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Stealth Showcase Skyrim | Mods for Thieves & Assassins

August 13, 2019

Hey everyone, In today’s video I want to go over many mods
that will improve your gameplay experience as a stealth user. This includes suiting armors, weapons, followers,
new player homes and many gameplay improvement mods specifically made for stealthy players. Annotations are no longer available, but I
did leave timestamps in the describtion and comment section so you can navigate more easily
between different parts.. The first mod is Sneak tools. Sneak tools is a excelent mod for stealthy
players and adds many new features. One of these features are new stealth attacks. With sneak tools installed you can slith someones
throat while undetected if you have a dagger or one handed sword equiped. To execute this action simply press the activation
key when behind someone while in sneak mode. On default you will immediatly slit someones
throat, but this can be further configured in the MCM menu allowing you to choose to
pickpocket or kill. You can even choose to allow the killing of
essential npc’s If you prefer not to kill someone, sneak tools
also allows you to knock someone unconcious when you are unarmed or wield a mace. While your target is unconcious you can’t
drag the body around like a dead body, but you can push it by activating it while not
sneaking.. If someone sees the unconcious body they will
be alerted and look around. As long as you are not wielding weapons and
don’t have your fists raised up, the alerted npc won’t know it was you. Slitting someones throat or knocking someone
down isn’t always succesful. The chance of succes is based on the difference
between your level and that of the npc and whether they wear a helm or not. Sneak tools also allows you to kill sleeping
targets in sneak mode with any weapon drawn. Another interesting feature about this mod
is a new mask. This mask allows you to hide your identity. What this means is that any bounty you will
gain while wearing this mask will dissapear when you unequip it. Of course no one can see you unequiping this
or they will know the identity behind the mask and the bounty will get added to your
character. Also, if you still had a bounty on your mask
and someone sees you equip it, they to will know the identity behind the mask and thus
the masks bounty will get added to your normal bounty. If you build up a bounty wearing this mask
you need to wait 24 in game hours before the bounty of this mask resets. This mask is very similair to Oblivion’s gray
cowl of nocturnal, however this mask has a default bounty of 0. As the author states, the mask might as well
be the latest fashion in Skyrim. Sneak tools also adds five new arrows and
bolts to the game. The first two type of arrows are water and
fire arrows. These arrows allow you to light/extinguish most fires. As far as I’ve noticed it works on all fires
except the giants fires. As you can see it also seems to work perfectly
fine with fires changed by mods. This will of course allow you to make better
use of sneaking in the dark. You can put these fires back on with fire
arrows. These fire arrows can be used to slightly
harm a enemie with fire damage to. Any light sources will be lit back on after
24 hours. You don’t necesarily need arrows to achieve
this. Using the mod sneak tools, fire spells and
ice spells will work just as well to lit and unlit fires. Another type of arrows are oil arrows. Shooting this arrow will create a small pool
of oil on the ground. Npc’s hit by this arrow will be very susceptible
to fire for a moment. And then we have noise arrows. This type of arrow creates a noise on landing,
attracting nearby npc’s to the place of impact. And finally you can craft Rope arrows. These rope arrows function as a grapling hook. You can shoot these on a object and a rope
will fall down. These ropes can then be climbed by repeatingly
pressing the activate button. Of course these rope arrows only work on objects
were it doesnt bounce off. It does take some time to get used to these rope arrows, but I do find it a nice feature. The ropes dissapear after 2 days. These items can be made at a forge. There is also a npc that sells all of these
new items among other weapons and tools that come in handy for stealth users. This new shop can be accesed by a teleport
you get upon installing this mod. By talking to the npc in this shop you can
change many aspects of this mod. However, all of these options can also be
changed in the Mcm menu. You might wish to use the sneak tools patch. It adds some other options to gain these items
more easily with the mcm menu and makes some other small changes and improvements around
sneak tools it’s shop. You can now acces the new shop from the second
level of the thieves guild with this patch. On default you will need to buy a teleport
spell from the merchant in this new shop to teleport back and forth first. The Thieves guild requirement and actually
adding the shop to the thieves guild makes it somewhat more balanced than being able
to acces the shop on a new game. The second mod is Throwing Weapons lite. Also a somewhat new mod. There are many throwing weapon mods out there.
This one will probably be the one I’ll be using from now on. The throwing weapons included are very much
what I was looking for. this throwing weapon mod also seems very compatible
with other mods. All the weapons are added immersively to the
world. Meaning Npc’s can also use these weapons and
you will find these on your journeys rather than buying or finding them at a specific
place.. The damage of the following throwing weapons
is based on your level in the one handed skill and your amount of stamina. A optional file in the download section makes
it so that the damage is calculated by marksman instead of onehanded. Sneaking can improve the damage of these weapons
to. Some of these throwing weapons can be fully
blocked with a shield or a ward. There are 7 new throwing weapons included. These show up as ammunition in your inventory
and can only be equiped in your right hand. All of these weapons weight something. Throwing knives are the fastest, but do the
least damage. They make a medium distance when thrown and
their weight is one. These lightly stagger the enemy. Throwing axes do the most damage, but are
much slower to throw than knives are and their distance traveled is shorter. These stagger the opponent more than the knives
did and weight 5 Javelins are thrown the furthest out of all
the throwing weapons and do damage inbetween that of the knives and axes. These are very slow to throw, but stagger
your opponent better than axes do. Their weight is 9. The next 4 items are grenade variations. You will first have to find formula’s from
merchant’s or as loot to be able to craft these. You can make and find newly added oil pots,
