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Stanford University Campus Tour

October 8, 2019

>>[music] Stanford University.
[music]>>My name is Christian. I’m a junior, majoring in Political Science.>>I’m Karen Scribner, a senior majoring
in Human Biology.>>Welcome to Stanford.
>>Our tour begins at Stanford Stadium, home to Cardinal football.
Stanford Stadium was completed in 2006 and holds 50,000 football fans.
This is the oval. We’ve got the palm-lined sweep Palm Drive
leading up into the quad culminating in the church.
This istheStanford picture. Welcome to the Main Quad everyone.
This is where the School of Humanities and Sciences is located.
The Quad has been here since the university opened in 1891.
>>Maples Pavilion is home to Stanford volleyball and basketball.
Come out to Sunken Diamond to watch Cardinal baseball.
>>The quad is made primarily of sandstone.
Each column is unique because each was carved by hand.
>>Avery Aquatic Center is one of the finest collegiate aquatic centers in the
country.>>Each graduating class gets a class
plaque in the Main Quad. In it, class members create a time
capsule.>>Stanford athletics supports about 800
scholar athletes in 35 varsity sports. And it’s winner of over 100 NCAA
championships and 18 directors cups.>>Dedicated in 1941, Hoover Tower is more
than just a nice landmark on campus. It houses the Hoover Institution on War,
Revolution and Peace.>>The new Science and Engineering quad at
Stanford is the hub of interdisciplinary learning and research and home to the
School of Engineering.>>This is the Graduate School of
Business. Ranked number one in the country, this is
the newest part of campus.>>The Yang and Yamazaki Environment and
Energy building is home to Environmental Science programs in the School of Earth
Sciences. The Y2E2 building sets a new standard for
sustainable architecture on campus.>>The Stanford Law School is the oldest
professional school of the university. Notable alumni include three US Supreme
Court justices.>>The Stanford School of Medicine is a
world leader in medical training and research.
The Row offers student housing for Greek organizations, cultural, and academic
houses.>>Now we find ourselves in White Plaza,
the center for student life on campus. At the heart of White Plaza, we have the
Claw Fountain. Now, one of those traditions that’s unique
to Stanford, is fountain hopping. The Stanford School of Education is the
second oldest school of education in United States.
It offer its first PhD in 1916. The Cantor Art Center has a wonderful
collection of works on display. And one of the largest collections of
Rodin’s sculptures outside of Paris.>>At the end of the day, come finish off
your tour with a hike through the foothills to the Dish, for some nice
views of campus. If you are interested in taking a tour
yourself, please come to the Stanford Visitor Center.
We offer guided tours daily. For more information, please go to our
website at>>Thanks for watching and we hope to see
you here on the farm.>>For more, please visit us at

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  1. These all types of universities are not for education they are just for romance, love and sexology bcoz all royal and high profile people take admission there and you know very much what they do in atmosphere… Sorry to say but True is always bitter….

  2. I'm in 5th Grade and I'm already hoping to pursue my passion in Mycology at Stanford University in the Sustainability Science and Practice course! (:

  3. Stanford is an endangered species, caused by its high intelligence, that in turn in social circles, induces PC as prestige marker, that can lead non western religious operators, to flood the system with violation accusations in stanfird court cases, like a millstone bringing the whole existence to halt throug selfcirculation overload.

  4. Raise your hand if you dropped out of college because you didn't want to be programmed, and are now living in your mom's basement and sharing cans of tuna with your ?

  5. I'm in 5th Grade and my dream is to go to Stanford. I have a Stanford jacket, gloves, and a lanyard! Stanford is the best!

  6. Since I was losing my motivation through playing video games, I am Back on Studying and i will choose this university after i graduate from 12th grade. Sad that this university is expensive but still the best!

  7. I’m applying for a scholarship to get PhD degree in Environmental Science in Stanford. Oh my God, wish me luck ??

  8. Hello! I’m trying to create an environment where all community college students who want transfer to a Ivy League/4 year can collaborate and help each other. 🙂 Join us in this journey!

  9. Wow very good school. The only draw back is if you study here you willl totally change the way you walk. You will be forced to walk backwards.

  10. god, what am i dreaming about. I live halfway across the world and even if I somehow miraculously get in, my parents won't ever agree to send me. AAAAGGGHHH

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  12. I thought Stanford students are very intelligent. Apparently they just pretend to be intelligent by reading what others wrote for them to say on video. lol

  13. In the US, higher education is paid. In Russia, it is possible to complete several stages of education free of charge: secondary vocational, specialty, magistracy, postgraduate study. Also in Russia, you can take your own refresher courses for free. In addition, the employer pays for professional training and refresher courses. Obtaining a second higher education is paid by the state to reserve officers. Do not pay for a second higher education can, if you get a grant in Innopolis. Having one professional education in one year you can undergo professional retraining (and get another specialty), which is equivalent to getting higher education, and the cost of training is lower than the average salary for the month. And top American universities are constantly losing the world programming championships to Russian higher education institutions.

  14. My dad and uncle went to Stanford in the 1980's. My brother has a 4.4 average gpa and received a 34 act score, he got denied. Lol.

  15. My life in Stanford:
    1.Wake up.
    2.Go to cafe eat the breakfast.
    2.Walk to the classroom with outstanding friends.
    3.Take the class and receive various valuable knowledge.
    4.Eat lunch with friends and share what we learn today.
    5.Take the class and keep going.
    6.Doing the homework with my motivated friends at library, It's hard, but it's makes me feel Energetic. later go eat the dinner and have some coffee at Starbucks.

    In order to read this list:2-3-4-5-6-1

  16. I wish I could go here but my parents want me to go to WashU because we live in Missouri and won’t have to pay as much tuition ?

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