Speargun Dive Light Bracket installation
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Speargun Dive Light Bracket installation

October 8, 2019

i’m dave and today we’re going to install the Mako spearguns spear gun flashlight bracket. We’ll start by mounting the clamp at the front of the speargun and you’ve probably already recognized that the clamp is the very same clamp that we use for the camera mounting system so let’s get started. Coat the two clamp screws with marine grease then insert the rubber protective pad in the clamp. Now pull the shock cord out of the way and slip the clamp on the barrel. Tighten the allen screws with the supplied wrench so they’re snug. Don’t over-tighten them. Now slide the bracket onto the dive light. In this case we’re using the Mako spearguns 680 dive light, but any light with a one-inch diameter will fit. As an added measure of protection slip the keeper over both ends of the light so it can’t slip out of the bracket. Now attach the bracket to the clamp with the screw provided and we’re done. Now you’ll never miss that fish that was hiding in a hole just out of sight

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