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Steam Gamers SUED for Negative Comments! – The Know Game News

December 10, 2019

-Welcome to The Know. I’m Ashley Jenkins.
-And I’m Jon Risinger. -Thinking about leaving bad comments on Steam about a game you hate?
-All the time! -Yeah well, you better watch out because one developer is tired of your shit, and they’re fighting back. -Truly the hero we deserve. This developer isn’t just fighting back across the internet with angry comments however. -No!
-They’re taking the battle to court! And have just filed a lawsuit against 100 gamers on Steam over negative comments made about their company. -Yeah so, you gotta watch out about those comments now apparently. This is, of course, a total head-scratcher. Although, once you learn the identity of the developer in question it should not be too shocking. The sue-happy game company is none other than Digital Homicide. Yes, that’s the same duo that caused a stir by suing game critic Jim Sterling, I’m sorry, Jim-fucking-Sterling son, earlier this year for saying bad things about their games. -The new lawsuit against gamers was reported on by Youtuber SidAlpha, who got wind of the lawsuit from a comment someone left on one of his videos. He was also kind enough to provide the actual documents via Google Drive so people like us could laugh at the hilarity.
-Which we’ve been doing all morning. -This is stupid. -Filed in a district court of Arizona, the latest lawsuit filed by Digital Homicide co-founders, the Romine Brothers, is a personal injury lawsuit titled, “Romine vs. Unknown Party”. -That’s the internet, the internet is the “unknown party”. -It’s asking for $18 million in damages according to website, MMO Fallout, who has been following the saga of Digital Homicide’s scorched earth antics for the last year or so. -Best part of the lawsuit is that since the Romines don’t know the names of any of the defendants , they list out their Steam names in official court documents. -So, we’re not going to go over all the names listed, but- -“Burger420Xtreme”‘s gotta be on there.
-Pretty much. -There’s something really delightful about the fact that all these documents are calling out individuals like, “DemonSword”, “Michoo Jones”, “JDude330#HaeisBACK”, “Toon Vlux”, “Karl Pilkington”, you name it. It’s just like, all the fact names that the internet can come up with. -How many names involving “vape”? I wanna know. I gotta know how many vape names are in a court document right now. -Hopefully not a lot. -For some reason, Romine didn’t feel like listing out anything past the first dozen names, adding Jane, John Does 12 through 100. What?!
-Yeah, they just listed them out as like numbers. -“Jane and John Does 12 through 100”! So there’s like a “Jane Doe 47”? -They couldn’t even be bothered listing out all the people they’re suing. -[laughing] That’s stupid!
Do the work bro! You’re gonna do this lawsuit, list ’em all out! -No, I think that was very thorough. They counted them! The attached documents include a number of derogatory comments from the named Steam users. -No kidding!
-It seems the big sticking point that Digital Homicide is concerned about in particular, so concerned about they’re taking it to court, is the accusation from multiple users that they are simply re-skinning the same couple of games, and then re-releasing them. -We’re not going to comment on whether or not that’s what they’re actually doing, but a quick glance-
-Well do we want be Jane Doe, like, 101? -I’m okay with being petty. But a quick glance at their game library shows that they do release a lot of games rather close together with many appearing quite similar. They released three separate games in the month of April. That’s three, in one month, for instance. And two of them are 2-D space shooters, just one of them is styled like Space Invaders and one is a side-scroller. -So it’s like they took the game and rotated it at 90 degrees.
-Just, yeah. -They also got a bunch of their games pegged by Steam’s Greenlight Program for doing essentially the same thing a few months ago. In total, 22 games that they were doing got hit with an incompatible tag by Steam, 11 of them were released on the same day. -[laughing] That seems a little excessive. Re-skinning the same games is any developer’s prerogative, but the thing that posters named in the lawsuit are accusing Digital Homicide of goes a little bit further. Some of these new games come with Steam Trading Cards, which is enough for some collectors out there to make cheap purchases so they can keep the cards or sell them on Steam’s Marketplace. -I mean, I get it, cards are kinda fun. But, who buys a game just for the cards? -Idiots.
-Any developer who created Steam Cards gets a cut of the transactions whenever the cards are sold in addition to the purchase of the game, obviously. So these commenters are basically accusing Digital Homicide of not only spamming Steam with multiple, cheap games to make a quick buck, but also an attempt to make money by getting as many Steam Cards available as possible in the Market, and getting those in the Marketplace where they’re sold and they’re worth pennies, guys! Pennies! -Sounds like a weird-ass business model.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -A weird-ass thing for commenters to care about and a weird-ass thing for a developer to bring to light by suing somebody. You don’t need to bring this to light. Be hush-hush about it.
