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August 27, 2019

Squishy, squishy, squishy. (thudding) Hello there. (bright rock music) Hey guys it’s Karina And Ronald, and we’re from Sis vs Bro! Today we’re doing the squishy food versus real food challenge. So basically, one person is gonna get the squishy food, and the second person is gonna get the Real food. And by the way guys we got new merch at Sisvsbro.com (choking) (laughing)
(screaming) So where is the food? I’m hungry. And where are the squishies? I feel like squishing something. I only want squishies because who needs food? I just want squishies. Okay, I’m not really getting this song. Yeah but I just want squishies! But I’m still in the rhythm. (singing) Squishy. Guys let me tell you a secret, I never had a squishy before. You know everyone in the room can hear it? So let’s just get started. Ready for dish number one! Dish number one. All right, I wanna pick first. (mouth clicking) I’m gonna keep. Three, two, one! (cheering) I got a squishy muffin, look at this! Oh, does it squish? It smells amazing!
(sniffing) It smells bad. You guys wanna smell it? It’s like sunscreen.
Yeah. Oh, my muffin, Mmm! Oh, look at it, it’s so squishy!|
Squish it! I’m squishing it. (laughing) That’s like a little ball. It’s good. Can I try? Please? Fine.
Okay, yay! Yeah, of course, you’re gonna take a big bite. That’s good muffin. You only got one bite, the rest is for me. All right, that’s fine. Who needs food in this life anyways? We just need squishies! (laughing) Smells amazing.
(sniffing) That’s really–
Wait, smell test (sniffing) (laughing). This one smells way better. Maybe, but this one tastes better. (soft ukulele music) Good, what? Wanna trade? Nah. Ready for dish number two! I love squishies. (singing) Dish number two. It’s my turn. I’m gonna keep!
All right. Three, two, one! No, yes, no.
I got corn, I love corn.
I got squishy corn. Squishy corn looks really realistic ’cause there’s like, burnt bits. Oh, smells so bad! (yelling) Thank God I didn’t get corn. I don’t feel like corn right now. I love corn. This corn is really, really, really, really good. I really, really, really, really, really like you! (laughing) The corn is good but I would prefer a muffin. The squishy is nice but the smell is awful. Mine is delicious. I’m sorry I’m gonna have to say this but, I’m gonna have to put you back (crying). I really, really, really, really like you (laughing). (crying)
No, oh, no. I bet there’s like, some corn stuck in my teeth. Yeah, ready for Dish number three! Dish number three. All right, it’s your turn. All right. I got the levitating one so, I think I’m gonna go, switch. (metal scraping) Three, two, one, oh! I got a squishy. Squish squish, squishy squishy. It’s some kind of drink. I have a drink too. What is it? Drink it. You don’t have to open that, you just drink from there. Oh, it’s hot chocolate! Oh that sounds so delicious! But I got a squishy, which is even better. There’s like a straw right there, maybe you could sip? (sipping) Delicious. Ready for dish number four! Yeah, that’s a bit too long you know? Yeah.
Dish number four. All righty I’m gonna pick this one. No it’s my turn to pick. No it’s my turn. Oh yeah, it’s your turn to pick. So, I’m gonna pick this one. (thudding)
Ow. Three, two, one. No! I got bread, I got a sandwich. Bread! You got a squishy. Oh this is– Look at mine (sniffing). Oh, it smells amazing.
It smells so bad. It smells so bad. All right, now before you forget, smell test. (sniffing) Yours smells.
Yours smells so good. All right, I’m gonna try mine. All bread is good, like I love bread. Pretty good. This is delicious but (metal clanging) We’re ready for the next dish. Dish number Five Dish number five (choking).
(laughing) Guys your best dish is coming right up. And then you’re gonna flip, okay? Just wait. I can’t flip. Dish number five. All right, it’s your turn to pick! All right. I think I am going to switch! All right, switcharoo. All right, three, two, one! (gasping) I got cake! I got a cake!
Cake! No, I got a– You got a squishy cake. That looks amazing. Can I smell?
(sniffing). All right, so, I’m gonna eat my cake, but I don’t have a fork anywhere. Here’s the fork. Thank you. This cake kind of looks like red sand, but I’m gonna try it. (soft ukulele music) All right. I love that bit. Is it frosting? Yeah and there’s another bit on the top. And there’s a gummy. So good. And all I can do with my squishy is squish it (grunting). This cake is absolutely scrumptious. (laughing) I like mine. It’s really squishy. All right, time for dish number Six! Dish number six. All right, I’m gonna keep mine. All right, three, two, one! Oh, no! I got a squishy lettuce. I was waiting to get the real food, and when I do it has to be lettuce (laughing). I feel so bad for you. I like mine. Look how green it is, it looks so fresh, and amazing, and amazing! It looks too fresh. Does it smell good? It smells really good! All right, so try your lettuce. (crunching)
it’s fine, I guess. So it’s time for dish number Seven! Dish number seven. All right, my turn to pick. Pick. I think I am going to keep. All right. Three, two, one! Oh, yay! I got an egg sandwich.
Oh my goodness. I love egg sandwiches. Thank goodness I did not get an egg sandwich. Everything in these challenges that include eggs, I never get them, I’m so lucky. Wait you can pull the egg off. Oh, it’s like a little thing attached to it. I think this is a gummy or something. Or is it a squishy? I’m not gonna risk trying it. I’m gonna now try this. My favorite breakfast. Bon appetite, myself. Good.
