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Steam Game Review | Vertical Strike: Endless Challenge

November 19, 2019

Hello aces, Ace Combat Fan here for my first
ever game review and let’s talk about Vertical Strike: Endless Challenge a new game that’s on Steam. I’ve just recently bought it and played the
game on a live stream for the first time, so here’s my review on Vertical Strike. First, what is this game? Vertical Strike is an arcade flight shooter
game developed by Project ICKX running on the Unity engine and alternate framework which
was originally created by Project ICKX but that feels really similar to Raider’s Sphere
and Ace Combat, although the graphics are considerably better than the ones from Raider’s
Sphere. In this game you basically have two different
survival missions where one of them is an air-to-air mission and the other one is an
air-to-ship mission. As you play you have to defeat the incoming
enemy waves and after defeating all the enemies in that wave you go to the next wave and so
on. Also, every fifth wave consists of you fighting
a boss, which is marked by as TGT, so you will encounter these bosses in waves 5, 10,
15, 20 and so on, it’s when you defeat these bosses that you replenish some of your ammunition. As for the score system of the game, it includes
three components. First is your regular score, meaning the points
you get for shooting down enemies, the second one is your cost, so how much your ammunition
(or your flares) cost, and the last is the result score which is basically your original
score minus the cost of your ammunition. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of
this game starting with the pros: The two aircraft available, the SAF-22, basically
an F-22 with canards, and the XSF-3A, which is a larger version of the Shinshin fighter
currently in development in Japan, are very nicely modeled. You can see their parts as they more and this
is especially true when it comes to the thrust vectoring. The graphics are also good around the aircraft
when you hit the afterburners or when you are maneuvering since you can see the vapour
around the aircraft. When it comes to weapons, in Vertical Strike
each aircraft can carry up to 4 different weapons and there plenty of choices going
from your standard missiles to unguided bombs, semi-active anti-air missiles, anti-ship missiles
and even exterior mounted guns. Of course all these weapons have their different
specs and they become more important in the anti-ship mission since you have to destroy
both naval and aerial targets. While not considered as weapon, flares are
also available and they can be set to their automatic or player controlled. The gameplay in this game is action packed,
it’s very fast and you will get to feel like you are in Area B7R during the anti-air
mission, needless to say the gameplay is also fun as much as it is fast and the sound effects
from the weapons systems really make you feel like you are playing Ace Combat. And talking about Ace Combat, Vertical Strike
also has a pretty good music playing in the background – while the music will keep on
repeating I never got annoyed by it while playing the game. Another feature of this game is that after
you die, because eventually you will die, you can quickly upload your score via Twitter
and see how you rank compared to other players. The last pro of this game is that it comes
at a great price of only 4.99 American dollars or 498 yen in Japan. Now let’s talk about the cons of this game:
This game only has two flyable aircraft, the SAF-22 and the XSF-3A as I mentioned before,
and only two missions. In the anti-air mission the only enemy that
you will fight against is the Sukhoi 33 and in the anti-ship mission the only enemies
there are some destroyers and occasionally some Sukhoi 33, what it changes is that the
bosses in the naval mission are battleships instead of destroyers. Another drawback of the game is that it does
not have a cockpit view, only the 3rd person and HUD views. Plot-wise, there’s nothing to talk about
because the game does not have specific setting explaining a story, the missions, the factions
or your wingmen featured in the missions, this is purely an arcade game. The last con, and the one I dislike the most,
is that I while you can play with a joystick, such as an Xbox 360 controller, I have not been
able to switch the controls with the options from the game. This frustrates me because I am so used to
the Ace Combat’s button layout that I cannot play the game with a joystick so I have to
find a walk around in order to fix this. With that being said, I highly recommend that
you try out Vertical Strike because it’s a very fun game for the price you pay. The game really feels like an Ace Combat mini-game
and I think I will spend some of my time waiting for Ace Combat 7 by playing this game. Overall, the pros of this game make it really
fun and there should be a way to fix the only con that concerns me, the one about the joystick. This was my review on Vertical Strike Endless
Challenge, I hope you have enjoyed and please, give this game a try – it’s pretty damn good!

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  1. Now for Raiders Sphere 5 they need to use this engine.. it look WAY BETTER than RS4..

    Nice game recommendation, m8..

  2. I remember this being featured in Steam about a year or two ago. It did specifically say something like they are trying to bring Ace Combat to PC. But the reviews were bad so I never bought it.

  3. You guys seriously believe you're playin an air sim? lol check out DCS: World then see if you can come back to this

  4. I never like games where the end is only that your character die or crash, maybe sometime sooner or later there will be a survival endless game but you can retire with survival bonus instead of marching to inevitable exhaustion (which leads to death or crashing).

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