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Speakers Corner Ralph Exposes the Fascism within the Tommy Robinson Fanclub

November 5, 2019

A few months ago I created a three-part
series exposing Ralph’s lies and propaganda techniques. I was supposed to
create a part 4 to bring it to a conclusion however, getting banned from
YouTube ended with that part being put on the back burner.
Guess who wants to take responsibility for my silencing. Unfortunately, my
YouTube channel Fascists Beware…
I don’t know how much longer we want to give Lister time to promote himself. My Youtube channel Fascists Beware has been taken down yesterday
Yes it has and your twitter channel will be soon.
Probably by a mass report by people like him. These free speech advocates.
And your other one will be coming down. In part one i expose how Ralph either covered up a grooming gang or he lied
about it for propaganda purposes. I have finally come to the conclusion that it
was all probably a lie. Ralph’s face here tells me he regrets ever telling me the
story shown in part one. You’re the one who didn’t go to the police when you knew about one. I want them deported.
You didn’t go to the police when you knew about one. You told their dad.
You don’t want them deployed, you told the dad who put it stop to it. They’re your
words Ralph, they are your words Ralph Are we live? Look, if you’re just gonna be rude. You know, pucker up. Go and speak to somebody else. So this footage was filmed at the anti
Boris protest on the last day of August when Danny Tommy got suitably humiliated
by a very large and nonviolent crowd of anti-fascists.
Despite his best attempts to provoke reactions with his aggression. What a guy. But erm… Yeah.
Don’t do the finger thing. That’s it, make it look more, more far right than anything. Er. Er. Daniel Thomas the failed kidnapper
he knows how far right he is. That’s why doesn’t mind been mates with people like
Ralph. Which he has been for about a year at least. He’s been filmed with him numerous
times at speakers corner and protests in and around London. And this is despite the continuous and Nazi salutes we’ve seen from him over the past year. Remember the racist abuse directed towards the England players during their
6-0 victory over Bulgaria. It included monkey taunts and Nazi salutes. Well Tommo reckons he doesn’t like Nazi salutes. I guess that must only be when foreigners
do them. How racist. Despite my repeated warnings. This guy is further right than a fascist. Self proclaimed… And these people don’t think they’re far right. What’s he doing here? So Danny, again. Do you know you’re associating with a further right than a fascist.. A neoreactionary? What does that mean though? They’re all made up words. They’re all just made up. They’re his own words Danny, They’re his own words… Ralph is getting even
closer to the Tommy Robinson figureheads. Seen here again with the gang at Speakers
Corner. Now, if anyone’s in any doubt how far right Ralph is, let’s hear it in
his own words. No, no, no… I’m much further right than that. You’re further right than the NF (National Front) Yeah, I’m a Christian. And here he’s explicit in his use of Nazi tactics? …like Goebbels would for propaganda. Ahh, so… Goebbels.. who was Goebbels? A Nazi? Hitler. Hitler’s… Oh! So you’re using it like a Nazi? Yea, just like a… just like a… just like a Mullah would do… Remember when Tony Robinson’s favourite
little helper said this or should I say ex-favourite. If you import a culture, you
get a culture. This is the culture of violence destruction and terrorism and
there should be no surprise when we see it on our streets. Tommy, what do you have
to say about what’s just happened? (Fascist, racist mumbling) Here’s Ralph’s spin on that hot take, as he
live-streams himself walking down Whitechapel Road on his way to heckle
some teenagers protesting for the environment. …now part of Londonistan… and you can tell… This actually… this building over here…
the home of Captain Cook… First circumnavigator around the globe… A
brave heroic man and now there’s Chinese halal buffet and er… creatures from another part of the planet… Forward we go. Import the third world… Become the third world. Watch carefully as Ralph makes sure to focus on all the black and Asian people he sees, physically
turning the camera towards them. Yet when a white person approaches, he turns the
camera away. It’s actually quite embarrassingly blatant. This once beautiful beautiful Victorian
Avenue, has now been er.. completely er… erm errr… integrated. Let’s see how many signs we see from the far left… This gentleman is not far left. Ralph’s teenage friend raises eyebrows. He admits he doesn’t attend the college
organizing this protest, so not only does Ralph’s harassment of young students
seem highly inappropriate, so is the presence of this kid Here they are. Here they come. Here are the commies. You’ve got the diversity around. I didn’t realise that we lived in such an enriched area …the home of Robert and William Booth. The Salvation Army, Captain Cook’s navigator. Import the third World, become the third world.
