Spear Guns for Home Defense?
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Spear Guns for Home Defense?

August 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to The Slingshot
Channel. A lot of people want to know about home defense, and, in many countries, it is illegal to own firearms or keep them in the open near the bed stand. So, we are looking at an alternative. Spear guns actually are legal in many countries that otherwise are very, very restrictive. So, let’s try to find out if they are any
good for defending your home. We are looking at two compact models from the company Cressi. This is not a sponsored video,
though I bought them on Amazon at full price. They cost about 80 euros, plus minus. It’s affordable. I’m looking at the 50 centimeter type. You can get them in much longer sizes —probably be a lot more powerful too— but for home defense, you want something compact. You don’t really want something that is two meters long, so 50 centimeters is about the right size. So, two different models. Let me show you their features. First model that we looking at is the rubber powered model. As I said, it is 50 centimeters long, and this is the spear it shoots. As you see, it has this nasty little hook that I think is really needed if you want to hunt fish with it so that you can’t pull them out when you draw back the line but for home defense, it’s probably not really needed. Anyway, it is made from massive steel. That’s why it’s so heavy, and I think it is the heaviness that makes this so effective because it is **** near unstoppable. It has no fletching, which is really not needed for this purpose, since we’re talking about short distances. Defending your own home really means that five meters is about the distance you have to look at. No fletching is needed for a thing like this. To load it, you simply put it through the muzzle hole here, and then you put it into the corresponding hole in the lock, and you can hear it engaging. And now it sits nice and firmly inside of the weapon. What I really love about this is that you can load it so quickly because you can’t have this fully-loaded just without the rubber band cocked. And cocking is so easy because you simply press it against your chest, pull, hook into the notch here— Actually, there is two positions that you can use for that purpose. One is a little bit more to the front for a weaker shot— and then it’s ready for the shot. It does have a safety that you may or may not use. It doesn’t automatically engage. And it is really easy to shoot it then. Wow. We know shooting from five meters distance to see how straight it flies and we shooting into this thick archery mat. Again, cocking is super easy. Just like that. Let’s fire away. As you can see, it went in fairly deep. This is the distance. I’d say that’s probably a good 12 centimeters. Alright, ballistic jelly shot. Whoa! That was rather impressive, but it came in a little high, so I think we have to shoot into a lower position again, so we have comparable results. Now we’re talking! It really shot through this 20% ballistic gel block. Unbelievable. I think you can really clearly see that it is the momentum that does the penetration here. This is a very slow shot, but it has so much momentum that it’s just unstoppable by the gelatin. Now we’re looking at the next model. It’s also a Cressi, but this one works with compressed air and not with rubber. Of course, we always prefer rubber powered weapons, but let’s have a look at this. First of all, it is a little bit more bulky but, then again, you don’t have any tangling bands, so that’s an advantage. Otherwise, it is fairly similar. Short. Very maneuverable. The arrow, or the spear, is a little different. As you see, it also has these hooks, but there are two of them. The arrow looks like brass, but I think it’s just brass-plated steel. It’s really heavy. And, of course, it has to be airtight here. When you buy it, it comes fully pumped up, which speaks volumes about the quality. I mean, you know, you could probably store it for years without losing the pressure. But then, they also give you this pump with it, and this pump goes into the butt end of the thing. And then, you have to pump, and, you know— Of course, I tested this. and I believe this is one of
the hardest things I’ve ever done because it takes about two hundred strokes, and they’re getting successively harder. So, I really had to do this in shifts to get it back to full pressure. That is my main reason why I can already say that this is not the preferable home defense weapon. It just takes too long to
reload. Then again, if you only need one shot, you could keep it loaded for a long time. You really have to force that spear down the barrel. This takes some time. You don’t wanna do it when an intruder is already in the house. Okay, let’s see how much power it has. Wow! Wow. It went through the block like it wouldn’t even be there. That’s probably one of the most powerful compact shooters that I’ve ever seen. Pretty good wound canal too. See? It forced the whole thing, complete with spring and everything, through it. Now, this thing really is awesome, but no, I would have to take, like, two hours or something to pump it up again. So, how can we make a rubber-based model be more powerful because this has the right power, but it doesn’t have the right reloading time. What do we do here at The Slingshot Channel when we want to increase the power of a rubber-operated weapon? Well, we double up the rubber. Okay, if we look closely to how this is set up, you see that the attachments here have a little groove, which is perfect to tie some string around it. It’s too tight for rubber. And on the other side, we can easily simply use rubber bands to attach more rubber. In this case, Thera-band Gold. You can make several powerful slingshots with that much rubber, but in this case, we’re adding about 66 pounds of draw weight to the spear gun. And I’m a little afraid that if you use more, you can no longer cock against your chest. And also, maybe the mechanism will fail. Okay, and here is the souped-up version of the rubber-powered spear gun.As you see, this has been attached with a little bit of string. Yes, it’s thin but fits perfectly
into the groove, and it’s rated at 40 kilograms. This means far more than enough for the 33 pounds/15 kilograms that these bands have per side. And on the other side it is attached with rubbers bands—two— because these two make sure that this rubber cannot slip off. Okay, for comparison, we’re going to shoot it into archery mat first. Let me see if it’s still possible to cock this against your chest. It is harder, but it’s still very doable. Alright… and fire! Wow. This went in clearly deeper. Let me see. Oof. It’s also not easy to pull it out. It went in that far. And I would say that is a good four, maybe five, centimeters additional penetration into the archery mat. Okay. Ballistic jelly test. Wow. Clearly more penetration. The standard version only had the spear poking out to here and now we gained this much. Alright, now let’s see how it behaves over a longer distance. This is about a good, I’d say, ten meters now. Okay, as you saw, it flew alright for about 10 meters. That’s about where the ballistic gelatin block sits. But then, after the next five meters towards the mattress, it started to tumble, so this means up to 10 meters, it’s still kind of okay, but certainly had enough power to reach 50 meters. Of course, any cheap crossbow would cover a much longer distance, and the projectile would fly with a lot higher speed too. But then again, this is so heavy. This is so much more heavy because it’s massive. It’s solid. It’s not a hollow piece of aluminum. It’s solid piece of steel. It’s a veritable steel spear. Both of these weapons are really powerful enough, specifically with the strengthening. I prefer this one for home defense because it is so much easier to get ready. And also, you can practice, whereas with this thing, it is just too hard to load. The pumping is just too exhausting. They both have one significant disadvantage. That is, you have one shot only, which I think is really not good for home defense. You want at least two shots so that you could give a warning shot. And therefore, I think what is needed is a two-shot version of a speargun. Since there’s none on the market, I’ve decided to make one. I already drew up the plan for the system. As you see, two triggers. And it will be made from aluminum this time, not from wood—what I normally do— because this still needs to qualify as a spear gun, so it can only use waterproof materials. Stay tuned for next weekend because then I’m going to show it to you. So, I hope you like this becausethat’s it for today. Thanks and bye-bye. Oops. Flew a bit high.****

