Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $10
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Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $10

November 4, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another Steam Halloween sale 2018 video and this video will look
at games under $10 so these are some of the best games under $10 not necessarily
at the lowest but usually close to their lowest or equal lowest let’s say and
I’ve got a mix of games of course being Halloween there will be a bit more horror
zombie themed games let’s begin first we have dead by daylight a multiplayer
survival horror game yesterday I mentioned Friday the 13th this is the
better version of that game a lot of people playing also currently is
free-to-play for the next three days so you can try it out and if you like it
you can pick it up during the sale 50% off it is usually 50% rarely hasn’t gone
for more than 50 so far 282 rupees 9.99 dollars 7.49 pounds at 9.99 euros and
I believe there are still a lot of people playing this game you get the
16,000 that’s a great number and a lot of big games would you know bite your
hand off for this kind of numbers next we have alien isolation another good
game we discussed this on the stream last night 75% off down to 212
rupees 9.99 dollars 7.49 pounds and 9.24 euros
then we have divinity original sin Enhanced Edition this is the first game
the second game is a lot more recent but this one is similarly great its got
very positive reviews 75% off down to 212 rupees again $9.99
7.49 pounds and 9.99 euros turn-based RPG
then we have dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin and this is 75% off down to 656
rupees 9.99 dollars 7.49 same story this is the only Dark Souls game under $10 and I
don’t know why this is cheaper because I usually see this one cheaper than even
the first game but yeah it looks alright has got good reviews so if you are a fan
of these difficult games check it out and we have a slightly newer game this
is Steamword dig Indie 2d platformer and steamworld dig 2 and this is 50%
off down to 282 rupees 9.99 again same story 7.49 and 9.99 euros overwhelmingly positive
game came out September last year then we have Talos principle a first person
puzzle game sci-fi and this is 80% off down to 170 rupees $7.99 5.99 pounds and
7.99 euros I believe this has been slightly lower once at 85% but this is
close enough and another game with overwhelmingly positives and you see you
have a lot of reviews here so that’s a good indication of the game being good and a
lot of nine nine and a half five out of fives then we have Tacoma another sci-fi
space themed game of walking similar to made by the people who may have gone
home and this is 60% off down to 211 rupees 7.99 dollars 5.99 pounds 7.99 euros next we have Darksiders warmastered edition so
80% off down to 139 rupees however I put this here because of the franchise pack
so the combined darksiders one and two you’ll get them for 254 $7.49
6.74 pounds and 7.49 euros the third one is coming out at the end
of next month November so might be a good time to play these if you
want hack and slash action games basically then we have BioShock Infinite 75% off 374
rupees 7.49 dollars $4.99 for 7.49 euros overwhelmingly positive here once again
and on this occasion I would recommend buying the Bioshock collection and
something seems to be off here because Bioshock Infinite + season pass is more
expensive than the entire Bioshock collection so I don’t know what’s going
on here but you can see bioshock infinite
bioshock infinite and all the passes are here as well including first and second games as
well and yet it’s cheaper than just the third game and its dlc so clearly a
mistake by whoever priced this but yeah pick up the collection its a bit more
expensive at $14.99 but yeah still worth it in my opinion if you don’t have it or
you can just get Bioshock Infinite then we have soma another game once
again with overwhelmingly positive reviews horror game I’ve heard a lot of
great things about this one 80% off 145 rupees 5.99
dollars 4.59 pounds and 5.59 euros and then we have a
castlevania lords of the shadow ultimate edition 80% off 392 rupees 5.99 dollars
3.99 pounds and 4.99 euros if you see here it’s actually cheaper than the pound region
compared to India that’s interesting I mean some companies they don’t do the
regional pricing thing but yeah great price at looks great but haven’t played
this myself I’ve seen some reviews some gameplay does feel a bit like God of
War in some cases when you’re fighting enormous monsters or whatever they are and
yeah so that’s it for this one thank you for watching and I’ll try to
make one more video today for games under 5 just trying to find some
good games I don’t want to put like every random game so takes a bit of time
like finding the good ones and also not trying to repeat myself over and over
but yeah thank you for watching see you in the next one

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  1. These days i buy from steamtrades or trade bundled games unless it's a great offer.
    Though I picked Darksiders Warmastered from Steam today

  2. I highly recommend Dead by Daylight, it's a great game!
    Also you should tell if a game is single player or multiplayer in the videos
    I had to check each game one by one in your previous videos ?

  3. Games Mentioned Below
    00:23 – Dead By Daylight.
    01:02 – Alien: Isolation.
    01:16 – Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.
    01:35 – Dark Souls II : Scholar Of The First Sin.
    02:02 – SteamWorld Dig 2.
    02:23 – The Talos Principle.
    02:51 – Tacoma.
    03:08 – Darksiders Franchise Pack.
    03:39 – Bioshock Infinite.
    04:32 – Soma.
    04:49 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition.

  4. Gaben:Buy Some Games Look at The Price Me:Oh My God I Need To Add This Games Into My Collection Gaben You Can Count On Me Gaben:Maybe Half Life 3 Comes Then Soon Me:Can You Count 3? Gaben:No Way You Found My Weak Spot Shut Up And Buy Some Games Thanks For The Support

  5. I have steamworld dig 2 in my wishlist. So far I have purchased- Alien isolation , Alan Wake Collection and Condemned The Killer.

  6. People looking for a decent co-op game might wanna pick up "Earthfall"
    Usual price: 27,99€

    And now on sale: 8,39€

    Well unless you got it for free on as I did thnx to LBG's video about chrono 😀

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