Exactly The way this kid repeats Ralph’s arguments verbatim,
reminded me of this I heard him say at the park one time. We talk to all the white boys in our hood.
We own generation Alpha… They’re all very Religious. Generation alpha?
Correct They’re all very spiritual. But they grew up at 8, 10 and 11. And already with me passing on the entire main structure to them… and the central messaging. This is ours. We’re waiting for our next people.
We’re grooming them. (indistinguishable) My best friend is a AFD member Parliament of Berlin. If Tommy or any of his supporters heard a Muslim to say that they were grooming white boys, under ten
years old, they’ll be thrown instant accusations of pedophilia. Especially if
a man in his 50s was not only explicitly admitting to indoctrinating white boys
less than a quarter his age but also continuously seemed to be doing so. And we can see this… And we can see them all screaming… Uhuh. Far left infiltration Far left infiltration Urhuh. We’ve got the acedemic establishment on their side. The academic acedemia corrupting… A little further into Ralph’s video he becomes more explicit in his harassment
of these young protesters … antagonistic.. (chuckle) We’ve got a couple of er.. letterboxes assisting. (chuckles) Environmental letterboxes. huh? huh hu. There seems to be a a sort of… I don’t know, gender confused Lesbian type heading the erm… How can you tell? Oh I don’t know… Couple of environmental letterboxes (chuckle) Eco-friendly letterboxes. (chuckle) the gentleman seems
disapproving. He’s a post modernist victim Like they all are. Victims of post modernism. Say it loud say it clear. That one looks Japanese, Mayo, Chinese. Hard to tell. And there we have the unsurprising Boris
Johnson inspired dog whistle. Heil Boris. Is it any wonder the far-right feel emboldened
when our politicians are in on the act of making minorities their scapegoats by
repeating fascist rhetoric. For those of us, who from a young age have had to endure and
face up to being called names such as towel head or Taliban or coming from
bongo bongo land, we can appreciate full well the hurt and pain felt by already
vulnerable Muslim women when they are described as looking like bank robbers
and letter boxes With phrases like ‘letterboxes’, ‘that one’
and the more explicitly dehumanizing ‘creatures from another part of the
planet’, people like Samuel J Jack would defend his friends blatant bigotry with
playground arguments like this… You have spoken to Ralph? You know he’s a provocateur? He’s joking around He’s also said that he’s a massive liar. He’s got a sense of humour. I want to be clear here. I don’t believe Ralph is
just joking. This concept of trolling can be better explained in this excellent
video by innuendo studios, The Alt-Right Playbook – How To Radicalize a Normie. I’ll include the link in the description and I highly recommend watching it. It’s clear that Ralph, alongside his sometimes sidekick Samuel ‘If you’re just gonna be rude’ Jack. These two go much further
than being rude, much further than trolling. In this next clip I think it
could be much better described as racially aggravated harassment Who are these people? This guy, he’s a right conman. Get his (inaudible) on camera. Sam just said, ‘this guy, he’s a right con
man’. So this is targeted harassment towards a whole group of people based, on
a single homeless persons alleged crimes. Like Samuel is some sort of vigilante or
something. What’s his next suggestion? I wonder. Now you can see them over here. Yeah. You spat at me. You spat at me. Look at the way they act. huh? (chuckle) Have I got spit on my back? No, she missed. She doesn’t have the lung capacity. Huh? Shall we throw a chair at them?
(laughter) Look at all these… Who are they? Huh? (chuckle) (more chuckling) Should we throw a chair at them? Yeah what a great idea Samuel. It’s absolutely no surprise to me that this is the behavior of conservative voters these days, when their leader openly promotes
racist tropes as he does (more chuckling) He he he he he he he Haha ha. Haha She’s gonna come and try on more his. (chuckling) Is she looking for her shoe? She (inaudible) like Saddam Hussein. (inaudible) Have you got all this on camera?
