Springsteen Pops| Funko Pop Hunting and I found Another Chase! Crazy Excited!
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Springsteen Pops| Funko Pop Hunting and I found Another Chase! Crazy Excited!

February 28, 2020

everybody everybody here with
Springsteen TV today we’re gonna be checking out some stores in Oklahoma
City area first we’re gonna be checking out of Barnes & Noble I’ve never shopped
at a Barnes & Noble I didn’t even know they carried action figures and pops so
we’re gonna go and check that out see what they got after that we’re gonna hit
up a toy based in it’s the local Oklahoma City toy store user he’s a
reseller I don’t think he collects himself he just he just retails but he’s
he has awesome prices he’s very nice so we’re gonna go check that out probably
maybe targets maybe a game stop we’re not sure not looking for anything in
particular just just out getting you know just Funko hunting don’t even know
what we’re looking for just hunting with my stumbled across something good we
might not have watched last video I already got some awesome pops things to
my dad and brother we’re gonna head to this Barnes & Noble and I’ll get you
back on as soon as we get in ok it says Barnes Noble
let’s go in and check it out looks like here other pups are kid behind the
registers ok so I was wrong not all the pups are behind the register there are
some up here they do have a few more of the New York exclusives looks like some
San Diego ones kind of like this which everywhere I go didn’t have music
doesn’t blast no video you okay so just gonna Barnes & Noble I
haven’t you know obviously watch the video back yet there’s a lot of music
blasting in the Funko area there’s music over that’s why I’ve got my tea didn’t
really find anything I wanted so we’re gonna head to the next button hopefully
have better luck so just parks it sort of is – let’s go ahead and head in and
see what we find okay so you’re in a funcle’ room he has
plenty to look at Stay Puft Marshmallow Man she’s pretty
banged up on that it’s a chase this count is finding a chase in the world
maybe captured put in a sanctuary no I don’t know the price is good on this I’m
definitely gonna get this put this to the side see where you find might be
good I feel like protector was straightening
that out I think that’s is that custom gonna make
a lovely and I seen there was a story there Seth right up there Jackie
disgusting power in years I don’t know I don’t want to see much else I don’t
think I can live wait bosun’s kind of interesting but i think
my main focuses it’s gonna be this I’m gonna see how much this is and this may
be the only thing that’s a find something awesome wait a minute this is
kind of cool and then I say I don’t like the solid
totally but to do it yourself is pretty cool I wouldn’t I wouldn’t paint it out
we’ll just leave it like that that’s really cool and how much that is I think
I’m gonna go up front and check so uh I’ll get back with you guys as soon as I
find something up could not leave toy based in without checking out my
favorite room the horror theme during war in sci-fi if you will there was a
few pops in here was a couple that was seen over there like this and that’s but
I’m sure that he has a Jason I’ve been I think I’m still gonna have to wait on
this I just want the horror icons for nikah Anna all over my guy I had so many
I had all the Predators and everything but I’m only gonna be like Jason Freddy
my full o update on this he said ten dollars so I’m picking up a Chase Reptar
for 10 bucks awesome score nice to keep looking that’s an awesome teabag kospi nice
there’s the Christmas to pack of grim ones just told my grandma so be
unnecessary I’m gonna make a quick walk through the rest of the store and see if
there’s any other pops hidden somewhere I’m really happy I found this
ten bucks cutting pass it let’s go to the next room
a couple more pops how many much I’m looking for that started shaving away cool the last time I was here he had a
three pack of forgot which ones but I know wicket wasn’t it for sure Funko
pops but it was the Ewok sit should got it when he had it the first time kind of
bummed I missed out on that there’s grandpa in Edward and shaft and the
Hitler horse well I kind of made it through the store already so they’re
gonna check out head to the next spot let’s go okay so I just passed a Half
Price Books i’ma turn around and go check that out the last time I was in
the Dallas area for Fan Expo they had figures and pops in there I guess you
can sell your figures there so I’m gonna turn back around and go check out Half
Price Books see if maybe we’ll get lucky like we did in club age 10 something
golden okay so just parked the car heading into Half Price Books but there
is also a Michaels right next door so I’m probably gonna go to Michael’s after
Half Price Books let’s go see what the guy alright so
first glance looks like all they have are dovey and head wait from Harry
Potter those five stars and um leave your key
chain ya little pup key chains I don’t see
anything else here but we’re gonna go ahead and look around and see if I can
find something yes so at first glance I missed it and walked right past it they
do have a few it’s like the Halloween theme oops there’s a core line max I got
that already gage I want but I I just haven’t got it yet and they got a scary
TV now I don’t want tricking more but clearly you can tell who this is
resembling so this could be something I get
not a hundred percent sure on the edge that’s pretty cool
