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November 29, 2019

The wait is over… as we finally got a chance
to watch Kim Yu-na compete in the women’s figure skating event in Sochi. And she didn’t
disappoint… as she delivered what Michelle Kwan described as, ‘breath taking’.
And as the ‘Figure Queen’ performed in her last Olympic short program of her illustrious
career… she scores a season best 74-point-92… good for 1st overall. And despite it being
lower than her Vancouver score of 78-point-50… her performance left many experts speechless…
as she hopes to claim her second straight gold on Day-13.
Meanwhile, Park So-yeon finished with 49-point-14, and Kim Hae-jin finished with a final score
of 54-point-37. And staying with the women’s figure skating…
while Kim Yu-na shined on ice… all eyes were on Yulia Lipnitskaya of Russia and Mao
Asada of Japan… once the ‘Figure Queen’s’ performance was over.
And despite being considered Kim Yu-na’s biggest threat… Lipnitskaya falls in one of her
jumps… and was deducted a point. And with that the final score of 65-point-23… was
far lower than her team figure skating result… as she finishes 5th overall. And as for Mao
Asada going very last in the event… falls in one of the jumps…
as she scores just 55-point-51 in the short program… good for 16th overall..
Meanwhile, it was another Russian skater who came neck and neck with Kim Yu-na… as Adelina
Sotnikova scored 74-point-64… just short of Kim Yu-na’s final score. And while women’s figure skating consists
of some of the youngest Olympians… one Olympian proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes
to the Olympics… as Ole Einar Bjoerndalen became the most decorated Winter Olympian
of all time. Now after helping Norway win the first Olympic
mixed relay in biathlon… he won his 13th medal at the Winter Games… becoming the
most decorated Winter Olympian of all time. The 40-year-old has now won 8 gold medals,
4 silvers and a bronze… and has a shot at another medal on Saturday. And speaking of making history… U.S. bobsledder
Lauryn Williams made history on Day-12… after becoming the 5th athlete to win both
the Summer and Winter Games medal. After winning a gold medal with the U.S. relay
team in London… Williams competes in the 2-man bobsleigh event… and wins a silver
medal for team U.S…. as she comes just the 5th athlete to win both the Summer and Winter
Games medals. And finally taking a look at the medal count
so far… after 12 days of competition in Sochi.
And taking a look here… we have Norway in 1st place now… after adding another gold
medal… for a total of 9. Germany still with 8 gold medals in 2nd…
with the U.S. in 3rd… followed by Russia and the Netherlands.
Meanwhile, Korea drops down to 16th overall… with 2 gold 1 silver and 1 bronze. And that wraps it up for me. This has been
SJ. Have a great rest of the day, and see you guys again, for your sports needs

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