I have. I’m filming. I’m a little surprised that even Ralph
felt that this provocation was too far. He took the video down shortly after he
released it And if you’re in any doubt whatsoever that Samuel Jack is a Tory voter here he is in his own words. Support a political party, like we do. I, you
know, I vote for the brexit party and the Conservatives. I support the
political movements that I believe in. Watching that last clip of the
harassment towards the homeless. It reminded me of Patrick Bateman’s similar contempt for the poor. So it was interesting to hear Ralph tell me how he aspires to have the American
Psycho’s his level of savagery. How do you care about the homeless? Give them a good dose of reality for starters. Give them a good dose of reality? Yep What? Like burning £50 notes in front of them? Would you think that’s a good dose of reality? Or like your hero Patrick Bateman killing them and their dog? I didn’t say he was hero. …Someone with
characteristics to aspire to… like his savagery you just said. Yeah yeah. The savagery that makes things. In a way that’s reminiscent of Bateman announcing his psychopathic desires as
no one listens or takes him seriously. I like to dissect girls. Did you know I’m
utterly insane. Great tan Marcus. I mean really impressive. Where do you tan? Salon Ralph has a savage way of being matter of fact about his ulterior intention So you’re a 1488er… explain that… Not 88. Just 14. The 14. So you just leave out the 88? What is the 88? Heil Hitler. Heil Hitler? Ah okay. That’s a good way to start isn’t it Ralph? No that’s a good way you want it to start. Oh good way I want it to start. Well
that’s the original thing. That’s what Dylan Roof wrote in the sand. Fourteen – Eighty Eight Idiot. Yeah. We’re not him. Hmm. We’re so much worse than that. We don’t shoot up black churches. …So much worse than that. We’re not like some little kid who like to kill black people. Huh… Are you fucking with me? I would have loved to see him try that in Chicago People say I’m far right…Look, this nice Turkish boy He understands. They pretend I’m far right
right… but you know I’m well far right. Yeah… Don’t get me started on the kind of shit he says in hangouts almost daily online. …he’s the Guy that’s the master of this kind
of tactic (inaudible) What a bitchy, to come here bitching bitching… ‘Raspect did this, he followed me 10 laps…’ Stop being a bitch. (inaudible) I’m gonna be going anyway. But do you know on Saturday. ‘Raspect did 9 laps with me because I… uhuh. ‘I’m going to do interviews with the far right.’ (inaudible) Turban man (chuckle) …Big eared freak. Yeah. Maybe we’ll deport some of them back, I don’t know we’ll see. We might gang rape your momma while you’re busy in the street man. When you fuck your little daughterdo you speak to her that way? If we delved into his online hangout racist outbursts I would literally have hours of footage so let’s move on. Here’s Ralph at the GreenStyle fashion conference in Munich. …Germany… on stage, being very open
about his political beliefs. …so I have erm… probably contrarian to a lot of people here fairly far-right political views and I go to Speakers Corner in London to
advocate those views and the the amount of resistance… Have you ever gotten beaten up yet? um no I’m I’m very quick
at running so… …and I have machine weapons… but… no. Ralph is the secretary of a
company that has run advertising campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Adidas, Hugo Boss and Apple. They photographed some of the most highly paid sports stars around the world, including in an Adidas campaign, Jewish entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman. …less than twenty million Jews. They’re not a threat to us so they can stay as our bigger brothers. They’re fine. So if there were more would that be equally okay cos they’re your brothers? If they were imperial, they would be. For various other Adidas campaigns they’ve also worked with Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Donovan Mitchell and James Harden. These last two are interesting considering one of Ralph’s favorite racist references as an insult
is this. You can buy using… you can. …just your standard escape velocity. We can’t leave this earth Ralph, but I’m gonna say… I’m gonna post this link in the back chat. Ah you come down my, my ends innit bruv make you leave the Earth tonight innit? Sorry What? Nothing don’t worry about that. (chuckle) Ralph… Fuck off you fantasist cunt. (chuckles) (‘chuckles’) Dikembe, Dikembe’s warmed up now that his Papa is in the house. Yeah…. right… mate just go do some research….. See Neil deGrasse Tyson, Neil deGrasse Tyson is a smart Dikembe, unlike Dan. He’s a smart Dikembe. But my question…. I’m not a Dikembe, I’m not a Dikembe. No. You’re not a Dikembe are you… yeah yeah… One of Ralph’s favorite
subjects to talk about is his belief that black people are genetically
disposed to low IQs and high aggression …your individual chimp, I’m an individual chimp. Inside that chimp size tells me I must be expressing my behavior through my hormone system which is traced to gene set. We’ve only got 3 levels down the
building so if we look at crime you could take the social factors out because they’re not predictive and we end up with a the single biggest factor is
