Specialized Racing: UCI World Cup XC4 – Vallnord
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Specialized Racing: UCI World Cup XC4 – Vallnord

November 4, 2019

here to Andorra? It has been a little bit of time
in between Val di Sole and here now. We have a few highlights
in between. We had Mountain Bike
[INAUDIBLE] World Championship, where
Kristof won the race. And now we’re here for
the World Cup. We had the leader of the MotoGP,
who can pick up a new bike that he got from
Specialized, custom painted. We were very stoked to have
someone like him here to show him what we do. MARC MARQUEZ: Yeah, normally for
my physical condition, I train with motor bike. So it’s very good
for my training. One day I would like to try
downhill, because it’s like more or less what I
like on the bikes. You need to take out a lot
of risks, and that– I like it. BENNO WILLEIT: And the second
highlight for this event is definitely the new bike that
we got from Specialized. It’s the new S-Works
2014 29er Epic. The race style of the
cross country event has changed a lot. For that reason, we came
out with a new bike. So we shortened the chain
stay on the back. Also oversized, so it makes
the bike much stiffer. The wheelbase is shorter now,
then also the head tube shorter, then the steering
angle also sharper. So it makes the bike corner
faster, going through those tight turns much quicker, you
can carry the speed with. Also the rear shock got a little
bit downsized, so that we were able to save
some weight there. The Brain technology– we kept that, of course. Everybody likes the performance
of the Brain suspension. You can be focused on the speed,
on the turns, on your riding style. You don’t have to think
about, should I lock, should I unlock? We have integrated cables now. So the down tube
is very clean. Just needs one wipe, and you
drop about 200, 300 grams right there with just
taking the mud off. We sized down the seat post
from 30.9 to 27.2. First of all, it makes
the bike lighter. It gave us also much more
space around the bottom bracket that we can use to
oversize the tubing. Overall stiffness with the
through axle is way bigger than with a normal
quick release. We have that now,
front and rear. You got two bottle cages now. The SWAT is a little package
that you can attach to the frame just next to the bottle
cage, where you can fit all your tools. Everything is on the bike. You grab the bike and you go off
and you ride and have fun. JAROSLAV KULHAVY: Yeah, I
look forward for first race on this bike. It’s shorter, much stiffer, much
better in the corners and the technical section. The course is a little bit old
school, because it’s not so much technical, just single
trails, roots and stones, and a lot of grass. The first climb is
on the grass. It’s pretty slow. But then is a good long climb
on the gravel, and I mean it will be good for me. KOHEI YAMAMOTO: And now
it’s dry condition. So maybe tomorrow,
very high speed. On the downhill,
it’s very easy. ANNIKA LANGVAD: It’s
very high altitude. It’s around 2,000 meters here,
so that definitely plays an important factor
here, as well. Myself, I spent the last two
weeks here at the altitude. Hopefully I feel a whole
lot better than I did in Val di Sole. Now finally I’m finding
my power again. So I’m really, really looking
forward to the race. TEREZA HURIKOVA: When
I did the fast slip, it took me like– I think 18 minutes. So I don’t think
it’s so short. But it’s so little technical,
and so many parts is on the gravel or on the grass. So it’s quite bumpy. And I think it will be
a lot of suffering. And very physical
race, especially in this high altitude. ANNIKA LANGVAD: Straight away,
I’m into the first climb. I was almost in the top– I don’t know, two, five,
or something– really, really good. And then I made a mistake on
the very steep descent, because my front wheel
washed out. It was tough coming back. I fought the best I could– like, felt I couldn’t go over my
limit and so I just focused on keeping my rhythm
from there. So, yeah, I did my best. TEREZA HURIKOVA: In the middle
of the race I felt already a really nice speed. But then I broke a chain, and I
had to run like half a lap. All the girls passed me. But I thought, it’s important
to finish the race even if it’s such a bad luck. JAROSLAV KULHAVY: New bike was
perfect at the technical section and the corners. But my body was bad today. Bike was perfect but we
must go together. I didn’t go over 80% of
my limits, and then I was really dead. I don’t know what is the
problem, maybe some sickness. So I’m very sad. And back home and check up
everything, and I will see. KOHEI YAMAMOTO: Yeah, they
had for this [INAUDIBLE] not good. BENNO WILLEIT: Well, today’s
racing definitely not went the way we want it to, because
we came here to win. But sometimes racing is
different than you think it will be. Definitely today was
a day like that. From here we go heads up
into the next race. Make sure we make it better
than here, and, yeah. That’s what it is.

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  1. I feel like XC is pretty easy. If I was sponsored by Specialized, or had a super nice bike, and trained everyday for a couple weeks, I could do everything they do.

  2. it's funny when somebody try to compare themselves to the pro and think he can beat them in couple weeks of training, how bs is that? o.O

  3. Yeah, 'cos I doubt the Spec engineers have done any testing or anything. They prolly just though "Damn it, we need to save some weight…..lets put a way too thin seat tube in there….."

  4. I don't think you have a clue.

    The reason they engineered it like that was because it's a full suspension 29'er! In order to shorten the wheelbase to traditional XC geometry, they had to drop to a smaller seat tube size and a more aggressive seat tube angle to get the clearances.

    It's a trade-off… smaller seat post for better geometry.

    A 140lbs racer probably won't care or probably notice, but a 200lbs average-Joe will definitely notice the flex.

    Remember, average-Joe is who buys these.

  5. XC? Easy? And there is no way training for a couple of weeks could get you this good, it takes years of training and racing.

  6. They designed the bike for people who are serious about riding and know what they are designed for. XC racing with a 150lb in shape rider who is looking to kick some ass and use the bikes geometry and low weight to his or her advantage. Yes you will get some 200lb person out there with more money than since buy the bike and a few weeks later write some dumb review about the bike on how it flexes too much or how their big ass broke it. It never fails to happen.

  7. seatpost diameter goes from 30,9 to 27,2??
    why??? is there a good reason?? I think it was not a smart idea, now we cant instal a dropper seatpost, also the stiffness is lower

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