I don’t like eggs so I’m gonna pass. All right. Ready for dish number Eight! Dish number eight. Alrighty, it’s my turn. I’m gonna switch. All right (metal scraping) Okay. Three, two, one. Oh! You got a banana. Look at this. This looks so cool! Hello? We both have bananas. Hello? Hello. Hello darling, I live in London. I go to the shopping center, eat tomatoes and french fries. See you later. It’s smells super good. Smells so good. Can we please switch? You like bananas. You’re like a monkey. (imitating monkey) I love squishies. All right. This is not good, no. Squishy banana, would you like some? All right, enough of bananas. We gotta have a party time. Oh, yeah, dance, dance with banana, ew. Dish number nine. Alrighty. My turn to pick, I’m gonna hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. I’m gonna switcharoodaloo. Three, two, one! Oh! I got a croissant, I love croissants. I never had one before. I didn’t even know what it was called, but I guess it is a croissant. That looks amazing, can I smell it? (singing) It smells like coconut. All right, I’m gonna try this. This is so good. Let’s compare. Mine is bigger. Mine is tastier. Mine smells better. But mine is tastier. Mine can squish. Mine too, look at this. Now I’m gonna eat mine and you can look at yours. (singing)
(sniffing) Oh, delicious! Ready for the next dish. Which is dish number 10! Dish number 10. All righty, it’s my turn. All right. What are you gonna do? Switchy switch switch switch. All right. Three, two, one! Oh!
Oh! I always get the squishy. I got these things from Paris, but I never knew what they were called. And I’ve never had one before.
They’re like macaroons or something. Macaroons. I’ve never had one before.
Macaroni and cheese. So this is gonna be as awesome. All right, I’m gonna open this box (gasping). Whoa!
Oh my goodness. Oh, look at that.
I’ve never tried one. Me neither. This looks very good, all right. (soft ukulele music). Whoa! You’re gonna gobble it all up in three seconds. It’s full of wonders, it’s really, really good. Yeah but they don’t look similar. This one is yellow, this one is peach. Smells like, I don’t know. The stuff they used to make it. It smells nothing similar. That smell is so good! I know. That was the best dish so far. Super duper good, but it’s time for dish number 11! Macaroon, macaroni, macaroon, macaroni. And some squishies. If it jumps, catch it. Nice.
I got my hands ready. Dish number 11. All right. It’s your turn. My turn, all right, I’m gonna switch. Oh my God, no. All right.
Three, two, one! Oh, I got ice cream!
Oh, no! I got ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. This always happens to me! But you got a squishy. This looks good though. Can I smell please?
(sniffing) (laughing) Mine smells even better.
Oh my God. It smells like– I always get the squishy! This looks so good, there’s strawberry sauce inside it. Oh my God you’re so lucky! Three, two, one. I never have good luck in these challenges. (soft ukulele music) That’s really good. Really, really, good. Oh my God! Okay, okay, fine, you can have some. Just a tiny little bit. So good.
Fine, but I get the rest. I get the rest. You’re so lucky, oh my. It sweetens up my body. And here’s the unfortunate squishy. I’m gonna squish you. (banging) Ronald attacking an ice cream (laughing). That was delicious. So it’s time for dish number 12! Party time. Oh, party time, oh. Dish number 12. Oh, I’m gonna keep. All right. Three, two, one. Yo! Look at this squishy! When I get the real food, it has to be bread. Plain bread. Don’t worry I know how you feel. I feel awesome. Look at this squishy! I wanted to get the good squishy! This smells so good! Look at it squish! Squish, okay, I’m gonna try mine. You didn’t smell yours. Three, two, one. (sniffing) It’s okay. This is so big and squishy. I could use this as a pillow. And I’m gonna keep eating my bun. Plain, old bun. (sneezing)) (metal banging) Time for dish number 13! Aka, the last dish. Actually that’s quite sad (crying). It must be good. It has to be the best. It’s got to be something really delicious. So, chef squishy. Come on, step up your game. Yep. Make this food and squishies really good. And smell really nice.
Okay. Time for the next dish. singing Dish number 13! All right. I think it’s my turn, is it? Yep.
All right. You’re the odd numbers, I’m the even numbers. All right so I’m gonna switch. Okay, wait a minute. All right, three, two, one! (yelling) Look I got a strawberry cake. Look! Yours looks really good too, just saying. I can’t eat it though. Okay, I got my fork. Oh my God. And Ronald, you better be watching. Yeah I’m watching. It’s frosty. ♪ Frosty the snowman ♪ ♪ had a very jolly soul. ♪ I forgot the rest of the song. So, I’m not gonna sing this anymore. How come I can’t eat this? It’s frozen, look.
Here, let me. The strawberries don’t even cut. (grunting) And then just, you know. All right. Hmm–
It’s good. It’s good! Mine is squishy, again! Not cool. This is so delicious Ronald, you’re missing out. I know, I miss out on everything. But I have a bunch of squishies now. This cake is super, super, duper delicious. And Ronald’s, I haven’t even smelt this yet. Did I?
Yeah (sniffing)
(moaning)) Okay guys this was the last dish. It was definitely the best dish. It was super duper good. Comment down below which one was your favorite dish. When I’m having my winning streak, I have to end it. (laughing) So guys, we really hope you like this video. If you did Squish that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Bye! Squishy, squishy, squishy. (thudding) Hello there. (bright rock music)

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