aggression. nothing about white, nothing about black, nothing about Afghanis, nothing about people from Mogadishu. Now we’re saying what is the cause of just aggression. How do we know what we do? We can take chimps in the womb, we can take rats in the womb, and we gonna inject them with cortisol. We inject the females and cortisol and out they come. They’re more aggressive than the males. So we have a scientific predictor that says cortisol and epinephrine are the
two levels. Look around Society, Oh women have low levels, blacks have higher levels. What is the cause of epinephrine and the other? You
look down and you say, hi. There are 11 genes that code for this. Four of them are copying gene errors, the others are replication. All I am saying and the only thing I am
saying is for each of such things there is a trace down, either down the
building of the story, or up the building again. That is the foundations of neoreactionary science. So, you’re telling me that black people are inherently more violent genetically? Correct I recently heard Danny Tommo tell a fairy tale about how he almost got stabbed by someone who thought he was a racist. I don’t care who you are but you really need to understand it when when you’ve
got black or a using guys that maybe have experienced racism in their life,
being called names like the n-word or being called the W word and called words
that have made them feel a certain way that racism to them is really like… is the
worst possible thing that could happen to these people. So when people label you
a far-right racist to them you’re as bad as those people that potentially might
have attacked them for the color of their skin. So they put you in that same category and that’s what happened last night. People are labeling me far-right, they’re labeling me racist and they are creating these labels for then people of colour that black lads, Asian lads from last
night that would genuinely think that I don’t like them because of the color of
their skin which you all know and anyone that knows me knows that that is not
what I’m about and I never would be about that and I would denounce anyone
that was actually racist. I wonder why you come across as a racist Danny when your supporters are drunks like this guy And especially when you continuously hang around with this guy I’m a free speech absolutist, I would use the words, n****s and p**i at will. It’s just the latin word for black. I’m a free speech absolutist would i go round insulting somone? No I won’t. I’m terribly well behaved. So you’ve never called a black man a n****r as an insult? I may or may not have. Why does that matter? He said it… You may or may not have? Yeah, why does that matter? I’m just wondering. No but why does it matter? Because Danny Tommo thinks that that is what causes… For the record Lister is obsessed with Danny and Tommy Robinson. Well you brought him up. You’re the one who brought him up. I just wanted to highlight… …people that use the n-word against black people, it’s sometimes the worst thing a black person has had done to them. Really? How do you know that? But how do you know that? You’re not black. I don’t know, that’s Danny Tommo’s opinion. So you’re wanting my opinion on Danny Tommo’s opinion about a white guy talking about a black guy and you’re not black. No. Now I’m wondering what Danny Tommo would think if he knew… That’s a question for Danny Tommo. Danny… Lister has a question for you mate… But he’s not white. That you continuously use the n word as an insult against black people. is that true Ralph? It is. I never stop. I walk around all day going… Is that true? ‘n, n, n, n, n.’ Have you used the n word as an insult, against a black person? Well you’re not black. I’m not black. No I’m not. Why are you so worried about black people? Why are you ducking the question? I’m not ducking… Why are you ducking the question? Have you used the n word as an insult against a black person? I call all my mates n****rs. You’re a snow n****r, he’s a snow n****r, he’s my jungle n****r, you’re all my n****rs. My n****rs everywhere. What about those who aren’t your mates? Big up my n****rs. What about those who aren’t your mates? Have you ever done it? Everyone’s my mate. Have you ever… Why are you ducking the question? I’m not ducking the question. Answer the question then… It’s a simple yes-or-no question. Have you ever used the n-word as an insult against someone who isn’t your friend? All the time all the time. All the time? I never do anything but that. Here come’s the n****r talk. How do we know you’re not like, shorter than Grey Dunya, with a little stubby little look, with that full negro hair? (chuckles) That’s kinda racist. Errr… Waycist. Kinda racist. You’re right yeah. I’ve come used to it now. Sounds like the n****r talk coming out again. You can take Dan out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of Dan. Why? Cos he’s black? See how I’ve got all the chimps jumping up and down, shaking their fucking hair? Don’t call me the n word again You’re what like an 800lbs silver back gorrila? That’s kinda racist bro… That’s kinda racist bro… Is it? I think it’s interspecies. Haven’t you learnt that he does it to trigger you? (inaudible) … Dan’s nigger talk. Here it comes…. Say it again… Did you say n****r talk? Yeah, you don’t like that? You were talking about doing x, y and z to Raj’s mum and now you can’t handle it. Why are you so sensitive? Why are you so sensitive?