important games but if there
might if there is something else I’ll try and make another one I’ll also try
to make a non-steam video because there are sales on other platforms as well so
you have origin GOG Humble fanatical they’re all having Halloween themed
Sales so I’ll try to do that later today in the evening perhaps so
hopefully that should wrap up the Halloween sales so let’s have a look at
the under $5 games first up is Alan Wake so a horror adventure third person game made
by remedy entertainment the people who made the original Max Payne games and
this had been removed from sale on Steam because of music issues but apparently I
think Microsoft got involved and renegotiated the music licenses so the
game is back on sale and you can get the base game for three dollars if you buy
the collector’s version its four dollars and the franchise is five dollars so
this includes Alan Wake Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and collector’s
edition extras it’s 114 in India 3.90 pounds and 4.20 euros next is life is strange the episodic
adventure game all five episodes for 75% off 141 rupees $4.99 3.99 pounds and
4.99 euros everybody and their mother keeps telling me to play this so
maybe I might consider playing this at some point so yeah but it’s very popular
overwhelmingly positive reviews so should be good then we have the Euro
Truck Simulator game Euro Truck Simulator 2 75% off 241 rupees $4.99
3.74 pounds and 4.99 euros of course this is the base game they have a ton of
DLC so you can pick some of that as well and also the American Truck Simulator is
priced similarly $4.99 as well 272 rupees 374 pounds at 4.99 euros so can
pick this if you prefer then we have odd world new and tasty
this is a remake of the old 97 game a 2d platformer difficult platformer as well
and this is 75% off down to 141 rupees $4.99 and yep
same 3.74 pounds and 4.99 euros on to some Square Enix games so a lot of the Square
Enix Triple A games are under $5 comfortably
so you have Tomb Raider base game is $2.99 the game of the year edition is $4.49 I
don’t have the regional pricing here but it is $4.49 so comfortably under five
109 rupees you also have stuff like you have Deus Ex Human Revolution
the director’s cut is about $2.49 I believe or $2.99 I think so this is also
comfortably under 5 then you also have Just Cause 3 base game is $4.49
Sleeping Dogs definitive edition once again $4.49 so all these are pretty
good games and definitely worth picking up if you don’t have any of these then
we have gas guzzlers extreme a action sort of Mad Max type racing game
82% off 102 rupees $4.49 3.41 pounds and 4.13 in euros then we have
Ryse son of Rome this was originally a Microsoft Xbox exclusive but came to PC
later is several years old up but it still looks amazing developed by Crytek
and this is 75% off down to 106 rupees only $3.74 2.99 pounds and 3.74 euros it
did not receive great reviews at launch mostly because of the length of the game
but for under $5 3.74 dollars you’ll still get a five hour campaign five to
seven hour and it’s pretty good graphically still looks amazing
not many games set in Rome at least action third-person type games you have
a lot of strategy games of course so yeah definitely I really liked it and
definitely worth checking out then we have depth this is a multiplayer
game where you either play as a diver or a shark and try to take each other out
very entertaining it seems and this is 75% off 132 rupees $4.99 3.74 pounds
and 4.99 euros then we have the Turing test this is a
first person puzzle game set on Europa Jupiter’s moon and this is on a new low
this had been down to 75 percent but it’s 80 percent now 113 rupees 3.99
dollars 2.99 pounds and 3.99 euros and finally we have left 4 dead 2 great co-op
game fighting zombies always on sale and this is 80% off down to only a
hundred and sorry down to 1.99 dollars 1.43 pounds 163 euros and 69
rupees only yeah pretty good game there’s still a lot of people playing so
that’s a roundup of the under $5 games like I said if I get the chance I’ll try
to make another one but this already 31st today so not much time left since
the sale ends tomorrow I will try to make the non Steam sale as well
hopefully today and yeah look out for that but yeah in the meantime thank you
for watching see you in the next one

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  1. This is ridiculous. Its always the exact same games….steam keeps advertising the same shit over and over. Are we to believe that pc games have such a small library? God, I'm just disgusted with the industry right now…its just so hard to find new games worth buying. I run around online searching and it takes soo much work and hardly anything comes of it. Used to be i'd go on nvidia's site and download demo's and then buy any game i liked from the store.

  2. Games Mentioned Below
    00:43 – Alan Wake
    01:26 – Life Is Strange
    01:52 – Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator
    02:21 – Oddworld : New N Tasty
    02:40 – Square Enix AAA games
    03:27 – Gas Guzzlers Extreme
    03:41 – Ryse : Son Of Rome
    04:26 – Depth
    04:45 – The Turing Test
    05:04 – Left 4 Dead 2

  3. Hey, anyway to know region locks on Humble games?
    I took the 4$ WB Bundle(never liked Arkham Knight).
    But already had Mordor and Arkham Origins. So I wanted to trade with a guy in Russia. But it had a region lock on it. So any way to know beforehand?
    And why would the Publishers give region locked keys when we pay exactly the same price ?

  4. Thanks for the video. Please remove "01:16 – Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition" from your timestamps as it is not part of this video. Keep up the good work!

  5. ?? i like Ryse of Rome but they made it too hard, i was never able to get past that girl halfway thru the game, its not fair! ??

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