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Sparrowhawk Hunting | Planet Doc Express Docs

November 30, 2019

The lightning-fast sparrowhawk launches breathtaking attacks, catching its victims by surprise. Small forest birds are forever nervous: they know that lurking among the forest thickets there is an enemy that takes no prisoners. This young hawk was expelled from its parents’ territory in early autumn. During its first winter, it will travel considerable distances in search of areas of the forest with sufficient hunting; there it will put into practice techniques it learned from its parents. Perched silently on the branches that offer the greatest visibility, this forest pirate strategically searches for the right victim. Lack of experience means its success rate is not yet very high, and it fails often. Many sparrowhawks do not survive their first winter: weakened by long and fruitless pursuits they become easy prey for other predators. So this young hawk cannot afford the slightest error. It crosses the clearing low and fast, pouncing on its prey of choice which has no chance to react. After a lightning attack, the wary hawk kills his victim quickly to avoid drawing attention to itself; its trophy is then taken to its habitual feeding station.

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  1. Great documentary! question :
    May i use a few clips of your documentary in my YouTube video if i gave you credit and put your link in the description ?
    It's a video of a sparrow hawk trying to take down my small FPV quadcopter. Your documentary would be inserted as a cut away to educate the audience and quickly bring them up to speed before the action commences.

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