which function as molotov cocktails. You can throw these lit oil bombs breaking
them on impact. This Leaves a burning pool of oil. Their weight is 0.25 Frost poison grenades will freeze the enemy and do frost damage. You can also buy a poison variation of this
bomb, that can be applied to your weapon or arrows. The weight of this frost poison and the grenades
is 0.5 Then there are smoke bombs, also very suited
for a stealth player character. These bombs stagger your enemies making them
blind. Their weight is 1. And finally you can make actual grenades. These are very powerful and do high damage
with a area of effect. Anyone close enough will be knocked down by the explosion. If you encounter someonee else throwing this
at you, you can try and diffuse the bomb. These grenades weight 0.5. -Crashed by chickens- This mod works excellent with Fnis, but doesn’t
necesarily need it to run. Their weight might sound too much, but I actually
like this idea. This makes it so that these throwing weapons
won’t be your main weapon and you have to retrieve them from fallen enemies. I found that just having 3 of each weapons
is enough to have with you on your adventures.. On a side note; this mod in inspired by the
mod Throwing Weapons – Death From Afar. Throwing weapons Lite could be seen as a simplified version of that mod. Throwing Weapons – Death From Afar might be
something to look into if you want a larger variation, perks and many other features added
to throwing weapons. They can be used together. Moving on I have 4 four weapon mods. I’ll be somewhat brief on the first 2 since
I showcased them before in videos. The first weapon is the Huntsman. A customizable and very detailed bow that
can be upgraded by using different parts found throughout the world. Upgrading the bow with parts you found makes
the bow stronger with more benefits. This Upgradeble feature makes the huntsman a excelent choice to have with you as a low level character and a high level character.. You can also paint this bow in various colors
if you wish to do so. A high quality bow mod, that I’ve always been
a fan of. Another weapon mod I found suited for this
showcase is the european greatsword. This weapon might be a odd choice on first
sight, but unlike other large weapons it does more damage while sneaking. What I also really like about this 2handed
weapon is that it’s range extends further than that of most 2handed weapons. You can have a normal design or a flamberd
design. I also chose two dagger mods, since daggers
are of course very suited for stealth characters. I chose these two based on their design. The first one is the daggercraftpackage. This dagger pack adds 6 new daggers to the
game that can be crafted at the Skyforge. These daggers look incredibly good. Perfect daggers to stab someone or just to
put up on display in your player home. With almost 4000 endorsements, these are probably
one of the better looking daggers you find. The other dagger mod is the curse of sithis
and dragonborn dagger. This adds two daggers to the game. The Dragonborn Dagger is craftable at any
forge if you have the daedric smithing perk. Its damage is slightly better than a daedric
dagger. The second dagger that comes with this mod
is the Curse of Sithis, which is a slightly Better Version of the Dragonborn dagger You can find this dagger while you’re doing the quest: Hail Sithis! Moving on from weapons we take a quik look
at 5 armors that I’ll showcase briefly. The regal assassin armor is a armor for both
male and female. This armor mod comes with a scarf, a hood and 6 different colors to choose from. These look well on khajiits and argonians
to. The crimson ranger armor is one of my all
time favorite armor and as of such a good reason to include it here. You can have a red or black version of this armor.
This mod is also included in Immersive Weapons. The Daedric Assassin armor also goes well
for both male and females. This armor does have a heavy variation if
you like to use that instead. I also chose 2 armors that I like and reveal
a little bit more skin. These are obviously meant for Female characters. The Celes nightinale Armor is a very high quality
armor for females with a lot of customization. When I made my favorite armor video it was a hard pick between this armor and the Raven Witch Armor. I eventually chose the Raven witch armor for
my favorite armors video, but I’m more than happy to give it a proper mention here. The celes nightingale armor also comes with a custom
crossbow and bow, along with proper bolts and arrows that do poison damage. The arrows, bolts, bow and crossbow are of
course of very high quality much like it’s armor. If you prefer melee weapons this mod got you
covered to, since it gives a nice looking dagger and a somewhat larger melee weapon
that goes well with the armor. The merta assassin armor is another very high
detailed armor set that also has a lot of customization. Moving on I chose two home mods perfect for
a sneaky character. Blackfall estate is a small player home just
outside of Riften. Outside you find some gardening plots, a cooking
place and a chopping block. Inside you find yourself in a nicely decorated
home with multiple beds for followers, a spous or children you adopted. On the main floor you also find a alchemy
table and a enchanting table and more cooking possibilities. This home has a hidden basement that will
lead you to a smithing area. You find mannequins you can equip your armors
on and there is a treasury with a statue of Nocturnal. The basement area comes with a entrance to
the inside of riften. The other mod is The thieves guild hideout
redone. This is a combination of two mods that this
author really liked for his thief character. These two mods are made more compatible with
eachother, with some improvements around both of them. One of the two mods included is the Thief’s
hideout ultimate. This home mod is made by Ellianora. You can expect a small seized player home
with a lot of clutter and storage options, a secret room, a shrine of nocturnal and some
basic crafting tools like a smithing workstation and a woodcutter’s block. The home is found in the second part of the
thieves guild. The other mod he included is the thieves guild
redone by SenterPat. This changes and improves the Thieves guilds
layout. When you just joined the thieves guld the
place will start off poor, filled with rats, dirt and empty bottles. When you progress, the thieves guild will start
looking better. There is a new room in the cistern that will
improve as you do quest. It adds 2 new npc’s you can trade your stolen
goods with and it has some other neat functions like locked boxes you can use to practice
and train your lockpicking on. Moving on I have two more Overhauls suited
for thieves. Nernie’s thief pack adds new weapons, armor,
gems, rings and necklaces for you to steal inside homes and shops. These are added dynamicaly/immersively, meaning that
