Spot The Difference?! 2018 World Cup Balls Tested
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Spot The Difference?! 2018 World Cup Balls Tested

October 10, 2019

(upbeat music) – The World Cup Bowl for 2018 is ball– (censor beeps) What’s up, guys? Matt from the Football Boots Team, and today, thanks to Life Style Sports, I’m gonna be testing all you guys to see if you can work out which of these two World Cup footballs is the authentic one worth 130 pounds, and which is the replica worth 30 pounds, and I bet it’s gonna be a lot
of you guys who get it wrong. So let’s put the two
balls through their paces. Step number one is writing
number one and number two on each World Cup football,
so throughout the video you guys can keep up which ball is which. (upbeat music) So here we go, our first round of testing is gonna be the classic drop test to see which ball actually bounces higher. Now we’re gonna do it from
three different heights. Firstly, from my shoulder height. Secondly, the first level of the stand, and the third level is gonna be right at the top of the stand. But what I wanna know
is in the poll card now, vote for which ball you think is gonna actually bounce higher between ball number one
and ball number two. But let’s get straight to it. First round. (upbeat music) Round number one was so tight, I couldn’t tell which ball
actually bounced higher. Now round number two,
first level of the stand. Ball number one, ball number two. (upbeat music) We are on to our final
round, round number three from the top of the stand, and let me tell you, it is pretty windy up here, so I’m not sure how that is
gonna affect the drop test. But here we go, again, ball
number one and ball number two. (upbeat music) Moving on to our next round, and you guys just voted
for which ball of the two you thought was gonna bounce higher. Now there’s gonna be a few
poll cards in this video, and I wanna see how many times you guys can get it right
by the end of the video when we reveal which ball is which. Now this next round is gonna
be the curve challenge. Each ball has three attempts
to whip into the goal. Firstly, from on the pitch. Secondly, from on the goal line, and thirdly, from actually
outside the pitch. So let’s see now, ball number
one or ball number two? Which one is gonna do better? Vote in the poll card now. Ball number one, attempt number one. So ball number one was complete, now onto ball number two. Ball number two to level it up. In he goes, so that’s one goal, going into round number two. Onto the goal line, ball
number one to start. In he goes, so ball number one has got two out of two so far. Ball number two has to level up again. That’s the one. In he goes, so going
into round number three, the score is level at two two. Third and final round, and we need to have a winner
of the curve challenge, and as you can see, we need to put some ultra whippage on it. Ball number one to start. Come around. Not enough, so ball number
two has got a chance to take in the W. Ball number two for the win. (heart beating) That’s it, all day long. All day long with ball number two, which takes the curve challenge. You can’t have curl without
a little bit of swaz, so this one we’re gonna do the opposite and do the swaz challenge. Ball number one, which just
lost the curve challenge, to go first in the swaz challenge. Post and in, ball number one. Move on to ball number two. Ball two. Oh, it just hit the front post, which means that ball
number one is one nil up. Ball one has set the tempo, now moving on to round two on the goal line. Oh, it’s an absolute swish,
which means it’s on two points. Ball number two has gotta do a bit now. Ball number two, it’s on you. Oh, it was a whisker wide,
which means that ball number one is still leading going
into round number three. I’m not even sure if this is possible, but we’ve got a round number
three on the swaz challenge. Ball number one. Has it got a chance, it’s a chance. Ah, it’s the outside of the post. Ball number two’s go. Ball number two has felt
so nice when striking, but it’s been a bit unlucky. So hopefully with his third
attempt at the swaz challenge, it can get on the scoreboard. It’s a chance. (heart beating) Ah, it’s hit the post. So ball number one takes
the swaz challenge. Moving on to the next test. On to our next round, and
now we have the distance test because you’d expect the
authentic World Cup football to travel further than
the cheaper version. There’s gonna be three rounds again, firstly from the front semi-circle, then from the halfway line, and finally from the back semi-circle, and all it has to do is clear
the crossbar to be complete. And in the poll card,
which ball do you think is gonna travel further, ball number one or ball number two? Vote in the poll card now. Ball number one to set the tempo. Ball number one complete,
now on to ball number two. Ball number two complete as well, move on to round number two,
which is the halfway line. Round two, one one, now
we’re on the halfway line, and again, it just has