these are the only pops that I’ve seen other than what I showed you I first got
into sauce I’m a walk around this is my hand just in case we may or may not get
it this could be an on and off type video
here since they’re seeming to be just popping up in displays I don’t think
they have their own set area so we’re gonna keep looking
she came across the superhero section see comics think right over here one
more will legend a diamond select see what we got
Oh all right hands-free see Johnny Cash
whoever Jim is I’ll set one group off care about it Mickey you a water buckets dude huh
Harley quick a little farther grin specifically this one
just cuz the actress she is a bill here you what I don’t see anything special in particular that
stands out other than the teenagers they have some loose once we got some Lucy’s you don’t know to get a cock thinner
Star Wars Star Wars I think we’re still gonna stick with the
scary Terry okay so just walking out of Half Price Books
I’m a very indecisive person so I decided not to get scary Terry we’re
going here see what they got maybe they have the Michaels exclusive frozen tops
we’re going to go outside and check it out after walking around a little found
it someone’s trying to get peek at your
boss’s father gave you do you like some Rosita rosita might be good though mmm possible
she was in a clan serious she was maybe 797 okay so no frozen pops and Rosita
was 214 bucks not paying that we’re gonna head out and I guarantee and
target but we’ll end up there at some point alright so a typical Edward
fashion we did not go to Target we are at a vintage stock I would show you the
sign but this car kind of blocking me so we’re gonna head in I’m gonna look at
the pop see what they got babe they buy you know people’s pops they don’t want
so maybe they have something like the ripped are just too excited about the
rap time let’s go ahead and check it out we just got a vintage truck I was gonna
get Dart I got to the register they said he was
12 bucks instead of the $5.99 sticker that was on him so I of course put that
down I was not paying that much for that it’s cool pop I like strange things but
I’m not paying that much for a populace not worth that much all right guys so we
we are now officially hitting the target I know this whole video I’ve been saying
we’re going to target finally hitting the target hopefully they have something
you know it’s been quite a build-up going to target so we’re gonna go there
right right down the road for target is the game stops we’re gonna stop there
right after hope we find something cool if not it’s been fun guys all right I
don’t know if you can see the sign right over there
we’re finally here at Target was going to see what’s poppin just getting in
here looks like they have the 10 inch bubble fit some of their stores funcle’ pups a BBA
do three color in the whole said no it’s not let’s go further back into the
fungal area we’re heading over there I got these chrome jokers Oh always but
nobody likes him anyway and this is I didn’t like them before he left Oklahoma
City in that trade just so you know we came in here with high hopes Jasmine yes lots of skin might get that maybe you rock candies
what’s that people other than else then on they don’t owe dad is what I mean
this is what its gonna 10-inch ezrin or inch – this is an awesome score though
so glad I found this finally it’s the only one they got oh my collection for
Han dimension is done my set is completed now just want to show you guys
real quick what they have on plans they have a lot of these dentists and
injuries three of them 6:26 each it’s not something I’m
interested in and I guess because box was all banged up 771 in some big pins
there’s no prices on them but she’s like Dragon Ball Z or Kingdom Hearts those
are good get my Madame Leota and get out of here off the game stock okay we’ve made it to
our final stop on this pop hunt we are at Gamestop we just parked about to head
in let’s go see what they got it was a sale table right here we want to look
through first no just for something with me may want to 410 it’s not bad of a
deal right to pouch 10 bucks pink I think orienting it Gordon all these fall under that I just don’t
just don’t see much that I’m interested in that’s why it’s two for ten right come off uncle pups here see this is my
newer stuff well I’m not sure not seeing much
Chester cheetahs pretty cool and so go to the wall I turned around they have
these awesome sub-zero from McFarlane Toys I’d like to
get it this one looks cross-eyed see that I’m a
little details gonna bother me this might be worth picking up I seen that I
believe on the 30 the scorpion will come out so I might pick up my buff thin but
right now I’m gonna wait well they got the Rob Zombie
awesome maybe haven’t seen the movie yet so maybe when I see it possibly hold this squat getting a workout trying
to show the stuff I don’t see much else wondering about this earth giant check
out over here I don’t watch anime but for you guys
that do care about y’all too you know deploy collections quick collector got
to show you all of water Lane dark salty too tiny okay on nothing and we’re gonna head out
okay so I just got home I want to thank everybody for watching subscribing
subscribe if you haven’t already if you like the channel hit the bells you know
when I post more videos I gotta find a spot up here to put these two and I
gotta organize some stuff out thanks everybody supporting follow on instagram
and until next time y’all have a good night

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