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SPIDER MAN BOX FORT BASE!! πŸ“¦πŸ•· Spiderman Adventure, Nerf, Gadgets & More!

August 15, 2019

what’s that being we do it I want to do
that cute little penguins I love thinking so much he’s really pink we
can’t jump that I oh wow Oh Oh No who knows the spider huh Oh what kind of
spider was that blow it in what were you doing here right now we have an
emergency Jeep what’s wrong I just got bit by a
spider it hurts really bad oh no oh no this isn’t good this isn’t good
what do you mean what’s wrong with getting bit by a spider I get spider
bites all the time what can you don’t understand for a split second I thought
I saw that spider and he was red I don’t know if you know what that means look it
might be the spider inspired this spider-man spider will give the
spider-man spider it’s the one that turns spider-man
it’s a spider-man if I was bit by it it means wait it means I get cool spider
powers like spider-man like it like super strong real spin webs if I can it
also means I’ll have great power and with great power okay great french fries
don’t look not french fries responsibility means I have to save the
world if I’m spider-man I can’t just use my powers to be like hey I want a drink
and I grab it I have to use my powers for good like stopping crying look at
this means I’ll have to become the spider-man
it’s safe the city slowed down Jake you don’t even know if you’re spider-man yet
I guess there’s only one way to find out see that camera over there yeah yeah
dude hey what’s going on guys this Papa J cube from t-50 and we are back with a
brand new video and today guys uh it looks like I might be spider-man Logan
in fact I’m spider-man yeah I got to be bad in but now I get to
be spider-man but anyway today we are doing an awesome spider-man box Ford we
are gonna be building well spider-man doesn’t have like a like at hideout so
I’ve actually coined the term the spiderweb that doesn’t that sound cool
yeah it sounds great exactly so we’re gonna be making our box for spider-man
base and inside we’re gonna have a bunch of really cool and awesome spider-man
gear if you I’ve seen the brand new spider-man
homecoming movie which is my favorite spider-man movie by far he has a ton of
really cool and awesome gadgets and we’re gonna be making them in the box
for to use to fight crime so in order to stop all the bad guys in the city from
well taking over the city I need to suit up I need to get my gear ready and we
got to get our home base ready we’re gonna head downstairs we’re gonna grab a
bunch of cardboard a bunch of really awesome supplies and we’re gonna start
building this base once I’m set off I’m going to show you guys some of the cool
spider-man gadgets I have and then we’re going out and we’re fighting crime we
already know of a bunch of crime reports in the area so we’re gonna go out there
spider-man and save the day and before we do that guys make sure if you happen
to be brand new to my channel smash the subscribe button down below
join the Poppa Jake family we’re always making fun videos for you guys and of
course if you never want to miss a video hit that little Bell buttons little
notification button so you never miss an awesome video so I have just received
word that Pappa Jake is now spider-man and he has spider powers so how do we do
that we do not that’s another superhero jeopardize our evil Park
Papaji does his true powers as spider-man my whole operations could be
challenged thank all of our minions determinated Papa Jake but first write
you a letter why would you write him a letter because I enjoy letting my fate
No watch them alright guys so we just got downstairs and as you can see here
this is where we’re gonna be building the spider-man box for it so it doesn’t
have all the doors and windows and everything is kind of out of place but I
think it’s gonna be perfect for Logan what did did you throw that paper
airplane to me it’s got writing on it dear Papa Jake my name is Lord supreme
we know a lot of people we got the Baron we got Smee oh we got the red Legion
that never heard a lord supreme before it has come to my attention that you
have gained superpowers yeah I have and I am looking to destroy you that’s
that’s not good I cannot afford to have you ruining my evil plans I end up sent
an army to come and eliminate you you have 24 hours they’re sending an army to
come and eliminate us look and we need to build up this box for to get defences
ready if whoever this Lord supreme is is true he’s trying to destroy spider-man
alright guys so it looks like there’s a change of plans we are in Code Red here
we need to build up this box for the spider web quicker than I thought we
need to get in here see what damages have already been done to the Box repair
them get this thing secured and prepare for a battle yeah guys this sounds
serious look we got to build this thing fast this is all we have for our base
and like I said we’re on a time crunch here we need to get this thing up and
operational as soon as possible as you can see here this isn’t really much of
an entrance there’s not a lot of security this is not even a door it’s a
half broken up wall as we enter inside the base though this place is pretty
awesome and it’s super large which is great as you can see here we’ve got this
corridor here which leads to a secondary door lock system which we can read
along here it looks like we have some sort of prison bar this honestly could
work as kind of like a turret section where we can mount our nerf guns and
fire out of if we need to this is the main area and once this door shuts there
we go it’s got an emergency locking system which is great and there we go oh
and that thing is closed for good it looks like this door was broken though
and inside the main cavern here it’s fairly well lit all right so I think all
we need to do now is get this place up and operational secure the doors modify
the turret entrance as well as get my gear ready if I’m truly gonna become
spider-man I need to have a suit I need to have gadgets and I need to know how
