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Stat point allocation guide – for ALL classes! (except FG) – Cabal Online

August 13, 2019

Ahoy! Many of you have asked me to make a guide about the STAT point allocation for Wizard. Well I decided to do that, except I’m going to try to cover every playable class in the game. Well, as you probably know, there are 3 stats avaliable to spend your points on: Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. Each of them gives you various bonuses, and you require a certain amount of them to equip your gear as well. Strength increases the number of health points you have, as well as your damage reduction, and your attack. It’s a reliable way to defend yourself from enemies, and to increase the damage of sword classes. Intelligence increases your magic attack, as well as your resistace to pretty much everything that you can resist in PVP Although I must note that I personally believe that those resistance stats also affect the damage of monsters on you. Dexterity is known for giving you more attack rate, defense rate, evasion, and for classes that can choose to rely on it, it also gives attack. I’ll explain that later Every time your character levels up, it gains 5 points. Skill rank ups also give you several points, that you can allocate to your heart’s desire. Other ways to get stat point boosts are wearing specific jewelry, or learning certain runes. I personally don’t recommend wearing rings, amulets or earrings that increase those, since there are several, much better items that you can wear instead of those. However, learning the runes is something I definitely recommend. Now, before I focus on any of the classes, I’d like to point out a general rule, that in my opinion, is what you should follow as well. Every class should put all affordable points on 1 of the stats, while keeping the other ones at the minimum for the battle style up and the requirements for equipment. Sometimes it’s also useful to increase your dexterity to 200 if you feel like you’re dying too often, or if you need more attack rate, but you will sacrifice precious damage if you do that. If you want to skip to any specific class, enable the annotations. Yes, I know you turned them off as soon as the video loaded, but… Anyway, that’s where I’ll insert the time you have to fastforward the video to for each of them. So let’s begin with wizard, since this is the character I’m using, so this is the one that I can actually show in the game. I’ll use some inserted text for the other ones in the video, since I don’t have the characters to demonstrate them with. My choice of the stat allocation for Wizard is as follows: I put 77 points on STR, 113 on DEX, and all the rest on INT. 77 STR is needed for a mithril grade suit, while 113 DEX is required for topaz orbs. I prefer to go for full damage other than that, so I put all the rest to INT, for maximum magic attack. Some people may prefer to increase DEX to up to 200, and STR to 100. They are also right, since those may give you a nice boost to your ability to survive. It is your choice which one you go for. All right, let’s move onto Warrior. A warrior’s most important stat, is obviously STR, that’s why they have the most health points of all classes. Once again, you’re going to need as many points on the other 2 as you need to equip your items. That means 77 INT, and 154 DEX. You can increase your DEX to around 200, once again if you feel like you don’t have enough attack rate, or if you’re using a daikatana
but I wouldn’t recommend that. A force archer obviously needs INT as well. The same rule applies to them, as to wizards: maximum INT, and just enough STR and DEX to be able to put on your gear. Most of the archers would agree that orbs are better than crystals, and I also think the same. Therefore you can ignore the requirements of crystals. The amount of STR and DEX you need for your clothes already cover it for orbs. Therefore 154 STR and 309 DEX should be enough. There’s no point in increasing either of those stats over that. Force shielders are based on STR as well. They need 309 INT, and 204 DEX. Once again it’s not worth increasing those stats any more. Just put the rest of the points on STR. Gladiators are also obvious: 334 dex, 97 int, and as much str as possible. Don’t go any higher than those. Now, the 2 classes that are often debated are force blader and blader, because those 2 can focus both on STR and DEX. The amount of attack they get from those 2 stats is the same. I personally think that DEX is better for both of them, but many people would argue with that It’s your choice, but this is what I recommend. If you disagree, please share your opinion and your arguments in the comments! Bladers should keep their INT at 77, and 1 of the other 2 stats on 386. If you’re using blades, you may need as much as 408 STR, or the same amount of DEX for katanas. In my opinion, you should use katanas and keep your STR at 386, and put all the rest of the points on DEX. That way you can achieve much higher evasion, attack rate and defense rate. Bladers shouldn’t focus on health or damage reduction if you ask me. I know of a blader who tried to make a force shielder out of his character and focused on STR, defense and health points as much as he could and he…. uhm…well never mind. Let’s just say he failed. Miserably And last but not least, force bladers. A force blader needs 309 STR and INT to equip a mithril coat. and as much DEX as he can get. Once again, that is only my opinion. Some people would prefer to go for STR and they are free to do so. But I honestly believe this is the better way: this way you don’t have to worry about defense rate and attack rate too much. It’s also extremely annoying when a force blader uses lightning blade combined with elemental enchant in a mission war. You basically can not hit them in BM2. These are the basics. But before you go on and allocate all your points, I must point out that all the numbers I listed here may change if your aren’t using mithril or higher grade gear. As an example I’m using topaz with my wizard so I decreased my DEX. If you’ve accidentally put too many points on 1 of the stats, or if you decide to reallocate your points, you can use extract potions. All you have to do is right click on them,
and they decrease your STR, INT or DEX respectively, and then you can use that point on any of the other ones. They can be crafted at the craft NPC in port lux, or they can be bought from other player through the agent shop. And one last thing, just let me get back to my WI to show that. This is the part where I explain the importance of runes: runes: perhaps it would seem useless to upgrade STR or DEX. “Oh come on, a wizard doesn’t need those!” you can say, and you’re right about that. However, since those extra points are permanent, they will let you equip your items even if you extract 10 points from those 2 stats and put them on INT. This way I practically have 67 STR and 103 DEX, but I’m still able to use my gear, and I gained more than 10 magic attack. Well, I think I covered everything I wanted to. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments! Thank you for watching, and I honestly hope this will satisfy those who requested it. And, well…those who didn’t too.