to clear the crossbar. Ball number one to start. Ball number one made it
over, ball number two. Ball number two hit a crossbar, which means it didn’t make it over. Going on to round number three. On to round number three,
and ball number two just got so unlucky again doing crossbar challenge
from the halfway line. But as you can see, we are
miles away from the goal now, I think this is almost
impossible to clear it, but ball number one is
going for a clean sweep of three in a row. Get over. It didn’t make it, so ball
number two has got a chance of levelling it at two two. It was short as well, so it ends up ball number one takes the
distance challenge two to one. A little test that I wanna
do is to weigh each football to see if there’s a difference. Ball number one first. Ball number one, 428 grammes. Ball number two. 430 grammes, so a slight difference
between ball one and ball two. The World Cup is famous for great goals, and there’s been so many worldly freekicks scored over the past few tournaments, and both these balls feel like I can whip them into the top corner. So I’m gonna take a couple
of freekicks with each ball and see which one I personally prefer. This is ball number one. Ball number one got off to a good start, but maybe a bit too much whippage. Now first attempts with ball number two. Ah, Tommy comes out with the big save, but again, both ball number
one and ball number two felt very nice off the foot. Ball number one. Ah, it’s a dream. It’s a dream, Tommy has no chance in goal. Ball number one is feeling nice. To be fair, ball number
one has just come up with a thing of beauty
whipping into the top left, so ball number two, you
gotta do a bit, fella. Ah, it’s an absolute carbon copy. Ball number one and ball number two coming up with the goods. Last attempt with ball number one. Ah, Tommy gave it a good go, but ball number one
scored two out of three. It is all down to ball number two now to try and level it up. (heart beating) Ah, Tommy got himself with it. 10 out of 10 save, which means that ball number
one wins that test again, but personally, which one did I prefer? Well it’s actually pretty tight, I probably couldn’t choose a favourite, but because ball number
one scored the more goals, I’d probably have to go
with ball number one. So this is the last round of testing, and it’s gonna be a visual test. Now you guys won’t get a
chance to vote after this one, so you need to lock in
your votes right now for which of the two World Cup balls you think is the authentic one, and which is the replica. Now the two main differences
that you’re gonna find on ball number one and ball number two is that ball number one has a slight texture all across the ball. It’s almost like a
little chequered effect, and it’s got a little
bit of friction to it. I wouldn’t say it’s sticky and grippy, but I would say it’s got a
little bit of friction to it. Now secondly, the other big difference is that ball number two has
some stitching for the panels, whereas ball number one looks like he’s actually merged together. Guys, this is it, what
you’ve all been waiting for. Which of these two footballs
is the pro version, and which one is the cheap? You’ve seen how much they weigh, you’ve seen the visual differences, you’ve seen how well they perform, but officially, for the first time, the World Cup Ball for 2018 is ball number one. So out of the two, it was ball number one, which is the authentic at 130 pounds. If you wanna get either
of these two footballs, then make sure to check out the boot room at Life Style Sports. All the links are in description below, and also in the comment section below, let us know if you got it
right that ball number one was the authentic one,
and also how many times in the video did you get
it right in the poll card for which ball would perform
better in that round. But that’s it for today, so
thanks for watching guys. Cheers.

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  1. He didn't explain, there are replicas and there are counterfeit balls…. in the video he has official ball and a replica…. for example, replica has stitching, and usually replica will state on ball it is a replica or replique etc…… however, a "good" counterfeit ball will try to come across as legit ball, it will not even be stitched. It will look so similar to official ball, many people won't see the difference…. but counterfeit just doesn't have high level of physical characteristics as official ball.

  2. Run some durability test instead of curving the ball and showing off skills. Because Every shot produce different result so we can't really judge a ball over how much does it curve or how far does it go.

  3. I am guessing this from the
    start but I think ball number one is the one cause you w
    rote on it first and most of me says it is ball number one

  4. Ball number 1 because the shape of the panels I'm 9 years old and I obviously have the replica in size 4 of the knockout stages

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