to use them I think I’m gonna set up like a target practice section over here
so I can get to know the devices that I’m using and then prepare for this
battle we just upgraded the Vox board and secured everything locked it down
and now we are ready for a battle check this out
we went ahead and we left the entrance here we used my spider-man web and as
you can see here the web covers the door it also allows us to look out but
nothing can get in that’s strong and if you guys didn’t know spider web is
stronger than steel so nothing’s getting through this we also set up a target for
target practice over there and rebuilt some of the reinforcements we reinforce
the roof reinforce the walls and check this out I’m gonna take you in the next
room Logan you have to stay here on the spire Bank will go through webs let’s go
guys alright guys so now that we’re in the
second secure room I’m gonna open up the security door hatch here because me of
course would enclose it go and the hatch opens perfect now out here is the cool
part this is where we can put up a defensive stance against anyone trying
to attack the fort of course I can go out there and fight them as spider-man
but if Logan needs to come in and help me we have these different rules here so
this is one hole that you can shoot out of of course you can raise the security
panel here you can shut it like this if you don’t want anyone getting in or
opening up to fire it up we also have over here a grated system so you can
shoot through these and check this out this is a freeze ray so we can fire this
and that will freeze anyone on the outside which is really sweet alright
the fort’s lock down we’re ready to go now I just need my gear Jake usually
spider-man makes his own gear you haven’t made anything you’re right but
I’ve got a little friend goes by the name of Tony Stark Iron Man you might
have heard of him I’m gonna give him a call and get him to ship my gear I need
to make anything dude this is spider-man homecoming hold on let me give him a
call I’m sure he’ll help us out hi Tony
yeah it’s it’s it’s Pappa Jake you know pop Jake the Box work builder but but
but now I’m spider-man yeah I ya know yeah I got ya I got bit by a spider yeah
it still hurts a little bit Jake stay on track uh yeah so anyway I
was calling because I was looking and I need some gear man you know like a cool
spider suit some cool weapons shooters and whatnot spider-man you thinkin you
make that for us that’s perfect what about like a spider tank you can’t do
the spider tank you can’t do the spire attack all right no no yeah yeah Tamura
sounds great perfect can’t wait to get them thanks bye all right dude it looks
like the gear will be here tomorrow and when you start practicing that’ll leave
us with only a little bit of time before his minions show up but if I can use my
spider abilities I’ll be able to take them on Logan
welcome wake up it’s here it’s here taste the day or spider-man gears here
looks like we’ve got always the Spider Man suit we got gloves
we got feet okay alright looks like we got a bunch of gadgets as well
web-shooter lock-on missiles activated web string
dude Tony Stark hooked us oh it’s Captain America’s shield what check that
out dude this thing is solid nothing’s
getting through this it’s got an activated missile launcher that is sweet
now that you have all your gear I think you need to practice we don’t even know
how to use any of this stuff you’re right
if we’re gonna defend ourselves against lord supreme I’ll have to be an expert
with these things let’s get suited up dude how sweet is this is you know the
soup fits this is awesome and look at these gadgets I’m not exactly sure how
to use some of these things this is the web launch sure oh and I guess this is
the webslinger oh dude that is sweet alright alright let me just see if I can
hit the target to fire with this hand web launch with this handsome looks like
these are working pretty well like this and then if I’m gonna go fire all I need
to do is oh hey right on target pretty good alright well it looks like
everything’s in order but what about you um I’m just gonna sit this one out
well it looks like now all we have to do is wait and when the minions get here we
take them on full force wait okay do you hear that see why look sir please coming
but I gotta get position quickly I’ll hold the base here look down the fort
seal all the gates and grab the nerf guns
alright I’m going out there and hit them head-on I’ll retreat to the base if it
gets too hot hey buddy alright got one of them start moving
back towards the base I’m out of webslinger though I’m gonna have to
improvise lieutenant needs you throw captain shield let’s check him out the
window all right I got it can’t see oh boy got
another one let’s see these down freeze right now come on outside nice one dude oh I’m gonna have fun with
this one have fun in here buddy I’ll see you
later all right look I’m coming back inside the base who looks like they’re
minor slow down oh dude that was insane did you see me out there oh man those
guys came at me from every was a bam bam bam they couldn’t even attack us yeah
but but I helped you out a lot with that freeze ray right no that’s uh that’s
true and and I’m looking I was thinking you need to have your own superpower we
need to get Logan a superpower just funny what it could be
so guys let me know down below what you guys think a Logan superpower should be
and of course guys if you enjoy Abbey’s awesome superhero box boards hit the
like button down below and let us know what you’d like us to do next we were
thinking about a Batman vs Superman box where we were even thinking about a
Captain America box for so put down the comments your favorite superhero and of
course let us know who you think Logan should be but guys thank you so very
much for watch this video hope you had fun and hope you had a blast
don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you guys next time for
another awesome video

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