-Just please, leave this one under the rug. -Keep your shame to yourself. -And if you’re worried that the Romines totally justified lawsuit is going to slip through the cracks on a petty legal technicality, like not knowing the names of their defendants, well, the Romines have already thought of that one because they have also officially subpoenaed Valve to try to get the idendidies, dentities, of the hundred or so users. And their identities, as well.
-Their identities as well? -Yeah.
-So many, so many things. Getting Valve involved in a lawsuit against gamers when you’ve already had some shady business practices uhm, yeah, that’s probably going to work out really well for you, bro. Keep at it!
-The last thing that they probably need is Valve taking a closer look at them.
-Yeah. -This whole thing is next level batshit bonkers, but again, it’s not too surprising if you’re familiar with Digital Homicide from their previous works, like the time they sued Youtube critic Jim Sterling for more than $10 million in damages. That was a good time as well. Just, in terms of the head-scratching, “How is this-How do we live in this world?” head-scratching, it’s entertaining. -Yeah, people say mean things. Happens, bro. That lawsuit was filed by the Romines back in March, alleging that Sterling committed assault, libel, and slander against their company. Most of that was due to a series of videos traded between Sterling and Digital Homicide. -Assault, wow. -Yes, they got assaulted, verbally assaulted.
-Ow, that hurts. -Sterling lampooned one of their games, “Slaughtering Grounds”, which prompted Digital Homicide to do a review of his review. Yeah, that makes sense. And then he did a review of their review of his review, and then they DMCA’ed his video. Look, even the TLDR of this whole saga is just, is that nothing makes sense. -Nothing makes sense. On the Jim Sterling front, not much has happened since they first filed their lawsuit against him because these things, well, I mean it’s the courts, they tend to take a lot of time. He’s filed a motion to dismiss, they’ve replied to his motion to dismiss, and the cycle of crazy continues. -Did they film a video reviewing his dismissal and then, he did a review of their review of- ha.. -Yes, it’s all in the court documents.
-It’s all vlogging. Their entire court case will be vlogging. Okay, so we’ve seen game devs going after bad comments before, but in the past, that’s only been when those bad comments come with a platform like a giant Youtube audience. -Right, and it’s not even unprecedented for game developers to go after players either, but usually, it’s because the gamers created some kind of hack or tool that is ruining the game’s multi-player, like we’ve seen with Paragon and League of Legends just in the last few months, for instance. -But going after fans in court for making bad comments about your studio and your games? That’s actually unprecedented and probably not something that is going to keep their games on Steam for very long, especially now that Valve is going to be dragged into the process. -Since the subpoena has been approved, Valve does have to respond to it, in at least some official capacity. In all likelihood, they’ll challenge it and they might even ask for their legal fees to be covered because they can probably get away with that, because this is crazy. -Valve’s got to have good lawyers.
-I mean, I’m not a lawyer, but I’d say that this is crazy. -Yeah. As for whether or not the suit will go anywhere, we doubt it will be able to without the actual identities of these gamers. And even then- -Just like sue a random person, be like, “You! You! I’m suing you! What’s your name?” -It’s like suing a ghost. And even then, it seems like more of a scare-tactic to silence criticism in general on Steam. At some point, you got to wonder if these guys will ever learn their lesson and simply let these kinds of things go, or maybe just make good games. -I kind of hope they don’t because every time they pop up, it’s just like, a little gift of weird. -Kind of makes you feel good, there’s people that are stupider than you in the world. -Well, it makes everything else feel so normal by comparison. -Yeah.
-By now, they’ve probably hurt their own business a whole lot more with these kind of tactics than any one bad comment could have caused on its own. But sadly, there is a lesson that some, smaller developers seem to have a hard time learning. -Besides, why spend time fixing your video games when you can make millions from ridiculous lawsuits? -I mean, you have to win the lawsuits to make the millions. -Yeah, they might be the first people to do something stupid and then suing people for money instead of actually doing real work. Oh wait, no-
-They’re, nope- -There’ve been people doing that forever. -So what do you guys think of Digital Homicide’s latest legal antics this time against the gamers themselves? Not just Jim Sterling? But a hundred of them?
Let us know in the comments! For future updates on insane developers going after Steam users, like this video and why not just subscribe to The Know?
-Because we cover that stuff all the time. I feel like, I almost feel like we need to do an official hand-off now, like, “Jim Sterling, it’s all you.” -You have the floor, Jim.
-Is there any way to make- -[Eddie, off screen] Call them Digital Suicide. -Yeeaaahh!
-Oh, go with that one, Eddie! “Digital Suicide”, that’s good. That’s good.
-[Eddie] Should have been in the script. [laughter]
-You literally write this thing!

