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SRAM Truck Tour

October 7, 2019

– We’re here outside Sram and they’ve kindly let us do a truck tour. So we’re gonna have a look in their truck. Super cool, some of the small parts and intricate little details
that these guys go to. (pulse pounding music) Okay, so as you can see,
it’s a pretty big space. Mobile work benches are on wheels. They can get everything
they need right there. Work on the fork, get the job done, and the guys back out on the track. (coffee machine chugs) Okay, so as you can see, they have a real sweet chill out area here on the far side of the awning. Anyone’s welcome to come
in, grab a coffee like me, Red Bull, usually there’s
a few sweets or something. Beers later on in the afternoon. But the main sort of engine room of the Sram truck is over
here, so let’s go have a look. This little area here is
all for working on shocks. So they’ve got the vice there to hold all the pieces and do everything. Set it all out really nicely. They can see all the
little parts and so on. So they can build the shock here, take it apart, rebuild it, fresh oil, then they can check it works, everything perfectly, on the dyno here. They just check the
dampin’, everything works. We couldn’t go without
looking in this cupboard. It’s called “Awesomeness.” So you would expect something pretty cool. Let’s have a look. Okay. So next to all shock rebuilding stuff, we have all the relevant
bushes and hardware to rebuild the shock, and then make sure that
these pieces in here have the correct hardware. And they’ll replace these,
’cause they can get worn when they’re havin’ a really
hard time on the dyno track. Don’t remember where it went. So in this bottle here,
they have nitrogen. Nitrogen is for chargin’ the shocks. So this is purely for rear
shocks, nitrogen there. And then over here,
when things get serious, they’ve got a lathe where they can sorta engineer small parts and make them fit and work correctly just as they need. Obviously you can see
they got really nice racks all the way down here, both sides. Chains in this one here. As you can see. It’s like a snake’s wedding
of chains inside here. They’re all labelled really nice so everybody knows exactly
where everything is. This is press fit bottom brackets and bottom bracket spares. What else have they got? Whoa, some serious tools in there. Big presses and stuff. Some more interesting things. How about brakes? Small parts and “Seven Seconds.” There’s actually a story about this. I’ve got some good friends within Sram and I was strugglin’ for a bit of time, so they reckon that the
brakes was the best place to find seven seconds, so therefore they named the drawer “Seven Seconds.” So you’ve got small parts for brakes here. Different pads. Obviously there’s different
compounds of pads all available. Nice little fancy anodized parts here. Matchmakers and clamps. So these are all to get that
nice tidy set up on your bars. They have loads of
different styles in there. Cassettes, let’s have a look. Wow. Okay. So this is the seven-speed
downhill cassette. As you can see, it’s
got the built-in sorta, when you’ve set your stops it’s actually, even if you’ve not set them correctly, it’s impossible for the chain
to go over the cassette. BoXXer parts. So this is for the fork. All the different parts
in here, as you can see. The service kit there. Seals up here. It’s pretty fancy in here. So we’ve got XX1. XX1. X0, there’s an X0 crank set. Handle bars and ice creams. Okay. So we got the BooBar. Got Stevie Smith Signature. Okay, so this is quite cool, there’s a bunch of dampers here, which are the legs of the fork. So this is sorta the business
side of it, if you like. This controls the action
of the fork itself. So what we have is the
right leg of your fork. We’ve got low speed
rebound here on the bottom. And then we have low speed
compression here on the top. Then, internally, that can be
adjusted by the engineers here like within half an hour probably. Up here, this is all BoXXers. So we have BoXXer lowers
all the way along here. So you can get them in white and black. All the way along, so if a rider comes in and he’s had a nasty crash
that mighta twisted them or damaged a set, you
know, it’s brutal out there and the guys are pushing really hard so these things can happen when they have, like, really big crashes. That’s all up there. So they can cover everything on your fork. And the top boys’ll probably
have their forks serviced maybe twice a weekend. Once on the first day, before they ride, and then once before the race, refreshed so they’re perfect for racing. Okay, so that’s it for the workshop. Obviously these guys work super hard, and they have to have some downtime. So they do that in this part
of the truck towards the front. If you wanna come in here. So immediately here on
the left as you walk in, there’s a bit of a store. As you can see, the riders,
they have a couple of Luka and Walk Ashore here,
so they’ve got a little bit of a rider’s area for their stuff. And then the technicians
have their helmets and so on. Sort of swag and stuff in here that… Everybody loves swag, right? There’s RockShox socks, caps. I think American guys wear it this way. I’ll wear it this way. Forks, now we’re getting
to the good stuff. More forks here, as you can see, there’s a box full of BoXXers. So moving through here, we have
a small little kitchenette. Just a tiny little one,
but they’ve got, you know, sink, little hob there,
storage space up here. Crispies. It’s definitely not an athlete’s area. Pringles, Milky Ways. The boys, they’re running on biscuits, crisps, and chocolate. Now the fridge, it’s quite a big fridge for a little kitchen. So let’s have a look in here. Do you wanna come on in? Okay, so we’re in Scotland,
we’ve got Tennent’s, some bread, salami, lots of beer, as you can see. Guy fueled by beer and coffee. Keeps ’em goin’ all day. Some Red Bull colas. May as well have a beer, hadn’t we. Cheers.

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  1. hey yo!! i don't know if you noticed… but you putted the little piece of the awesomeness draw in the rong place!!! ahahaha

  2. Really cool riding shes Marc. I thought you were going to get away with that sram cap.
    Amazing tour.Make me want to be a bike mechanic

  3. You where the reason Troy Brosnan didn't win at Fort Bill. His shock obviously didn't work because of you Mark!

  4. I doubt Sram will be wanting Marc back anytime soon, stealing beer and a hat and messing up shock bushings!!!

  5. they have a lathe on the move!
    interview that guy! who's job is that!
    get the engineers to show us what they have in all their drawers,

    awesome video, thanks

  6. The cameraman did a banger of a job here! You were alright too, Marc.
    GMBC seems to be maturing a little bit and getting past the presentation teething stage.

  7. Would be nice if team trucks sold off used (but still ok to use) parts to the general public, would like to know how much used stuff gets binned?

  8. How do the buses go from continent to continent? Say, from Europe to MSA and what not, and even down to Cairns. Different bus each continent?

  9. You can see the parts straight from Taiwan in their native state, 20c for a brake pad, not 25$ a pair, a piece of plastic bushing worth 3c, not 10$

  10. why do these dudes on this channel touch all the spare parts? Just open the drawer and close it. This dude Misplaced the part in the awesomeness drawer. A mechanics worst nightmare.

  11. Why shram it's spelled sram just like simanno. No its SHimanno no h in the sram name sh in shimanno sram in sram sit , shit two very different things ssssrrrram.

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