you will randomly find these in homes and shops. Furthermore this mod changes the Canal District
in Riften and the Grey Quarters in Windhelm. There’l be some additional clutter in both
districts. You’l also find new shops, a new home for
new npc’s and a player home in both these altered districts. The same author also made a excellent range
pack, that is worth looking into. The other overhaul is Shenks thievery overhaul. This adds stealthy ways of getting around
the major cities. These new ways include tunnels under the city’s, and new paths on roofs. Besides adding alternatives to get around
the city, this mod adds guards to the more wealthy shops and guard dogs to the less wealthy
shops. These can be found at night guarding the place.. This overhaul also adds npc’s that go out
stealing at night during certain days of the month and much like nernies thief pack this
adds a variation of newly placed items to be found in shops and houses. It even comes with 3 different type of arrows,
some of them similair to what the arrows of sneak tools offer. Do keep in mind that Nernies thief pack and
Shenks thievery overhaul can easily conflict with many mods changing city’s and it’s interiors. I didn’t see any major conflicts using these
2 together though. Next, I chose 4 assassin and thief based followers. I went through the first 5 google pages it’s
55 links and found 1 male follower other than Inigo I found suited for this showcase. The overpowered assassin follower is a male
follower with a nice looking custom armor. Like the name suggests this follower is quite
overpowered. He will use shouts while fighting and is equiped
with a custom invisible overpowered sword with a very interesting and fitting describtion. He can in theory die, but uses healing spells
to recover himself if he ever gets low on health. He even has a custom voice. If not a great follower
for you, try to take him on. You can find this follower at the Riverwood trader. Ezia is a great looking female assassin. One might recognize details of this armor from the assassins creed series. The author of this mod is a huge fan of the assassins creed series and tried to recreate a female version of Ezio. I think he did a great job doing so. He went as far making a hand drawn lip scar for this female follower. Parts of his armor are made available by the Alfheim Robes and Alfheim Knights armor. Ezia is essential, can be married and hangs around in the thieves guild. Inigo is one of the best follower mods for
skyrim. If you havn’t tried him out yet, you been
missing out on one hell of a mod.. Inigo has 1000s of lines of top-notch dialogue
that often refers to things you do or the areas you’re in. You will surely have some amazing moments
with Inigo with you on your adventures. Inigo is a must have follower to many. Combine Inigo with the other amazing follower
Vilja and you will have additional 100s of lines made specifically for the use of them
together. The are some serious quality follower mods. I would go as far saying I’ve never seen a
follower in any game behave more diverse and keeps you entertained as long as Inigo and
Vilja do. If you don’t like something about Inigo or
Vilja there is a good chance you can talk to them about it and change it. There are multiple lenghty videos one could
dedicate to Inigo or Vilja, which they deserve and are out on youtube already. We’re moving on to the next follower. Another follower I used for a while is Yuih. This is a improvement and a follower version
of the mod; female cicero. I already gave it quik mentions before and
think it goes well in this list to. Yuih is found in Falkreath’s dead mans drink. To make this video a little more extensive
I’ve added some more honorable mentions that could be perfect for a stealthy character. Complete alchemy and cooking overhaul makes
you create more poisons, potions and even bombs. It does a great many things, but many features
function well for either a stealthy or assassin based character. Suspicious city guards is a small mod were
guards get suspicious when you sneak around. better stealing aims to make stealing better. When you steal certain items, no longer will
it be categorized as stolen when no one sees you stealing this. This allows you to sell the item to anyone. This makes perfect sense to me for most items,
but of course could be seen as a cheat mod. No one’s gonna report a stolen apple or describe
it in such detail the next merchant will know it was stolen. Even less reasonable is not being able to
sell the stolen apple in another city. hidespots makes it so that many objects can
now be used as hiding spots. pickpocket everyone is a mod that allows you
to pickpocket most creatures. As example you can now pickpocket unaware Draugr. The craftable horse bardings let you craft
different saddles for your horse. I figured a thief or assassin might need to
get around quiker. This mod requires a mod like Immersive horses
to equip these saddles on your horse. Craftable horse bardings and Immersive horses
are by far my favorite mods for horses. I also use the overhauled horses included
with immersive horses. Nightwielder Spire is a mod I already showcased. This tower of shadows has some amazing spells
that could be very suited for stealth characters that use spell casting. Beter stealth ai for followers aims to make
the follower smarter in stealth. The follower doesn’t wear torches whilst in
stealth and doesn’t initiate combat until you or the enemy has attacked. Furthermore your follower will make much less
comments whilst in sneak mode. It’s a mod I’ve always been using and works
fine with any follower mods I’ve tried. It also works fine with immersve amazing follower
tweaks or amazing follower tweaks. And finally I chose Sneakus Peekus. A somewhat new mod. This allows to put your back to a wall and
peek around corners while in first person view. To set up this mod you need to activate a
power that you get upon installig Sneakus Peekus. With this power can set up new keys to control
this animation. To lean up against a wall or object you need
to get close and press the button you set to activate this. This mod has been added recently and I think
it has great potential. I do hope the mod gets some more recognition
and perhaps more functionality. I think it’s a nice idea and might be something
you wish to try if you’re looking for a new approach to things or simply want to do some
roleplaying. There are a ton of stealth based mods out
there. Without a doubt I missed one that you might
consider essential for your stealthy character. let me and others know in the comments if
you like. I hope this video gave some new ideas. As always, a like, subscribe or comment is
very much appreciated. Consider endorsing the mods that
you like to use on the Nexus to. Thanks for watching everyone, have a great
day and I’ll cya all next time.