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  1. Ashley I loved your bio shock stream and I'm thinking that this was prerecorded unless you have the recovery powers of a super human.?

  2. Can't we just get the these morons a restraining order to any electronic devices? They really don't deserve computers. Or phones. Or heat.

  3. time for Digital Homicide to rename themselves to something that reflects what they do to themselves. …….DIGITAL SUICIDE!

  4. It all sounds ridiculous until you end up having to hire a $500 an hour lawyer to handle their claims and then find the company folds without any assets when the judgement goes against them.

  5. 0:20 see how this case doesn't pass the laugh test? Fairly clear valve need to remove these guys for their platform. Also RIP Karl Pilkington. I assume somebody has contacted the EFF about this?

    Edit: apparently Valve has wrecked their publisher account, shocking.

  6. 7:30 The subpoena has NOT been approved. You were reading only a proposed order (which most federal district courts require to be attached to most motions). The court has NOT ruled on it. Source: the official court docket from PACER.

  7. Whats wrong with re-skinning the same game over and over again? Activision,/Infinity Ward/Treyarch has been doing it with Call of Duty for years now.

  8. Jim F***ing Sterling, Son. He wins again. Digital Homicide, thank you very much for helping your wonderful reputation, and providing everyone with more entertainment. This is more entertaining than your games. Great job!

  9. 1:34 Damn, I should have left Digital Homicide a bad review just so I could get my Steam username on a court document


  10. The reason I don't sub to you guys is because you really don't know and use '?'. Along with you talking about products. And I thought tv was bad for this lol. Love to see this in Canada with the fair dealing we have. What a joke.

  11. I just sighed when I heard this news. Offcourse its ridiculous to go after gamers and reviewers in this way. What are they thinking?!?

  12. The Know guys do have the strangest posture. Like stand straight damnit. Don't have your hands in your pockets when you're talking to the camera. It's professionalism.

  13. way to go digital homicide! instead of making better games and pleasing your customers you decide to sue them instead. whats better you get banned from steam! who's ever heard of a developer that gets banned from making games on STEAM of all places!? not only do your customers hate you, but steam does too! from the looks of it they actually WANT to go out of business.

  14. Everybody named in the lawsuit needs to counter-sue Digital Homicide for Libel and Slander, and for infringing their First Amendment rights. Perhaps they can be sued into oblivion until they cease to exist.

  15. Digital Homicide should be familia with the Barbra Streisand Effect by now… but clearly they keep trying to unleash Mechastreisand in a futile effort.

  16. It says it all in there name Digital Homicide. Why would a gaming studio shoot themselves in the foot this way. Its like they want to fail its just so ridicules.

  17. i'm steam level 101. You make a badge, you get a 90% coupon for DH game, you buy DH's game for 10 cents, you idle it and get 3 cards. one card costs 8 cents to buy., you get 1 xp for having the game. so you either buy the game and buy 2 cards, total 22 cents and get the booster pack illegibility. or you buy the cards, total 38 cents.
    But to be honest i hate DH for making unplayable games. If they would have just some kind of story writer, they wouldn't have had that issue. Many point and click adventures use the same assets, puzzles and engine and still break even. DH is just such a pain to watch. I hope this failure will influence him for the best… wait!! wait! lawsuits…. done…. he is done…. i hope he rots in jail…

  18. I guess I am one of those users. I gave a lengthy and technical review of The Slaughtering grounds. yet nothing came to me. Nor will it ever come. I am outside the US. And if they like, I can sit in a court, alongside the devs and explain to them why every single line of my comments in my review is actually truth

  19. Valve has responded by taking down Digital Homicide's games from their platform for the developer being, and I quote "Hostile to consumers"

  20. The court should sue them for wasting their time, because just from the games I see in this video the fault of bad comments lye with them!

  21. ah digihom. a true popcorn worthy shitshow.

    i mean, they know its jims thing right? he says bad things about alot of bad games. because they're bad.

  22. You guys should turn the AC down this dude always looks like he's freezing cold, warming his hands over an imaginary flaming trash barrel

  23. Digital Homicide is probably the WORST gaming developer I have ever see nor noticed. Criticism, we all get it, we all dish it. That company on the other hand, is just acting like a bunch of children.

  24. Digihomo had released 42 games in 2015 … gods knows how many games they have released in total since they use many different company names …

    <<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>> Stеаm Gаmers SUEЕED fоr Nеgаtive Cоmments Thе Knоw Gаmе Nеws

  26. Damn Jon must have done a ton of cocaine before shooting this. He is shivering, and rubbing himself the entire time.

    cocaine is a hellava drug.

  27. hello Guуs I just fоund aаaа gооd wеbsite which givеs уooооu frее_stеam_wаllet_сard_c0dеs Steаm Gamеrs SUED for Nеgаtive Commеnts TТThе Knоw Gаme Nеws

  28. i seriously hope the romine brothers get sued for 30 million and the verdict is guilty. then they realize what it means to mess with someone

  29. Honestly i think Digital Homicide is just a really really whiny baby.
    It feels like those stereotype-matching straight preteen boys on Dating sites and 9gag that go around telling people they will be traced and killed if they dont give out a pussypic.
    I legit see that in Digi-hom. Just a Baby in an adult body. Sueing someone because they can't handle the critizism.
    For that i only have one meme to reference:

    clears throat YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH

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