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  1. Hey! what about the "limit mark"? you know that you get less out of one point after you reached 600?
    Example: Me as a FB get 1Atk 20 Evasion and X(dont know the exact number)HP from 0 to 599 but 600 and above everything is halfed.. so why dont go for STR then for more Atk?

  2. there's diminishing returns at 600 and at 1000 stat. That's why the best possible solution for BL at least, is to go 50%/50% when it comes to str/dex, that way you'll max the attack you get from stat points. Also a full str blader is far superior to a full dex blader in pvp, but yah for pve go 50%/50%

  3. ahoyy~ big fan of your vid's… good guide but i think you've forgot to let people know about the stat points capping (whereby the stats gain is capped and reduced at 600 and 1000) that is quite important as well for building char also. :')

  4. I agree with you on the statement that BLs and FBs should go ful dex, but imo, only if they are pve focused. For pvp they'd better go full str. In case of a both pve pvp focused char then I suggest 50/50

  5. It seems people didn't understand the point of the video. How to determine what stats you will need: open AH, look for a highest grade suit and weapon –> voila! You know the stats. If you won't be wearing highest grade, check the ones you will be, simple as that. THIS APPLIES TO FORCE GUNNER TOO!

    Thank you for reminding! I actually totally forgot about those when I was making the video.

    As for the capping of the bonuses from each of the stats:
    -Attack/M.attack gain are decreased to half of their original value only after 1000 points, and that's a value that I doubt any FB or BL would reach in dexterity (could be wrong though, I've never played either of those classes on long term)
    -Damage reduction's limits are 300, 600 and 1100 both for BL and FB (600 and 1100 for WA/FS)
    -Evasion, attack rate and defense rate are capped at 200, 600 and 1100 as well. However, you get 6 points of each (5 def rate) for every stat point on DEX until 200, 2 points until 600 and 1.5 points till 1100.
    – HP gain is also halved at 200 and at 600, resulting in 1 HP after every 2 points on STR after 200, which… isn't much.

    Therefore I think there isn't such a huge difference between the values after 200, so I still believe it may be the best to go over 600 with DEX, especially since until 1000 you get the same amount of attack.
    Also, being a WI, I lack both attack rate and defense rate only because of my low DEX, and I can tell you how annoying that is 🙂 If you go for full DEX you might not even have to learn the passive skill for att. rate (or at least not both of them).

    Anyway, that is my opinion. Thoughts?

    If you would like to support the development of my character and/or my channel, donations are welcome 🙂

  6. Fb 600 str rest dex is optimal. I already tried the other way with dex and it is far inferior, both in pve and pvp. atk rate is fairly irrelevant since you can combo everything and as fb you already have good attack rate anyway, evasion is good but not what you should go after, since there are ways around it (eog/evade on gear vs hp, etc.) to survive against the tougher bosses. and those will give far more evade than a few points in dex ever will.

  7. can i ask how many is your stats? defense exactly bec im planning to play wiz but im afraid wiz are too fragile in pve/pvp other than all classes.

  8. as a blader i can refer that statpoints should be set like this: 590+10 str – rest to dex, why 600? because the reward of the secondary stats achieved for str are dmg reduce + hp and the benefit get lowered for each point you set above 600.
    on dex you have this aswell for secondary stats which are: deffrate, attackrate & evasion but its far more visibly feelable as those dmg reduce+hp.
    regards Miamii

  9. I disagree with FS, but its just my own opinion, i have the stats of Sigmetal gear and Archiridium Weapons, for Maximum Attack, but wearing an PW5 and starting with defense Merit, for balance .

  10. hi what do u think the strongest PVE class? planning to play again and farm hard! is WA good for soloing?

