Spiel aus der Steam Bibliothek löschen | Delete Game from Steam library
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Spiel aus der Steam Bibliothek löschen | Delete Game from Steam library

October 8, 2019

Hey guys, welcome to ProjectMakers,
my name is Tobias and i like to show you, how to finally
delete a game from your Steam library This will be like throwing your game disc into
your trash If you want to have that game back
you need to buy it again There are 2 ways to delete a game First in the Steam-Client, just click on “Help”
then on “Steam Support” The delete process is awaylable in
the support section of steam You are able to reach the support in client
at “help” ->”steam support” else using steam webpage and just click “support” this will open the same page as seen in the client I will do it at the client for now it’s no matter where you do it.
Both ways are the same You can choose a game from
the list at the top If the game is not in the list, just click
on the “Games, Software etc” button You get a bigger list here too.
If the game isn’t listed here too you can use the search field.
I’ll try to find my Hydrophobia Click on Hydrophobia here Here you hit the button: “I want to permanently
remove this game from my account” As told before: This will be permanent. If you want
the game back, you need to rebuy it! Here you say “Ok, remove the listed games
from my account permanently” and it’s done Thats how it’s done. Your game will directly removed
from your Steam Library I won’t delet this game now, because i still
want to have it in my list You can see in our video “Sonntagstwitch #2” how i deleted another game before There’s a fly in the ointment If you want to delete a game you have
purchased in a compilation here it is for example Ricochet I never played this before and don’t want to but since it is part of the Half Life compilation, there
is only the way of deleting the whole pack So i can now choos to delete Half Life 2 Silver
or Platinum Pack I didn’t test yet, to delete something this way.
So I’m not shure if it deletes the whole pack. So please be carefull by doing this I won’t try it this time, because i don’t want to
delete one of my compilations right now 😉 If you are going to test it this way, please leave
a comment with your result 🙂 That’s all so far for deleting Games from the
Steam Library If you liked this small tutorial, please leave a comment
or a thum up If you want to see more of our future stuff
we would appreaciate an abo Thanks for watching
See you

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