… Why are you so sensitive? N****r… you said you were a good looking n****r… Are you not a good looking n****r? So I haven’t insulted anybody’s race, I haven’t insulted anybody personally (inaudible) …you’ve been condescending. Yeah okay. Fair enough. I accept that. That kinda sounds like n****r talk coming out again. She doesn’t do n****rs mate. Oooo… Ralph lost his wife to a black Muslim… Mike Tyson time! (laughter) Mike Tyson time? (laughter) Here come’s the n****r fantasy. (chuckle) I love it. Show us more of the n****r fantasy. show us what you think of white women. We’d love it. Mo! (chuckle) huh? Ever wonder why we wanna deport your asses? What the fuck is a n****r fantasy blud? Ralph are you an Alpha? Of course. I’m more than a fucking alpha! This is harder than dealing with the Muslims. It really fucking is. The Muslims are easy. Do you know what Jupiter, if mr. Amash walked into any bar, up to any of the women I know and go out with, they would look at him and go, ‘is my uber early?’ (tumbleweed) (chuckle) Dirty little Muslim man. He sounds like a Northern P**i to me. Whoaaa… I think he’s Somalian. Very disrespectful. Somalian? okay. Very disrespectful there. I should be allowed to assassinate a Muslim Fucking lynch him I say. (inaudible) Yeah, yeah… Because he stands up for Northern P**is I’m sure good to… Here come the nig nig nig nig nog talk. (chuckles) What?!? Don’t like it? Hushed silence? I didn’t hear, I can’t understand the words that come… You have some serious hearing problems man. No cause you’re saying it scared, like through gritted teeth. Just say it… Say it with your chest. ‘Say it, please say it.’ Say it like a man though. If you believe you can say that word… ‘Say it, say it like a man.’ It’s automatic, the niggers have to go back to cock size. So anyway… Look at the n****r fantasies. More n****r fantasies. People who know me well say I act 12 my entire life so… It’s been a please Afghan. Keep it real man. Peace out. And that was Ralph ladies and gentle man. I mean it’s amazing how he can just call
people n****rs, and afro hair, n****r hair. It’s amazing man. That was Ralph. Why resort to racial slurs? Dan wasn’t saying anything. Ralph just messaged me now, he’s like hahahahahahaha. You gotta understand, Ralph just makes me laugh. Jupiter, your behavior has probably been analyzed. They probably realise there’s a point that you can push people to where
even if a woman’s got mixed-race kids she’ll allow another mixed-race child to
be abused. And that’s basically it. You’ve hit that point.
And that’s fucked!

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  1. The people in this video – are they worth bothering about? Tommy Robinson got 2% of the vote in the May 2019 European Election – the people seen in this video are small fry – what's all the fuss about? This is not Weimar Germany: we live in a mature democracy with full employment and a fairly tolerant centre-left populous. Stop chasing windmills.

  2. Antifa are beta cucked wimps and self hating white commie cum buckets and want to be enslaved and replaced by the brownies, you guys will be the first ones to reap what you sow, just remember that.

  3. Has anyone got a decent definition for 'Far Right'? Cas Mudde suggests: 'a combination of nationalism; exclusivism (i.e., racism, antisemitism, ethnocentrism, or ethnopluralism); xenophobia; antidemocratic traits (i.e., cult of personality, elitism, monism, an organicist view of the state); populism and antipartyism; the defense of "law and order"; environmentalism and agrarianism; a value system lamenting on the disappearance of traditional frames of reference (the family, community and religion); and a socioeconomic program associating corporatism, state control of certain sectors, and a strong belief in the free play of market forces. …aspects of authoritarianism, anti-communism and nativism. Claims that superior people should have greater rights than inferior people are often associated with the far-right, as they have historically favoured an elitist society based on its belief in the legitimacy of the rule of a supposed superior minority over the inferior masses.' – This definition casts a wide net – some fit the UK, other not so much. Anyone got any better ideas?

  4. Ralph and his N words he’s so obsessed with black people bruv, he needs to dealt with verbally though words good video on Exposing his pathetic weak ass

  5. Get a grip Lister. Ralph's a total utter complete irrelevance, a pimple on the backside of Life. He stands in the park puffing cancer sticks with a tiny handful of his chums. He says stuff on hang-outs that are, in my view, very silly and offensive. Does he have thousands of adoring fans? – No. Do people hang on his every word? – No. Nobody takes Ralph seriously, except perhaps Lister who seems to have cast himself as some sort of plastic Champion for the Oppressed. I think Lister has a need to 'expose' extremely irrelevant and silly people such as Ralph because it enables him to virtue signal. Ralph is not a 'evil' Messiah, he's a very naughty boy (this is supposed to be a poor attempt at a Monty Python 'Life of Brian' reference). Ralph is not dangerous in my opinion, he's just very very silly …and irrelevant. In my view, he's more to be pitied than puffed-up with unearned undue publicity. Stop chasing windmills Lister – you are not pursuing a mastermind, Ralph is utterly unimportant.

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