  11. may blade have . str 525. int 70. dex 425. lvl 126. what can you say ? give some helpful comment. thank you…

  12. Currently I have FB 164lvl. with STR 365 INT 354 and DEX 515. So I need to reduce both STR and INT to 309 ?? I have arch Katana and Mithril crystal. What weapon combination is the best for FB ? Katana+Orb, Katana+Crystal, Blade+Orb or Blade+Crystal ??

  13. Although this video is old, since im going to back to playing this game right now, and have a 109 blader. i must say that If you are going to focus on War/Pvp build a Str type BL and rest stats for gear and when you have a Dungeon type of blader just have all in Dex and leave else for gear. I think for me that's how best to put it.

  14. ahoy watchman
    i want to play cabal eu. where did i get the soft copy of files. i dont think its available here in the philippines.

  15. Apparently my fb stats is the same as yours because i need archridium well thats is the exactly fb stats if you choose str well i choose str before it will more low on defense especially in dungeon you will hard to overcome and finish fast the dungeons so dexterity is the main stats for fb

  16. blader build balance the dex and str not focus on dex nor str because of benefits of both dex ,str first attack ,hp and etc (bl are semi tank ) try to experiment party in trio (wi,fa,bl) (wi,fa,wa) (wi,bl,fb)(fb,bl,wa)(fs,wi,bl)(wi,bl,bl) thank you

  17. have you tried the wizard stats of STR:100, DEX: 200, INT: rest of points? is it a good build for a wizard? and are the stat benefits really helpful? thank you

  18. I have a good explanation why Dex is so much better:
    Because STR ONLY gives Dmg Red. as defensive stat. HP itself does not increase your tankyness directly, it is just a bigger storage, sort of. Def Rate and Evasion do make more out of your HP plus you get more atk rate if you switch from STR to DEX (for FB at least).
    I Recently switched from STR 600 INT 309 and rest DEX — to —> STR 309 INT 309 DEX rest.. i get hit waaay less and i even do more dmg because i hit the enemys more which gives me better life steal aswell.
    I hope I could help. 😉

  19. Im still confused idk what to follow your advice or other players advice. They said there are 3 types of fb build. 1st is full str 800 and minimum dex and int for gear and 2nd 600 str and 400 dex and minimum int for gear and the full dex build. Many of them said focuse on str or do the 2nd type build. Im so confused idk which one to do can you please give me advice. Ive watched the video and i did it but many players still argue with my build when they asked me about it

  20. For Blader, Im more of a 600 STR / Minimum INT (77 for Archridium)/ Everything else on DEX (its a sort of "Balanced" Build), specially at higher levels.

    I used to be a DEX type (i use arch blades & suit, so i was 408 STR 77 INT near 900 DEX), but given the low level of my defensive gear (+9), if evasion & defense rate didnt work, i took a considerable amount of damage. So I decided to get a bit more of STR for some extra Dmg Reduction by pulling out from DEX. On one hand, my char lost a big piece of Evasion, Attack Rate & Defense Rate, but on the other hand it gets less damage if it cant block/miss the hit.

    Why stop at 600 STR? Bc over that value you hit the cap & get just 0.15 Dmg Reduction per point after that, so spending on STR after that value is not worthy.

  21. uhm im a newbie at cabal and ive reached lvl 150 i followed your stat guide on wiz and bl and i waswondering what item should i get for farming .. for my bl and wi .. well my bl is doin fine at s2 it's lvl 147 btw and my wi is lvl 150 but i still die a lot :"( would you mind sharing me some ideas xd

  22. I'm using force blader ,after I allocated my points to dex 600". This is the limit that Ican go? Or Ican add more up to1000k points for dex?

  23. my chatacter is wiz
    mage type is sow low def can i use the dex and strenght to increase may def and hp


  24. blader STR type build plz ???im pure dex and i get low hp on dex im thingking if i switch to str to get alot of hp to farming those mobs plz im newbie guide me plz ty

  25. Just to complete this useful guide, for Force Gunner the maximum stat requirement you'll need is STR 146 & DEX 200 in order to wear your Archridium/Palladium Battlesuit (+7 or above). Every other point should be invested on INT for maximum magic attack output.

  26. hello sir, may you create for the new stats allocation for all of the class for the lastest episode of the cabal. 🙂

    thanks in advnce and more power.

  27. Ahoy, just wanna ask.

    i have recently created FB on a different server. Well, im not quite sure which weapon to use. Blade or katana? i wanted to maximize my dex just like you have said..what do you suggest for FB, a blade or katana?

    your answer will be much appreciated.

  28. which class is the best without stats?as in no stats.. pure same item and accesories only.. who will be the best damage with best dafense.?

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