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  1. Annotations and Subtitles are included for those who wish to use them.
    00:24 – Main Focus mods
    09:20 – Weapons
    11:12 – Armors
    13:45 – Homes
    16:10 – (City) Overhauls
    17:39 – Followers
    20:15 – More Mods

  2. Thanks for the mods and the comments! Personally for an assassin, I'd add Stiletto Collection (as in "concealed daggers", not "high heels", because with Skyrim you never know).

  3. An extensive mod list, but you forget the most important sneak mod of all – the one that fixes the broken detection mechanics! – namely "Realistic AI Detection 2.0".

  4. Great list, but I recommend the two mods: Master of Disguise and Immersive Detection. Master of Disguise lets you disguise as a faction (eg. thalmor, forsworn, guards) until they suspect you and you are detected, Immersive Detection let's the time of day and the weather affect how easily people will detect you while sneaking.

  5. The thing I don't like about the Throwing Weapons Lite is if you're using Ordinator's Vancian Magic Perk on a character (no Magicka cost for spells, but given certain amount per day) using one of the knives uses up one of your daily spells. Must be a bug.. Throwing Weapons on Skyrim in general tend to cause CTD issues.

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  7. Very nice video. But why do female assassin clothes look like that? Wouldn't them be far more verisimilar if they protected the assassin's body instead of showing her breasts, legs and ass?

  8. What was the armor u were wearing at 11:05? I been trying to find out what armor that was for a while now

  9. I dunno why, but I HATE Viljas voice. I just can't get over it. I know it's dumb, but I can't enjoy having her with me

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