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  1. If I could not own a firearm for home defense, I would consider a blade or a baseball bat (modified or not) or just a good old framing hammer to be better than a spear gun. Hahaha

  2. My friend, I really appreciate this video. Everyone has the natural right to defend their home and their family. The spear gun is a good option to be honest. It will certainly stop an intruder, and may have the advantage of being less lethal (thereby shielding the defender from prosecution). Only problem is it takes a while to reload, so your first shot has to count. I just hope that the megalomaniacs in government don't get the idea to now ban spear guns in your country.

    As an American I will say that the ability to defend your home and family is a consequence of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. However, that is not the primary purpose of that amendment. Really, it is to hold the government always at the risk of revolution if it tramples on the natural rights of the people.

  3. Sitting here cleaning my 9mm with a 20 round magazine. Watching this video, like is this what we are going to turn into?

  4. Small compressor ..maybe 12v tyre compressor wud suffice to recharge the air chamber…200 reps is way too much Joerg…love the videos..great experimentation👍

  5. That and you may get burgled or invaded by two stupids.
    Also, find out what the air pressure specifications are and fill it with an air tank. You would have to modify in a Schrader valve, but there ya go .

  6. I have the perfect weapon for home defense. All my windows and doors have alarms, when a burgler or other nefarious type trips the alarm, the booming laughter of Mr Sprave is blasted out of loudspeakers, causing even the hardest criminal to flee for thier lives(and a change of underwear).

  7. Yeah, you don’t have to pump the speargun every time you shoot it. I’ve had with the same one for two years now and have never put air in it and it’s just as strong as when I bought it.

  8. It's horrifying to watch this slaughter of innocent ballistic jelly . Please join the society for the protection of ballistic jelly . Now! before it's to late.

  9. If I was someone who hide behind a tree, under a table or behind a wall at Joerg's home during his demonstrations, I would be worried.

    Joerg will kill you without notice it

  10. I always wondered what would happen if you fired above water without detaching the leash. Could it bounce back and stick you?

  11. A warning shot? You have GOT to be joking, right? Why not just ask the bad man to be nice and go away? Lunacy pure lunacy. The best situation is for "it" to be over before the bad guy knows what happened.

  12. I don't think this penatration will kill or disable people. It'll most probably be just a stick stuck in the bad guys stomach and he can still harm you. Maybe a custom tip can help?

  13. If we here in Australia used that on an intrude in our home and killed that person we would be charged with murder. That is how well we are protected by our government!!!

  14. In Germany, the holy grail of firearm evolution it might be your only legal option in defending your residence from unfriendly Third World visitors.

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